Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Something to look forward to

David and I are going on a vacation, and I am so so excited! Aubrey will be staying here with my parents. I talked my mom into keeping her at our house instead of their house. It will be best for everyone that way because Aubrey doesn't really sleep anywhere but her bed. Plus, that means I don't have to pack up anything for Aubrey :) Of course we will miss her so much, but David and I are looking forward to going on a little trip just the two of us. We haven't been anywhere just us since we went to Chicago in 2007. Crazy! We've been on trips with my family, his family, and our friends since then, but none by ourselves.

We are going to the beach, and we've never been to the beach by ourselves. I hope we don't get bored. Haha. Honestly, the thought of being bored at the beach is pretty appealing right now though. We're both excited about a relaxing vacation. We're leaving in 3 weeks, and we're counting down! Now that we've decided on dates, a location, and booked a place to stay the biggest decision we're trying to make is what books we want to take to read on the beach. Ahhh... :)

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Ashley said...

How exciting!!!!