Monday, March 3, 2008

Quick Update

I am 12 weeks pregnant today! It's exciting to reach this point. Only one more week and I'll be in the second trimester. I remember thinking at the beginning of my pregnancy how I couldn't wait to be in the second trimester, but it felt so far away. The first trimester is the "high risk" stage, and it is also when you feel the most tired (until the end) and nauseous. (Thankfully I never had that problem!) I've heard the second trimester is the time in the pregnancy when you feel your best. It's also when you feel the baby move for the first time and find out if you're having a boy or girl! So there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon!

David and I are leaving tomorrow to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with his parents for a week. We're really excited. This will be my third time to go with them. The other 2 times I've gone, it's been a ski trip. Well, this time I'm not skiing for obvious reasons. David is planning to ski one day. So it will be more of a relaxing, play in the snow kind of trip. We will probably do some sledding. It will be really fun to have a vacation. My doctor said traveling while pregnant was totally fine, up until the end when you want to be close to home and close to your doctor. So I'm praying that it all goes well. Hopefully the altitude won't have any negative effects. The doctor said it's not good to exercise at such a high altitude, but I don't plan on doing any of that! David and I got a baby name book to look at on the plane, so maybe we'll be able to make some decisions. :)

There isn't a lot to report. All is well. Maybe we'll have some fun stories to tell from Wyoming!



katie.elliott said...

Such fun! I hope y'all have a blast. If the first trimester has been so great, I bet the second trimester will be completely wonderful!

Laura Miller said...

Skiing is good for your baby! I skied right up to the day my twins Valari and Crystal were born and they turned out great!! Exercise is good so you can look like a hottie afterward!!
Enjoy Jackson for me while I enjoy Hawaii. I am so glad God is blessing you with a baby so soon. I got pregnant with twins Honeymoon night!
What a great idea to do a blog!!

Carrie and David said...

Hey Laura,
Sorry we couldn't tell you the news in person. Thanks for the note. I agree that exercise is good, but I don't know about something like skiing when you're not an expert. Maybe something with less likelihood to fall down.

You're right - your twins did turn out great.

David Howie