Friday, March 20, 2009

Keystone Recap

Like I said in my last post, we had a blast in Keystone! It all started Friday, March 13th. My mom came that morning to take us to the airport. I didn't want Aubrey to come to the airport because I thought I would be too sad to say goodbye to her there. So my grandmother came to our house and got her and we were able to say goodbye at home. I was really sad about leaving her and even cried when I was hugging and kissing her. I knew she would be in good hands though!

Our trip there was pretty uneventful. We flew into Denver and then had to drive to Keystone. It was about an hour and a half from Denver. We were all very excited when we finally got to Keystone and checked into our condo. We immediately started exploring the condo and realized that one of the bedrooms had a double bed and the other one had two twin beds! This was not good because this was a couple's trip. We had specifically asked for two double beds when we made the condo reservations. We ended up having to push the twin beds together and they brought us something to semi connect them. David and I slept in that bed since our friend David A. was doing all of the driving. We figured that was only fair. It wasn't so bad, and we got a good laugh out of it.

Saturday, Rebekkah and I went to ski school. I have skied before, but it's been three years, and I figured a refresher would be good. Rebekkah had never skied. She did great, and we had a fun day on the bunny slopes while the guys hit the blues and blacks.

That night, we had dinner reservations at the Apenglow Stube. It's a restaurant on the top of the mountain. It's 11,000+ feet up, and you have to ride the gondola to get there. It's a very cold ride, but they give you blankets to help keep you warm.

The ride up was very pretty because the sun was setting. Rebekkah and I were a little nervous though because we were SO high up! We made it safely to the top and were greeted with warm, fuzzy slippers at the door.

We enjoyed a six course dinner. The food was great, but the servings were a little small. I think the guys were disappointed because they were starving after a long day of skiing. Oh well - they were gourmet size servings! The experience was fun even if they guys weren't quite as full as they would have liked when it was over.

We had fun on the gondola ride down. We weren't as nervous as we were on the way up, and had fun taking silly pictures. We're so mature. Haha.

Sunday, we went to a local church and then went tubing. This was a fun experience! You rode a "magic carpet" lift up the mountain with a tube and then rode the tube down. We got to hold on to each other's tubes and all ride down together. It was very fun and a nice break from skiing. :o)

Monday was more skiing. We graduated from the bunny slopes to the greens that day. Yay! ;o) That's as adventurous as Rebekkah and I got. That night, we hit the outlet mall. We're always up for shopping and the guys were kind enough to take us. We ate dinner at a place called Chipotle. We didn't realize until we got in there that it's basically a fast food place. Not what we expected, but we were hungry so we decided to just deal with it. We all ended up loving it! It was the cheapest place we ate but our favorite. Yes, that includes the six course dinner. Go figure. We love Chipotle!

Tuesday, Rebekkah and I decided we had had enough skiing, so we went to the spa instead. We both got manicures, and I got a facial while she got a massage. It was great and just what we needed after skiing!

Tuesday night we cooked at the condo and packed to go home. These were just some of the highlights of the trip. We also played games, watched movies, stayed up too late, and had lots of laughs! It was a wonderful vacation. The weather was absolutely beautiful and surprisingly warm. We got hot while we were skiing and even took our jackets off. One day David went back to the condo and took his shirt off and just skied in his ski pants and jacket. My funny, redneck husband! (Just kidding!)

We were sad to end such a fun vacation, but we were so excited to see our precious Aubrey. She was so tired when they picked us up that she barely even smiled, but I think she still loves us! :o) I am so thankful to my parents for taking such good care of her and letting us have some time away. It was a fabulous trip!

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The Williams Family said...

We're so glad ya'll had a good time. I can't wait to see all of your pictures. We all miss Aubrey being here!