Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

As I mentioned in my last post, we had our church Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. It was so fun, and Aubrey really enjoyed it! The eggs didn't last long, but there were plenty of other fun things to do after the eggs had all been found. Oh, and since I'm pretty much the most unorganized person on the face of the planet, I realized on Friday night that I had never done anything about getting an Easter basket for Aubrey. David's mom gave me some cute little baskets, but they needed to be painted, and I just never had a chance to work on them. So, as I was running out the door for the egg hunt on Saturday morning (I had to be there early), I looked around the house and saw this plastic "basket" and called it a day. So, yeah, my child was basically walking around with a mini laundry basket collecting her eggs. Ha! We're pretty "laid back" over here. (That's a nice way of putting it ;) I like to think of myself as a "free spirit" and I'm ok with that.) I'm totally the mom who plans to get super cute monogrammed/painted/embellished baskets (or whatever), and then just never follows through. Oops!Jude just chilled in the stroller almost the whole time. We got him out for a little while, but he was just so sweet and perfectly content to sit and watch the action. Mommies and their sons :)
Aubrey and Carver had some fun jumping together. Those two are so funny. They pull each other's hair and play SO rough and just think it's hilarious. They act like they're brother and sister. And Aubrey is more rough than a little boy, I think! :)Silly girl! The next day was Easter Sunday! David and I had nursery duty during church, and I have to admit that I was a little disappointed to miss church. I love our Easter service. But it's a joy to serve by taking care of the sweet babies, and thankfully, we can worship our RISEN Lord anywhere and anytime! :) After church, we got my family to snap some pictures of us before we left. I'm glad we did, because these ended up being the only family pictures we got that day! Aubrey wasn't the most cooperative for the pictures, but what else is new? Haha. Aubrey decided that she wanted to sit in the monkey grass, so we just joined her down there :) Sweet Jude with Mommy and Daddy. I would have loved to have gotten a picture with my sweet girl, too, but she wouldn't hold still for half a second.
Jude and "The Uncles." :) Once we got over to David's parents' house where we were eating lunch, Jude was sacked out. Then it was lunchtime, and he promptly got green beans on his white outfit. And that was the end of picture time ;) We did get a few more of Aubrey, though. (Action shots, of course!)

She always has so much fun playing with the toys at Dee Dee's house. Notice her bracelet. She was SO proud of that bracelet. I wore a pearl bracelet, too, and she thought it was pretty cool that we had "matching " bracelets. She helped Dee Dee decorate this cute little lamb cake that we had for dessert.
We had a great Easter! As cute as Easter egg hunts, and new clothes, and white shoes are, I pray that we don't get caught up in that and always remember WHY we celebrate Easter Sunday.

"And as He stands in Victory,

Sin's curse has lost it's grip on me!"

Christ has defeated death and sin and has the victory! Hallelujah to our RISEN Lord!


Amy said...

too funny aubrey sitting in the grass....if you can't beat 'em - join 'em! :)
and, as cute as the monogrammed/decorative baskets are you really only use them for about an hour and then they get stuffed in a closet somewhere....so essentially you're not missing out on anything :)

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I love Aubrey's sweet dress. I totally agree with Amy. Evie has a cute basket that we use for the bunny part of Easter and then we just figure something out for the egg hunts. The cute basket is too heavy for her to lug around all over. You got lots of good pictures.