Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beach Excitement!

We are busy around here packing and getting ready to go to the beach tomorrow!! We can't wait! Aubrey is pretty excited too:

Is she not the cutest?! :) By the way, ignore the mess in the background of the video. My house doesn't always look like such a pig sty, but I guess I'm a messy packer. Ha!

And while Aubrey can hardly contain her excitement over going to the beach, poor little Jude is upstairs in bed with a fever :( He woke up from his nap this afternoon fussy and running a fever. I got him an appointment to see the doctor first thing tomorrow morning just to make sure he doesn't need any medicine before we leave town. Hopefully it will just be a very short little bug and he will be back to his happy self in no time! If you think about it, please say a little prayer that he feels better and that we have a good trip tomorrow! Thanks, friends! I plan on updating from the beach, so stay tuned! :)


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Hope Jude is feeling better. We are going to the beach tomorrow too! Have a fun trip.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Have fun at RB. We are at Navarre. Near Destin. I heard that RB is awesome.

J. Henry said...

Oh my word.... that is the cutest video! Looks like y'all are having fun at the beach! We'll be in Destin in less than two weeks! Can't wait!