Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week in Review: Hello Fall!

We've had a good week. Aubrey was still getting over being sick at the beginning of the week, and she has been really fussy/whiny the last half of the week. I think she must be teething, because she's definitely been more high-maintenance than usual. In spite of that though, it was a pleasant week. The weather was just perfect today. It felt downright cool (even though it wasn't REALLY cool) after the heat we've had all summer, and, with college football games going on, it really felt like fall is on it's way, and that makes me so excited! :)

Sunday: Even though Aubrey was feeling fine and she didn't have fever, we decided to keep her home from church because she still had a yucky nose. David went to church, and Aubrey, Jude, and I stayed home. We just hung around the house. It felt like a Monday instead of a Sunday. Jude had spit up all over the place when I was feeding him in our bed that morning, so I stripped all the bedding off the bed and washed it. When it was getting close to time for David to get home, I cooked poppyseed chicken and rice for lunch. We ate when he got home, and then he got Aubrey down for her nap while I fed Jude and put him down for his nap. Jude wasn't really feeling sleeping in his pack n play though, so I ended up putting him in the bed with me so we could both nap. David went back to church that night because he was deacon of the week and had to lock the church up, so I stayed home with the kiddos again. We didn't do much while David was gone. Jude was fussy, so I sat on the couch holding him and watching some TV while Aubrey played. I was about to go stir-crazy by the time David got home. It's rare that I have a day when I don't leave the house at all. So I was really happy when Rebekkah asked if I wanted to go walking that night. David put Aubrey to bed when he got home, and I fed Jude and handed him off to David. Rebekkah and I had a fun walk. She had been home with a sick child all day too, so we were both happy to be out of the house for a little while. When I got home, Jude was asleep -- yay! I fed him one last time before putting him down for the night, and David and I went to bed too.

Monday: Aubrey was up early. Because I was feeding Jude when she woke up, he never really went back to sleep after 7 like he usually does. He was happy though, so we had a nice morning. Jude ended up taking an early morning nap instead of sleeping late like usual. It worked out well, because I was able to get ready while he slept and Aubrey played in the bathroom with me. I had my 6 week postpartum checkup at 11. My mom and brothers were coming over to play, and Aubrey was SO excited. She kept going to the door watching for them. Too cute! I left when they got here, and my appointment went well, but I had to wait FOREVER. Good thing I love my obgyn, because I was waiting for almost 2 hours. Ugh. It was fine though, and I shouldn't have to go back for another year :) When I got home, the kids were just fine. Jude had had a bottle, so he was smiling and happy. It was Aubrey's naptime, so she was tired and kind of grumpy. She cried when Uncle Joel left :( I put her in bed right after they left and she went right to sleep. I fed Jude and put him to bed after Aubrey. They both took good naps, thankfully. When David got home, we went to karate. We went in separate cars because David was going out to dinner with the other karate teachers after class. My mom and the kids and I went to Michael's during karate and then I drove through Bop's and got a chocolate malt for dinner :) Did I mention I'm trying to lose my baby weight? Haha. We then went back to church, and I fed Jude and then ran to Kroger. I really didn't want to go because it was Aubrey's bedtime, and it was POURING down rain, but my mom offered to keep Aubrey and Jude at the church while I went, so I did. I then went back to church and got Aubrey and Jude and took them home for bed. By the time I got home and unloaded the groceries and the kids, it was time for Jude to eat again, and he was letting me know loudly. So, I fed him before putting Aubrey to bed. By the time I got her ready for bed and she went to sleep, it was after 9:30. David got home later and we went to bed.

Tuesday: Jude slept from 11 the night before to 5:45 without waking up! It was SO nice to get that much straight sleep! :) He then went right back to sleep (and so did I!) and slept until 9. When we woke up at 9, I realized Aubrey was still asleep. Yay! She ended up sleeping until 9:45. That late night wore her out! Anyway, getting all that extra sleep was a great way to start our day. I was going to see how Aubrey's runny nose looked that morning and then decided if we would be able to go to Bible Study, but by the time we all got up, it was too late. I was sad to miss, but the extra sleep was nice, and Aubrey's nose ended up still being runny anyway. We stayed home all day. I was taking a meal to a family from church who recently had a baby that night, so I cooked off and on all day between feedings and changing diapers and naps. I saw a salamander in my bedroom that morning, and that threw everything off. I wasn't about to put Jude down for his nap with that thing in there, so he slept in his swing. I also didn't get to do laundry like I planned to because I didn't want to go in there to get the dirty clothes. I know I'm crazy, but those things totally gross me out. Thankfully, David was able to find and get rid of the salamander when he got home. Aubrey had a hard time going to sleep for her nap after sleeping so late. I did put her down later than usual, but she still didn't want to go to sleep. Her nap that day was on the short side. As soon as David got home, I left to deliver the meal I cooked. I got stuck in 5:00 traffic, and it took me forever to get there and back. I ended up being gone almost 2 hours, and Jude was starving by the time I got home. Poor thing! After feeding him, David and I ate dinner and gave the children baths. David put Aubrey to bed, and I went walking with Rebekkah. When I got home, I fed Jude and went to bed.

Wednesday: We had an early morning! The kids' appointment with the pediatrician for their checkups was at 8:30. Normally, I would never make an appointment for that early in the morning, but David said if I did it at that time, he could just go to work late and help me get them ready and go to the appointment with us. We actually even managed to get there on time! After their good checkups, David went to work and we headed home. Aubrey was very fragile and emotional (aka whiny) all morning. We had to wake her up to go to the doctor, and she apparently just didn't get enough sleep. It was an ok morning in spite of that though. I put her down for her nap a little early, and she went right to sleep. Jude also went to sleep for his nap easily. Aubrey woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but she perked up when David got home. She's loving her daddy these days. (Not that she hasn't always loved him, but she's gotten to be more of a daddy's girl lately. I think this is precious.) We went to church that night and had a good time. We came home a little late and so Aubrey went right to bed.

Thursday: Aubrey was not in a wonderful mood when she woke up (Aubrey being grumpy seemed to be a trend this week. Hopefully it's just because she's getting several teeth, and she will be over it soon!) and Jude was kind of fussy too. Several times I got Jude to sleep and put him in his swing, and Aubrey would go wake him up. It was so frustrating, because he would then need to be held. I don't really know how to handle that though, because Aubrey is not intentionally waking him up or being difficult; she really just wants to talk to him/sit near him/give him his pacifier. I hate to discourage her from being sweet to Jude, and I don't want her to feel like every time she goes near him we are yelling "NO!" Anyway, usually I just know that's part of having two young children, but that day it just got annoying because as soon as Jude woke up and needed me, Aubrey wanted my undivided attention too. It was just one of those days. I somehow managed to take a shower and get ready between all the fussing. Rebekkah and Carver were coming over that afternoon so Rebekkah and I could "craft." Aubrey was so excited about seeing Carver, and that's the one thing that helped her not to be so fussy -- I kept reminding her that Carver was coming over :) I put Jude down for his nap before they got here, and he slept for a nice long time. Aubrey played with Carver for a little while, and then it was time for her nap too. Of course she was heartbroken to be going to bed when she knew "Ca-Ca" was here. She only slept for about an hour, but Rebekkah and I did get a good start on our craft while she was sleeping. We are making Christmas pillows, and if they turn out cute I'll post pictures ;) It was fun to be able to just sit and chat while we worked. After Aubrey woke up, it was a little more difficult to get things done. We got to a good stopping point and quit for the day. Aubrey was so sad when they left, and Jude needed to eat immediately and was none too happy either. Thankfully, David got home about that time, and everything was good :) I ran to a cupcake bakery in our neighborhood after he got home to see if I wanted to get cupcakes from there for Aubrey's party. I don't, but the cupcakes tasted good ;) We went to karate when I got back. During karate, we went to Target. When we got home, I cooked pizza for dinner while David put Aubrey to bed.

Friday: We had a low-key morning at home. Jude slept late, so I was able to give Aubrey breakfast and take a shower while he was sleeping. I also gave Aubrey a bath. When Jude woke up, I bathed him and fed him. We then headed to Sarah Denley's house for lunch. We had fun, but oh my goodness was Aubrey whiny! I don't know why she was so whiny, but I felt bad that SD had to listen to it! Ha. We had a nice chat in spite of that, and Jude behaved well ;) We headed home for a nap, and Aubrey fell asleep in the car. She hasn't done that in a LONG time, so I think she was just super tired. She went right down when we got home, and then I fed Jude and put him to bed. He woke up several times and needed me to pick him up and hold him for a minute before I put him back in bed. David came home from work early, and we were able to talk about our days before the kids woke up. David played with Aubrey for a while after she got up. Thankfully, she woke up in a pretty good mood. We went to dinner at a new place we had never tried before (Cool Water Cafe), and we liked it. We went home after dinner, and I fed Jude and watched Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. We had a pretty uneventful evening, but it was good.

Saturday: David got up with Aubrey and took her to Waffle House for breakfast and then to Wal-Mart. How sweet is that?! I thought it was super cute that he took her out to breakfast :) Jude and I stayed home and slept in. David's mom came over late morning to play with Aubrey so David could get some things done at home and Jude and I could still get out and go shopping. We went to lots of stores. We went to an antique store and I found and bought a sideboard for our dining room. I'm excited about it! Now we just need a table and chairs :) Jude was great while we were shopping. I had to feed him twice in dressing rooms. When I got home, David was watching the Ole Miss game. It wasn't pretty :( After it was over, we went to dinner at Pizza Inn. When we got home, the Auburn game was on, and we all watched some of it. David was teaching Aubrey to say, "War Eagle!" She was sitting on the couch yelling it whenever David did, and it really was precious! He's hoping she is going to be his little football buddy ;) Thankfully, the Auburn game had a much happier ending than the Ole Miss one, so I had a happy hubby! I made my weekly Kroger run, and now we're just hanging out :) It was a good day!

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Ashley said...

Such a good week! You're so busy, it blows my mind! Haha!

I need a new sideboard for our dining room too! You need to post pictures. :)

I miss you!!!