Friday, September 3, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I'm afraid I have passed on my hatred (fear) of bugs to Aubrey. I really didn't want to do this, but sometimes it's just impossible not to react when I see a bug. Really the only bugs that I'm terrified of are roaches, and I've only seen one of those in our house thank goodness! We do have a lot of these centipede things in our house though. I'm not scared of them; I just think they're gross, and I don't like to pick them up to throw them away. I usually (always) just let David throw them away when he gets home.

The centipedes have never bothered Aubrey until several weeks ago. I noticed that she had something in her hand, and when I looked to see what it was, it was a centipede. It startled me, and I screamed. I hate that I did because she has been terrified of bugs ever since. I really do feel bad about that, and I've tried to tell her that she doesn't need to be scared of them. It's too late though; the damage has been done.

The cute part about this, and the reason I'm posting about it at all, is that Aubrey knows that Daddy is the designated bug thrower away-er. Anytime we see a bug in our house she says, "Daddy bug 'way!" She will continue to repeat this all. day. long. She literally just chants it. She doesn't even ask Mommy to throw the bug away. (Although I've been tempted to get over my aversion and throw the darn thing away just to get Aubrey to stop saying that. Haha!) She doesn't forget about bugs and their locations either. It doesn't matter if we spot the bug at 8AM, the minute David walks through the door that 4:30 she greets him with, "Daddy bug 'way!" She'll then take him to the bug and watch as he gets rid of it. Then for days (and sometimes weeks) after the "bug incident" when we walk past the place where the bug was, she points and says, (you guessed it) "Daddy bug 'way!" Ha!

I'm just really hoping we can get Jude trained to be the bug thrower away-er when David isn't home. I'm wondering how old he needs to be before we start saying, "Jude bug 'way!" He should probably at least be able to crawl to the trash can. ;)

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