Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Checkups, Smiles, and Pacifiers

Aubrey and Jude both had checkups today. Our pediatrician does a checkup at 6 weeks (Jude didn't get shots today though) and Aubrey had her 2 year checkup (how is she that old?!). I'm happy to report that Aubrey and Jude both got a clean bill of health!

Aubrey is right where she should be developmentally. She weighed 28 pounds (75th percentile) and she was 33 inches tall (50th percentile). We are now going to switch her from whole milk to 2%. Our doctor said to "toddler-proof our house to the extreme." She said that most accidental childhood deaths occur between the ages of 2-3. Our house is pretty toddler-proofed already, but it was a good reminder that you can never be too careful. As Aubrey gets older and more independent, it's easy to get a little lax about how carefully she still needs to be watched. It's always good to be reminded! :)(She would not put that darn lotion down for the picture, so I just went with it...)(... which was apparently hilarious! :)
According to our doctor, Jude is sleeping and eating just right for his age. He weighed 11 pounds, 13 ounces (75th percentile) and was 23 inches long (75th percentile). It's crazy to me that Jude has gained over 4 pounds since he was born! He is getting so big already! Poor little Jude's face has been so irritated lately. At first I thought it was just baby acne like Aubrey had, but it's just gotten worse instead of better. I was glad that his doctor was going to be able to look at it today. She said he seems to have super sensitive skin, and the rash is probably from rubbing against people's clothes that haven't been washed in Dreft. She told me I could put some medicine on it a couple of times a week to get him some relief -- it looks very uncomfortable. Poor little guy. She said I also might want to try eliminating dairy from my diet to see if that helps. His rash always looks worse right after he eats, so he might be sensitive to dairy. We'll see if that helps. Hopefully it will clear right up with this medicine. Aubrey used to have very sensitive skin too, and she's grown out of it for the most part, so hopefully Jude will too. I feel bad that I've been telling everyone that he just has acne! Haha!Jude is getting more and more alert. He loves it when I talk to him. He just watches me and smiles. Last night, I was finally able to catch some of his sweet smiles on camera! (You can see how irritated his little face is... he is still beautiful to me though, even with a rashy face!)
Aubrey is still loving Jude. She is always very concerned about his pacifier. If it's in his mouth, she pulls it out. If it's out of his mouth, she tries to force it in.

Exhibit A: (He had it in his mouth... you can see his little lips are still sucking!)Exhibit B: (She is now trying to put it back in his mouth.)Good thing Jude is a pretty laid-back child ;)

I love these sweet babies so much! Thank God for two precious, healthy children! We are so blessed!


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

those babies are TOO cute!!!

Alexis said...

Adorableness! Love your little sweeties!!! Poor Jude! I'm sure that must be uncomfortable for him. And your Boppy is super cute, too.

Nathalie said...

Glad to hear everyone's doing well! They are both SO cute!! I can't believe how big Jude's gotten!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

They are really cute Carrie! Not sure how you could ever get mad at Miss Aubrey with that sweet face. Jude seems like he has been around forever.

Sarah Lee said...

Carrie, your little sweeties are so adorable! Glad to hear all was well at their check-ups! I had to cut out dairy for a while with Jack. It turned out not to be the culprit for us, but it took a while to tell. I highly recommend soy-based ice cream if you need a fix!