Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week in Review: VBS

Wow, this was a busy week! We had Vacation Bible School at church all week, and it was so fun but so tiring. I'm sure a lot of that is due to being 8 months pregnant, but I was just extremely tired every afternoon. Also, I missed spending as much time with Aubrey. She was in the nursery for VBS, and she had a lot of fun, I just missed being with her as much. She got pretty clingy towards the end of the week, so I think she missed me too :) We still enjoyed the week though!

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School. We came home and saw THE SNAKES. After all the excitement, we ate crockpot BBQ sandwiches for lunch. Aubrey took FOREVER to fall asleep for her nap. She was just talking and talking. David had to be at church at 5, and Aubrey and I were going to go with him then, but she didn't fall asleep until almost 3, so we let her sleep. Aubrey and I just went to church at the normal time. After church, we went to dinner at Mellow Mushroom with David, Rebekkah, and Carver. We had so much fun with them, as always :) Aubrey made a big mess with our ice and food, but she entertained herself pretty quietly. When we got home, it was straight to bed for Aubrey. I knew the week ahead was going to be tiring with VBS, so I went to bed (relatively) early myself.

Monday: I got up early and got myself ready to go to church for VBS. Aubrey woke up just as I was about to have to wake her up, so it worked out perfectly. I got her ready and fed her breakfast, and then we headed to church. Aubrey went to the nursery, and she had fun playing in there all morning. I helped with crafts, so we had a lot of prep work to do before the kids came. They made canteens out of paper plates and binoculars out of toilet paper rolls. It was a bit hectic and MESSY when the kids got there to do their crafts, but I think they had fun so I guess it was a success. :) After crafts was over, we got everything cleaned up, and it was time to go home. Two of my brothers came home with Aubrey and me because my mom had a lunch appointment. We went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then came home. Aubrey had fun playing with her uncles for a little while before I put her down for her nap. After my mom picked my brothers up, I rested for a little while before Aubrey got up. She woke up in a great mood, and we had fun playing until David got home. When he got home, we talked to him and told him about our day and then got ready for karate. During karate, my mom, Aubrey, and I went and got a snow cone. I haven't had one in forever, and I had really been wanting one. Aubrey loved sharing it with me! :) We then make a quick run to Belk. I was pretty tired by the end of the day, and so was Aubrey! We bathed her and put her to bed when we got home.

Tuesday: Our morning was pretty much the same as the day before, except I had to wake Aubrey up this time. Thankfully, she woke up happy. We had another fun day at VBS. We didn't have crafts that day, but my mom and I needed to paint a bunch of picture frames that the kids were going to decorate the next day. Several friends stopped by the craft room to help us paint and chat, so it was fun! Aubrey played outside, and when I picked her up, she was DIRTY! I was having lunch with Rebekkah, and I knew it was about Aubrey's naptime, so my mom took her home with her to avoid lunchtime meltdowns :) We went to lunch at Bon Ami and had lots of fun! After lunch, I stopped by a consignment store and got a little outfit for Jude. I picked Aubrey up at my grandparents' house. My mom had taken her over there to visit. We came home, and Aubrey went right down for a nap. It was pretty late, so I was glad she still took a nap. I just watched TV while she slept. When David got home, I went to the grocery store, and he woke Aubrey up so she would still sleep that night. We grilled hamburgers for dinner. Aubrey was super clingy to me all night. She was in a decent mood, she just wanted me to be holding her. After dinner and a bath, she went to bed. David and I went to bed pretty early... this being 8 months pregnant, having a 21 month old, getting up earlier than usual, SWELTERING heat, and being on my feet a lot is not necessarily a winning combination for my energy level! Hehe.

Wednesday: We had another early morning -- I had to wake Aubrey up. I think all the fun she was having at VBS wore her out too! VBS went well that day. The kids decorated the picture frames we had painted the day before. Some of them turned out really cute, and some of them were quite... interesting. ;-) The kids were thrilled with them though, so that's all that matters! After VBS was over, Aubrey and I were both ready to just come home and rest. She took a nap, and I did too. When she woke up, we had to make a trip to Target. We were down to one diaper! When we got home, David was home from work. We talked and hung out with him, and then we started dinner. (We aren't having Wednesday night church for a couple of months in the summer.) David grilled steaks, and Aubrey played in the backyard with him while I cooked the sides. We had a very nice evening. Aubrey got filthy playing outside, so I gave her a bath before bed. David got the blinds hung in Aubrey's room that evening. After Aubrey went to bed, we had another low-key evening at home. I feel like we are rarely all at home in the evenings, so to have two nights in a row at home was nice, even for a non-homebody like me ;-)

Thursday: Our morning was pretty much the same as all the others that week. We had another fun day at VBS. We didn't have crafts that day, so my mom and I just did a little prep work for the next day, and then hung out in the snack room talking. Ha! Not a bad morning at all. After VBS was over, my mom took Aubrey home so she could take her nap because I had a doctor's appointment that afternoon. Between VBS and my appointment, I went to a sample sale that Sarah Denley had told me about. I got three super cute outfits -- two for Aubrey and one for Jude :) My 34 week doctor's appointment went well. Jude's heartrate was in the 150's at first (high for him) but then it went down into the 130's where it usually is. My doctor said she must have startled him! Haha. The best news was that my doctor is almost positive that Jude is head down!! Now I'm just praying that he STAYS that way! I go back at 36 weeks, and then I start going weekly. CRAZY! I must admit, I'm already counting down the next 6 weeks ;) When I got home, Aubrey was still sleeping, and I talked to my mom for a little while before she and my brothers left. That evening we went to karate. We went to Shoe Station and Lifeway during karate. David went out for dinner with the other karate instructors after class, so I took Aubrey home and put her to bed.

Friday: Last day of VBS! Aubrey didn't want to stay in the nursery that morning. She usually loves playing with her friends and rarely cries when I drop her off. I think it was just getting old after a week. I was able to distract her and slip out without her crying though. Crafts was a bit chaotic. The kids made beaded crosses, and they were pretty but a little too complicated for them to do on their own. We ended up doing a lot of them for the kids. After that, they decorated butterflies, which was a little more age appropriate. When it was over, we cleaned up our room, and then Aubrey and I met Sarah Denley for lunch. Ann Peyton didn't come because she was under the weather :( Aubrey did pretty good at lunch considering how tired she was. She had a hard time going to sleep once we got home though. I think she was over-tired. Once she finally went to sleep, I laid on the couch and rested. When David got home, it was time for us to go back to church for our VBS closing ceremony. We had pizza for dinner, and the kids sang songs and recited their Bible verses they had learned that week for their parents. It was cute :) We then stayed and helped take down some decorations. After that was over, my mom, Rebekkah, and I decided to have a girl's night and go see "Letters to Juliet." My David and Rebekkah's David (that gets so confusing -- haha) got together with the babies and watched a movie too. A daddy playdate -- how cute is that?! ;) Our movie wasn't until 9:40, so we went to The Renaissance to kill time and have coffee. I really loved the movie and thought it was so cute and clean. Very rare these days, sadly. We had such a fun girl's night! My mom said she felt like our chaperone, but I think she enjoyed herself. Haha. I went straight to bed when I got home. LONG WEEK!

Saturday: David let me sleep in (as usual) and I slept really late. It was so nice and much needed! After we got ready, Aubrey and I went to get a wedding gift. I went to Belk, but 99% of the stuff on their registry had already been bought. We ate lunch, and Aubrey was really tired and fussy, so I had to take her home for a nap and worry about the wedding gift later. She had a hard time going to sleep again, but she did finally give in. David wasn't home because he had to work for a little while. When he got home, I ran to Dillards to get a gift. Once I got home, I had to rush to get ready for the wedding. My mom came over to keep Aubrey, and David and I went to the wedding. My elementary school best friend was getting married, and it was so fun to be at her wedding. We used to play family in the second grade, and we had imaginary husbands and kids. I was married to Michael W. Smith. Hahaha. Her wedding was beautiful, but it was packed out. We didn't stay long at all at the reception because it was so crowded. We pretty much dropped off our gift and left. David and I went to Chili's for dinner and then came home so my mom could go home. I made my traditional late night trip to Kroger. Ugh, I've got to start planning better to avoid that. Now I'm going to bed!

Next week I plan on spending lots of time with my sweet little girl! :)


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Carrie, you did have a busy week. Aubrey seems like she is really flexible going and doing. Evie is not so flexible. She prefers sleeping and snacking to any other activities. Hope this week is more relaxed for you and Aubrey!

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