Thursday, June 10, 2010

Silent Night

I haven't blogged at all this week because we've had VBS. It has been really fun but TIRING! Also, I wanted to post pictures of the progress we've made in Aubrey's room and also post pictures of another room in our house, but our computer is FULL! We can't put anymore pictures on here at all! Yesterday it wouldn't even open anything, including the internet, until David came home and deleted some things. Needless to say, we've ordered an external hard drive that will be here soon, hopefully!

Anyway, I've been meaning to blog about Aubrey's new nighttime routine. As I've mentioned before, David puts Aubrey to bed at night. I love that he does this because it really helps me out, and I feel like this is their special time together. Ever since we got rid of Aubrey's bottle months ago, she doesn't really want to be rocked for very long at night. She's never been much of a "sit still and cuddle" baby. David told me a couple of weeks ago that he had started singing her a verse of "Silent Night" before he put her to bed every night. I assumed Aubrey could pretty much take or leave this, but I thought it was sweet that he did it anyway. Well, one day I was having a hard time getting Aubrey to go to sleep for her nap when she was sick. I could tell she was tired, but she just couldn't settle. I went up to rock her, but as usual, she wasn't loving it and just wanted to get down. I decided to try singing the song to her. It was seriously as if I had flipped some kind of switch. The minute I started singing, she got still and laid her head on my shoulder. It completely calmed her down, and I was then able to lay her down awake and she said, "Night night, Mama" and went right to sleep. I was amazed!

This has happened several more times since then. She just really loves her bedtime song. Now before I lay her down for her nap, I always sit in the rocking chair with her and attempt to say a little prayer for her. She cuts into my prayer saying, "Song, Mama!" Or when I'm changing her diaper before her nap, she will point to the chair and say, "Rock, rock. SONG!" I think it's pretty much the most precious thing ever. I'm so happy that David discovered that Aubrey loves to be sung to so much. I only wish we had realized this sooner. I think we'll definitely be singing Jude his own special song before bed too! :)


Ashley said...

This is so sweet! Evy is liking to be rocked for JUST a little bit, but I think she still likes to go to sleep on her own. :( I'm glad about it, yet I'd love to be able to sit for a long time and rock! Ha! I MISS YOU GIRLS!

Sarah Denley said...

umm, sweetest thing I've read all day. I can't believe how verbal she is...seems like last year's Newks visit after VBS was just yesterday!

Nathalie said...

So precious (and such a good song!)!

J. Henry said...

So sweet!

I'm trying to make a habit out of singing/listening to a song or two while I'm rocking Caroline before bed each night. I love the praise baby CDs!!

KTElltt said...

Very sweet! Silent Night is the first song Carter ever latched on to and sang. Wait until she starts singing it -- that will be even more precious!