Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today when we got home from church, I opened the garage door to go into the house (our garage is semi-detached) and I saw this huge SNAKE slithering away. It had been right in front of the door going into the house. (Ok, HUGE might be a slight exaggeration, but this was no earth worm!) Of course I freaked out and screamed, and David looked all around for it, but it was gone.

Fast forward to a little bit later. I was about to put lunch on the table when our dog started barking frantically in the backyard. Our dog isn't really a barker, so David and Aubrey went out to see what was going on. I said, "Watch it be a snake..." Sure enough, David came running inside, handed Aubrey to me, and grabbed a shovel. He went back over to try to kill the snake, but once again, it had escaped. Oh, by the way, this was totally in the opposite direction that the other snake had gone, so these were definitely two different snakes. David said this one was quite large too.

You wanna know the real kicker? A couple of week ago, David killed a MUCH smaller version of one of these snakes in our kitchen!! I didn't mention it because I'm really not one to get totally freaked out about snakes. Sure, I don't want them in my house, but honestly, I would almost prefer a small, non-poisonous snake in my house than a roach. I really haven't thought twice about that little snake he killed. It was practically a worm anyway. But now that we have large snakes outside, I'm starting to get a little freaked out.

We are pretty positive they aren't poisonous. We didn't get a great look at them, but after looking at some snake pictures online and talking to my dad, we think they are harmless. But they are still SNAKES! Ughhh. I'm terrified I'm going to see one in the house when David isn't home. (Actually, I'm terrified I'm going to see one in the house, period.) Thinking about those things just gives me the chills.

I will definitely be checking the bed before I get in from now on. I'll probably keep shoes on at all times too :-/

PS -- I feel like this post makes it sound like we live in some gross, condemned house overrun with reptiles. Promise that's not the case ;-)


Meghan said...

Ha! I would so take a small snake in my house instead of a roach. I hate roaches that much!

Nathalie said...

Reading about it gave me the chills too! :p

KTElltt said...

Wherever nature meets civilization, there will be snakes and poisonous spiders. It's just a fact of life... I shoveled a dead one out of our garage a few weeks ago. Addie came running in screaming about a snake and I went running out with a hoe, ready to kill whatever scared my baby. I was a little relieved that it was already dead.

Lorie said...

Last week there was one in our yard that got away, and we hadn't seen it since, but this weekend my neighbor came over to tell us they saw a snake leave their yard and come into ours, so I guess he is back.

I am pretty sure he is living under our deck and I am not about to crawl in there and check it out!

Rebecca said...

Yuck! I would freak out if I saw snakes at my house!