Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So much to do...

Goodness, I haven't been blogging much lately! It's funny because I feel like I can't blog since I can't post pictures, but I really don't post pictures that often anyway. I make no sense. :) The good news is that we got our external today, so I will be posting pictures soon! For now, I thought I would just share a few random things that we've been up to recently.

-I bought a light fixture for Jude's room yesterday! I have looked everywhere, and I couldn't find anything that I liked. I've realized it's MUCH easier to find a fixture for a girl's room than a boy's. I finally found one that isn't frilly, and I think it's perfect for his room! It will at least look 100% better than the awful ceiling fan that is in there now. Just wait until you see pictures. Now we just need to hang the light.

-My grandmother finished Jude's baby bedding, and it looks GREAT!! She did such a good job, and I can't wait to get it all in his crib!! First, we have to move his big sister out of the crib though...

-Speaking of big sis, we're hard at work in her room too! We decided to use the crib I used as a baby for her to move into. I was nervous about using an old crib, but we looked up crib safety standards, and it seems fine. We are going to paint the crib and get a new mattress, and I think it will be perfectly safe for our sweetie. Hopefully we can get her new bed ready this weekend, so we can move her into her new room. Then we can start Jude's room. Yes, start.

-Do you realize that Jude is due in 5 weeks?? We have SO much to do that it's overwhelming to think of him being here so soon!

-I bought a dresser for Aubrey's room yesterday at Goodwill. It's old and not pretty right now, but I'm excited about fixing it up and making it beautiful! :)

I think that's all. That became more of a to-do list than what we've been up to lately though! :) Apparently, getting things ready for our new family member is heavy on my mind!

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J. Henry said...

Oooo can't wait to see their rooms when you're through. You should take pictures of your step by step re-doing the old dresser! I have been wanting to redo ours for some time, but things have been so busy and I'm also just afraid. Anyway, I can't believe Jude's appearance is only 5 weeks away!! Can't wait to see his sweet face.