Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week in Review: Happy New Year!

You might have noticed (but probably not) that my weekly recap is a day late this week. We had a busy day yesterday. This has been a different week than usual for us because David was off and we didn't have our normal weekly activities (karate, Wednesday night church) due to the holiday. It was nice though. We were able to hang around at home more than usual and get lots done around the house.

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School, came home, and ate chili for lunch. Aubrey took a good nap that afternoon (Praise the Lord!) so David and I took a nap also. We went back to church Sunday night, and after church we had our monthly fellowship time with snacks.

Monday: David did have to go in to work for a little while that afternoon, so Aubrey and I just hung out at home while he was gone. I did some laundry, and Aubrey took a long nap. I went to the grocery store after David got home and cooked a ham casserole for dinner. David worked on painting our guest bedroom.

Tuesday: Aubrey and I went to lunch with my friend, Rebekkah. She is a teacher, so she was still off for the holidays. She is also due to have her baby boy any day! We are so ready to meet Aubrey's future husband! (Actually, I don't know about a younger man, so maybe we'll let him marry one of our future children -- ha!) After lunch, we went over to Rebekkah's house to see the nursery, and it is precious! We ended up hanging out over there for a long time. We are so excited to have another little friend to go on playdates with since Rebekkah will soon be a stay-at-home mommy! We went home, and Aubrey took a nap. David was still painting and I helped with some cutting in in our bedroom. I cooked soup for dinner, and we just hung out at home that evening.

Wednesday: Another low-key day. David started ripping up the old carpet since we were supposed to be getting our new carpet on Friday -- yay! Aubrey and I went to Target, and then just came back home. It was cold and rainy! I was going to cook dinner again, but we had lots of leftovers from the past two nights, so we just ate those.

Thursday: I had a doctors' appointment that morning, and Aubrey stayed home with David. After I came home David and I straightened up as much as we could. (Our furniture was still piled in the middle of all the rooms without carpet until we got our new carpet.) David A. and Rebekkah came over that night to celebrate New Year's Eve with us since they still hadn't had their baby. We ate pizza and played games. It was pretty low-key, but really fun. We discovered the joys of having a two story house -- we got kind of excited during our games and were pretty much shouting, and Aubrey slept right through it! :) Unfortunately, David and I never won a game, but it was still fun :) They didn't quite stay until midnight, but we were all tired at 11:30, so we thought that was close enough. And we got to see lots of pretty fireworks right outside our window.

Friday: The carpet installer came to put in our new carpet! Hallelujah! I was so incredibly happy about that. The downside was that we had to take Aubrey's crib apart so he could do her room, so that meant a no nap day for Aubrey. To distract her from her tiredness, we went and met my mom at the mall. Aubrey loves to shop, and she was pretty good considering we were there right in the middle of naptime. After we finished shopping, we went home and I was greeted by the smell of new carpet. There is just nothing like that smell to me -- I love it! David was in a super mood when we got home thanks to the fact that Auburn had won their bowl game. Whoo! Auburn win = Happy Husband! The carpet guy was there until 6 and still didn't finish. We got takeout for dinner, put Aubrey to bed early, and rented "The Proposal." It was funny.

Saturday: The carpet guy came back that morning to finish the carpet. He guessed that he would finish around 2, but he ended up being there until 7!! He finally got it done though! My family came over to our house that afternoon to watch the Cotton Bowl in HD on our TV. I actually sat through the whole game -- that is extremely rare for me. I think this was only about the second or third time in my life that I've watched an entire football game. Haha. It was mainly because there was nothing else to do since we were having carpet installed during the game. Thankfully, Ole Miss pulled out a win, so all the main people in my life were happy about their team victories :) After the carpet guy finally finished and left, David, Aubrey, and I went to dinner. I was craving Mediterranean food, and David was sweet enough to oblige even though that kind of thing isn't his favorite. After we got home David and I spent the rest of the night putting our bedroom together. We were finally able to set up the bed -- no more sleeping on a mattress on the floor! I'm liking the way everything is coming together. Ingleside is finally starting to feel like home :) We still have LOTS of painting to do, but I'll post pics of our progress soon.

Things should return to a more "normal" schedule this week. Sadly, Aubrey has been coughing and she is starting to wheeze, so it's looking like our week may start with a trip to the doctor.

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STILL so anxious to see this NEW HOUSE!