Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Wow, was yesterday a doozy of a day! I was right when I said our week would probably start with a trip to the pediatrician. Aubrey has an ear infection in one ear (Thankfully not a bad one, so hopefully antibiotics will clear it up -- her ear infections are usually a bit stubborn.) and she is wheezing. Her throat was also red, but that's just from drainage. So we got an antibiotic, a prescription cough medicine, and we started breathing treatments. Needless to say, all these aliments don't make for the happiest little girl. It also didn't help that it was about 25 degrees and snowing when we were going to the doctor and getting our prescriptions filled. Once we got home, I settled in for a long afternoon and evening of taking care of a poor, grumpy baby.

Then I decided that I absolutely HAD to have a barbecue sandwich. Weird, because I'm not even a big BBQ fan. But it became absolutely imperative for me to have barbecue last night. David tried to stop and pick one up for me on his way home from work, but the only place we know of to get BBQ around our house was closed. I called them about 20 times hoping they would open, but no. What losers. Don't they know they should stay open at all times in case I get a craving?! I had a little meltdown, and decided that I would have to load Aubrey up and drive across town to get my food while David went to karate. I know -- Mother of the Year 2010. So, I finally got my sandwich, came home and ate it, and was just settling in when....

Aubrey cut her finger on a can. I had been feeding her some Mandarin Oranges and left the can on the table in what I thought was out of her reach (Mother of the Year again). She somehow managed to grab that can and slice open her finger. She immediately starting screaming and blood started dripping. I grabbed her and held firm pressure on it, but it would NOT quit bleeding. (By the way, I'm deathly afraid of blood.) I was trying to hold myself together and be the calm mother that I knew Aubrey needed me to be, while at the same time basically pinning her down so I could hold pressure on her finger. I love the way this kind of stuff always happens while I'm home alone.

I called my mom at karate frantic, and she gave the phone to David who was teaching karate. He couldn't just walk out in the middle of class since he was the only teacher there, but I said I was on the verge of a panic attack and needed someone to come help me. So my mom and brother rushed over. Aubrey had calmed down by the time they got here, but her finger was still bleeding. We kept holding pressure on it until David got home, and we were going to take her to the ER to get it stitched up, but we called our doctor friend first and he offered to look at it before we went to the hospital.

So, we took her over to his house, and he thought we were going to have to go to the ER after all because it was still bleeding even after an hour and a half of holding pressure on it. (Bear in mind that by this point it was after Aubrey's bedtime, she was sick, and it was freezing outside. She was SUCH a trooper though.) Thank God, our friend was finally able to get it to stop bleeding, and he wrapped it up and put a splint and a mitten on her hand. (The splint was so she wouldn't wiggle her finger.)

We got her home, and her finger had started bleeding again. I think I had a full-fledged meltdown/panic attack at that point. This was also the point where David started feeling light-headed and almost passed out because he hadn't eaten all day. Thank goodness Aubrey's finger wasn't bleeding very much, so we were able to get it to stop, and David felt better after eating something. We finally put her to bed, and I was worried sick that it was going to start bleeding again in the night and we wouldn't know it. I shouldn't have worried though. She slept awful. She couldn't breath and just couldn't sleep. We tried everything. Finally David just made a pallet outside her door and slept there so when she cried he could go in quickly and give her the paci. She ended up sleeping some, and her finger didn't start bleeding again.

I have been so worried all day today that she is going to make it bleed again. She has been picking at the bandaid, and knocking her hand on everything. It's been ok so far though!

Sorry for the length of this post, but next time I have a frustrating day, I'm going to come back and read this post. Haha. For now though, I think I need a nap.

PS - Please ignore the fact that my blog is still decorated for Christmas. That just hasn't been at the top of my list of things to do so far :)


Nathalie said...

Wow that sounds like such a stressful day.. Sorry to hear you had to go through that! I really hope Aubrey feels better soon!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, you weren't exaggerating with your title. Such an awful day. I am pretty sure I would have had a full blown meltdown as well. I hate to see a baby feeling sick or in pain but blood mixed in? Oh brother...
Hope things have calmed down for you since then.
P.S. Don't point out the Christmas theme. Mine is still that way too. I was hoping no one would notice. Ha

Christy said...

I am so sorry!!! I KNOW how hard it is to take care of a sick baby, Ihope she is better soon and you get some sleep!

Courtney said...

Wow, what a crazy. I hope today was a better one!