Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week in Review: Craziness

I had said that I was going to do my Week in Review post from the week before last after I found my planner. Well, that still hasn't happened (have you seen the pictures of what my house looks like right now?) so I think that week just won't get a review post after all. Try not to be too sad. I'm late posting this weekly review because my life is just crazy right now. Are yall getting tired of hearing me say that yet?? ;o) Anyway, last week was another crazy week... (I'm going off memory here -- did I mention my planner is buried somewhere?)

Sunday: Aubrey had been running fever the night before -- 102.8. I stayed home from church with her Sunday morning, and I was just sure I was either going to be taking care of a sick baby all day or taking her to the after hours clinic. Surprisingly but thankfully, she woke up fever free and hasn't had fever since. I don't know what the deal was, but I'm happy she hasn't been sick. David went to church without us, but since Aubrey was feeling better we met David and my family at my grandmother's house for lunch after church. We came back home and attempted to take a nap (I'm pretty sure Aubrey never went to sleep that day). I went to church Sunday night, and David stayed home with Aubrey since she hadn't been fever free for 24 hours. We had our Christmas musical program at church that night, and I really enjoyed it.

Monday: This was the day the maids were supposed to come clean our new house. I've already written about my frustrations regarding that. Because they were so late, Monday was pretty much a wasted day. Monday night David went to karate, but Aubrey and I stayed home to get some stuff done at our old house. My mom came over to help me start painting the old house. We ended up getting the kitchen primed that night.

Tuesday: My mom, brothers, and grandmother came over to help me work at the old house. My grandmother and brothers stayed at the new house with Aubrey (she was taking a nap all afternoon, so they just ended up watching TV) while my mom and I went and worked at the old house. My mom had to leave to go to a Christmas party with my dad, but my grandmother stayed to help with Aubrey so David and I could keep working. When it was time for Aubrey to go to bed, we went to the new house and put her down. My grandmother stayed there with her, and David and I went back to the old house. My mom came back over after the Christmas party and the three of us ended up working over there until midnight! We were all exhausted by the time we got home! Oh, this was also our three year anniversary! :o)

Wednesday: David stayed home from work to work at the old house. (We were still packing at this point, and we also had 4 rooms to paint, PLUS all the cleaning.) We got as much done as we could with Aubrey there, and then we took her home and fed her lunch. David unloaded the car while I got her down for her nap. My mother-in-law came over to sit with Aubrey while she napped so David and I could go back to working at the old house. We were able to get much more done without Aubrey there! We (meaning me) were freaking out at this point because I realized there was no way we were going to be able to get everything done before the final walk-through that afternoon. Thankfully, the girl buying the house was really sweet and told us we didn't have to have it all done by closing. That relieved a lot of our stress for sure! That night we went to dinner at our friends, Jason and Lindsey's house. Our friends David and Rebekkah were also there, and we had a great time! It was nice to get a home-cooked meal after all the fast-food we've been eating since our kitchen isn't exactly organized yet :-/

Thursday: David went back to the old house to continue working. After we got up and got ready, Aubrey and I met him at Lowes to pick out carpet and a new washer and drier. Aubrey and I then had lunch with our girls: Ashley (minus Evy who was with her Daddy!) and Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton. I definitely needed the break from all the working on the house! That afternoon we closed on our old house! Yay! I actually didn't even go. (David bought the house before we got married so it was just in his name.) I stayed home and let Aubrey take her nap. I tried to do some things around the new house while she slept like putting contact paper in kitchen cabinets. I didn't get very much done -- that is a slow and frustrating process for a perfectionist like me! ;o) Plus, Aubrey took a relatively short nap. We went to karate with David that night. It was actually really nice to go because it felt "normal." Our life has felt very different that usual lately. I've found that to be the hardest part of moving (emotionally speaking). We had a little routine in our old house that is missing here so far. We will settle quickly into a routine though, I'm sure. Anyway, during karate we went to Books-A-Million and a little grocery store.

Friday: My mom, Aubrey, and I made a trip to Hattiesburg. I did decide to buy the chairs I posted a while back (sorry, Sarah!) but they only had one at the local Pier 1. (By they way, I bought the chairs with David's blessing. He is pretty laid back about the decorating of our house and pretty much leaves it to me. Haha.) I desperately wanted two of those chairs, so I decided I didn't have enough going on in my life right now and it would be super fun to drive 90 miles one way with my 15 month old to pick up another chair. Ha! My mom was sweet enough to ride with us so we didn't have to make the trip alone. We actually ended up having a good time. Aubrey was great in the car. We ate lunch at Chili's when we got there and then picked up my chair and did a little more shopping. We left our house at 10:30 that morning and didn't get home until 6:30 that night. I have no idea what we did for so long! Haha. Like I said, we had a nice time, but it was a long day. Our washer and drier was supposed to be delivered that night, but it was not to be. Apparently when they tell you it will be delivered between 5 and 9, they really mean anytime until 11 PM. We kept Aubrey up until 9 because we didn't want her to wake up when the delivery men got here, but then they never showed up. David called to see what the deal was and they said it could be as late as 11 before they got here. David told them to forget it. It was so frustrating because we had kept Aubrey up late AND we desperately need to wash clothes. We're over it now though, and they are supposed to deliver them tomorrow.

Saturday: David went over to finish painting the old house. His parents went over there to help him pack up the last few dishes, and I was home with Aubrey getting ready to go start our Christmas shopping. Yes, I said START it. Ughh. The crowds were crazy and I had no clue what I was even looking for. Thankfully, I was able to cross a few people off my list. After shopping all day, I went over to the old house to see how much progress David had made. It ended up taking him much longer than he anticipated, but he was finishing the painting when I got there. I got to meet the new owner and her boyfriend and dogs. She was really sweet, but I felt like it was just an awkward situation -- She is trying to show her dogs their new home, and the former owners are there working. Haha. She really didn't care though -- apparently she's not even planning to move in until next weekend, but we had promised her we would finish yesterday so we were determined to do so! After we went to dinner, David took Aubrey home to put her to bed and my mom helped me get the old house in pristine shape. She shampooed the carpet while I cleaned the oven, microwave, baseboards, swept, mopped, cleaned mirrors, dusted light fixtures, cleaned toilets, and pretty much Clorox wiped every surface in that house. We finally finished at 10:00. Let me just tell you, we left that house sparkling. I just wish our new house was that clean :-/ I was so exhausted by the time we left that I didn't even allow myself to get sad when I was turning out the lights and leaving that house for the last time. We loved that house, but we get to take our memories with us :o) I'm so glad that we are officially done with that house, so now we can focus on the house we live in! We are ready to dig out of this mess!

So, there you have it. Our week. Since we've been so busy, I've been blogging less, so this post is a little on the long side. Sorry about that. I'm going to try to do better about posting this week. I can't believe Christmas is this week!!! It will be another crazy week, but hopefully a different kind of crazy from last week. I'm looking forward to it! :o)


Ashley said...

I'm so glad you're making progress! I'm so proud of your hard work :)

David Howie said...

I'm just glad the we only have one house to focus on now.