Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Three Years

I didn't even get time to post yesterday, but it was our three year anniversary! We had a very romantic celebration... we were at our old house until midnight packing and painting. Fun! My grandmother was at our new house house sitting with (sleeping) Aubrey, so we were trying to get as much done as possible. It may not have been our most romantic anniversary yet, but that's ok. We can celebrate later. Three years of marriage, a dog, a child, and two houses later I don't need anything too fancy :o)

We are closing on our old house tomorrow. I will be so relieved when that's over, but we still have a LOT to do. We have to get the rest of our stuff out of the house and finish the painting. We were going to pull an all nighter tonight to get it done, but the girl who is buying the house came over today and said we could finish it this weekend. I thought that was SO sweet of her. Apparently she wasn't going to move in until next week anyway, so it's such a relief to have a couple of extra days. Of course, we will still try to get it done ASAP. We're really glad to be able to get some rest tonight though. We are exhausted -- this moving thing is tiring!

I'm hopefully going to be posting some pictures of our new house tomorrow. Wait for them -- you won't want to miss the loveliness that is our new home right now! ;-)

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