Thursday, December 17, 2009

Messy, Messy, Messy!

I'm finally going to post some pictures of the inside of our new house! Are you excited?? I honestly can't believe I'm posting these pictures. They're embarrassing. The only reason I'm posting them is because when I whine about how my house/life is utter chaos you'll know I'm not exaggerating. I need lots of sympathy. Ha! Just kidding about that. So without further ado, here is our dining room as it looks right now:

And here is the living room:

The office:

And the entryway:
I'm not even going to post pictures of the kitchen because they are just plain gross. Living in a house this messy and unorganized is really hard for me, because I really do like my home to be neat and clutter free. It's so calming for me to have a nice, homey, cozy (and pretty!) home. I keep telling myself we'll get there with this house soon. We ordered the new carpet today, so it should be installed sometime within the next 2 weeks or so. And after that we can start putting our house together. Hallelujah! :)

We did buy a new washer and drier today! We left ours at our old house. I'm really excited because we got front loaders! They will be delivered tomorrow, and I think that will officially make the laundry room the best room in the house right now. But not for long ;o)

We closed on our old house today! So we only own one house again. That was a definite relief and answer to prayers!


Ashley said...

I think it looks relatively good, considering your piles are at least confined and in just a few places..ha!

You KNOW I'd love to come help you.


Nathalie said...

Despite the clutter it looks like a beautiful house (soon to be a beautiful HOME! :)). Hang in there!!

p.s. I love how you've already hung your wedding picture in the entryway!

Ashley said...

I agree with the above commenter. :)
I can tell, despite the boxes and everything that it is lovely and is going to be stunning once you get everything in it's new spot/home!