Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekly Highlights

Last week was fun! It was fairly busy, but it was all fun stuff :)

Sunday was unusually busy. We went to church and Sunday school like normal, and then we ate lunch at home. We took short naps, and then we got the kids up to go to a cookout at my great aunt's house. We had some relatives in town, and the cookout was so that people could see them. We enjoyed it, and we left in time to make it to night church. After church, we met David's family at Newk's. His mom had asked us to meet them for dinner and said they had a "surprise guest" in town. It turned out to be David's sister who lives in Saudi Arabia. We were very surprised to see her! We had a great visit, and then we came home to get the kids to bed after a full day.

In contrast to Sunday, Monday was a very chill, laid back day. The kids and I just stayed home and I did a lot of house work. I was glad to get so much accomplished. That evening, David came home from work and I ran to Kroger to get some food for Bible study the next day. When I got home, I baked a coffee cake and cooked quiche for dinner. We ate, and I took the dog for a walk after dinner. When I got home, David and I got the kids to bed and then had an uneventful evening.

Megan and I were in charge of snacks for Circle this month, so we had to leave home a little early on Tuesday morning. The kids and I dropped off our food at the house where we meet for Circle, and then I took the kids to the nursery at church. I went to Circle, and it went well! After it was over, I picked up the kids, and we came home for lunch and naps. That evening, I cooked dinner for David and the kids, and then I left for "UnBunco." I picked up Megan and a new friend on the way, and we headed to my mom's house. We had a small group that night, but we still had a lot of fun! We dropped our new friend off, and she invited us in to see her house (we had said we wanted to see it). I then dropped Megan off and went home. David and I talked for a little while and went to bed.

We were going to be hosting small group on Wednesday night, so most of the day was spent getting the house ready for that. I got in the zone and really cleaned the house thoroughly. I knew no one would be going upstairs for small group, but having people over just got me super motivated and I got the kids' rooms really clean too. It's always nice to have a clean house, even though it NEVER lasts longer than a day. ;) That evening, the kids ate pizza, and then I took them to the church since that's where our babysitting happens for small group. When I got back home, everyone was here, so we got started. David led our Bible study, and I really enjoyed it! We had good discussions. When it was over, David picked the kids up from church, and we put them right to bed.

We got up and went to church early on Thursday for tutoring. That went well. When it was over, though, Aubrey was having a meltdown. My brothers watch my kids while I tutor, and she was just falling apart (throwing a fit). It took me forever to deal with that, and when David got to church to teach karate, I let him finish talking to Aubrey. She finally calmed down, and we left church and went to Kroger. I was cooking dinner for a friend that night, so I had to get everything I needed for that. I fixed the kids lunch when we got home, and then I put them down for naps. I worked on dinner while they slept. My sweet friend Anna recently had her 5th precious baby, so I was cooking for her family. She texted me that afternoon and said that they would love for us to stay and eat with them and play when we dropped dinner off. Gotta love a mom of 5! :) So, I cooked some extra, and we did just that! We went over to their house that evening after David got home, and we had so much fun with them! I loved holding that sweet newborn baby :) We came home at bedtime, and I got a quick walk in before it got too dark.

We had evaluations for Aubrey and Jude at their school on Friday morning. David helped me get everyone ready, and we actually made it out the door on time! Jude had his evaluation first. I wasn't in there for it, but they just ask them to do different things like draw, cut, sort, listen to a story, hop, skip, etc. and observe them to see where they are. During Jude's evaluation, Aubrey and Alaina and I just played and visited with other moms and kids. We went out on the playground, too, and then it was time for Aubrey's evaluation. After they were both done, we were going to lunch at Corner Bakery. Another sweet mama, Morgan, and her three kiddos decided to join us. I'm so glad they did! We had a great time visiting and catching up. And considering the fact that we have 6 kids between us, I thought lunch went very well ;)
We came home for naps, and I had a low-key afternoon. David came home a little early that afternoon, and we just hung out at home for a while and moved some furniture around a bit. That evening, we went to dinner at Mellow Mushroom. We hadn't been since we moved, and we were missing it!
After dinner, I ran in TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby. We then went by our old house and got some paint and other random stuff. We came home and got the kids to bed, and then I got on the internet until bedtime.

Saturday was another busy day! David and the kids went to the Farmer's Market that morning, and I did my meal planning and grocery list. Then I took a shower and got ready. My grandfather's 80th birthday was Thursday, so we were having a surprise birthday party for him on Saturday afternoon. It was taking place during Alaina's naptime, so David stayed home with her and just brought her when she woke up. I went little early to help set up, and I took Aubrey and Jude with me.
The party was at our church, and we had told my grandfather that the children's choir was performing that afternoon. I'm afraid he figured out what was up, but he was surprised to see how many people were there! A lot of family had come in from out of town. It was a fun afternoon!
After the party, we got everything cleaned up. My family and my grandparents came over to our house that afternoon to kill a little time before we went out to dinner. We always go out to eat at a hibachi restaurant at some point every July to celebrate all of the July birthdays in our family, and we were going that night. A lot of our out of town family joined us, so we had a bigger group than usual. It was fun! Alaina was hilarious. She got kind of nervous while they were cooking and grabbed my hand and held it over her eyes. She would pull my hand down and peek out every once in a while, and then pull it right back up over her eyes. Ha!
After dinner, we went home so that David could bathe the kids and get them to bed, and I went to the grocery store. Fun day!

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