Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Jude!!

Four years ago, at 5:23pm, after a whirlwind labor and delivery, I met my little boy for the first time. When I was pregnant with Jude, I often wondered what it would feel like to be a mother to two children. Would I love my second child as much as my first? Was it even possible to love two babies with my whole heart? Well, as any mother of more than one child knows, those fears vanished the moment this tiny little baby boy was placed in my arms. It was love at first sight, and immediately - before I even knew him - my whole heart was his because he was mine.
Over the past four years, I have fallen more in love with this wild little guy every singe day. I didn't think it was possible to love him any more than I did on July 16th 2010, but somehow, I do.

Jude is pure joy. He's full of life. He's mischievous at times. He's into everything. He's always climbing on something. It truly blows my mind and puts fear in my heart the heights he can scale sometimes. He's all boy. He's rough, he's loud, and he can destroy just about anything in no time flat.
But he's also the most loving, affectionate, sweet child that I've ever been around. He tells me that he "wuves me a wot, a wot, a wot, a wot, a wot...." (loves me a lot) all the time, and he is oh-so-generous with kisses and hugs. He often shares without being asked, and he tries to cheer Alaina up when she's crying. He has a smile that lights up my whole day.
Being a mom to my little boy has been one of the most wonderful, fulfilling, joy educing things I've ever done. I have such a sweet bond with my son, and I'm so so incredibly thankful that God chose me to be Jude Anderson Howie's mom. The past 4 years have been so wonderful, and I cannot wait to see what God has planned for Jude's life. My prayer for him is that he is a strong man of God who leads and loves like Christ.
Happy 4th Birthday, Jude. We love you so very much!


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