Saturday, February 1, 2014

Disney Vacation: Day Two!

We got up on Tuesday morning after a good nights sleep. We ate breakfast that we had brought with us in our hotel room. We then hopped on a bus and headed to the Magic Kingdom... where we remained for the next approximately 12 hours. Ha! It was such a long day, but SO FUN.
At our hotel ready to start the day!
 We got started with a few rides. We rode Peter Pan's Flight first, and I thought it was really cute, but it scared Jude. (We realized quickly that any ride that was dark was going to scare him. Thankfully, he was ok as long as we let him sit in our laps, and he was fine once we got off the rides every time.) Next up, we rode It's a Small World. This one was slow enough for Jude to enjoy, and Aubrey apparently loved it. She has told everyone that this was her favorite ride since we got home. I thought it was really cute, but I'm a bit surprised that this was my 5 year old's favorite? Haha!
As we were walking around, we saw Gaston! My kids had no desire to stand in line and meet him, so we just looked from afar. We discovered that this worked best for our kids in general. They were perfectly satisfied to look at characters from a distance. It saved us from having to stand in line, so it was a win/win! ;)

After a while, we ate a quick lunch at Pinocchio Village Haus. The weather was so nice and warm, so we enjoyed our lunch outside. After we ate, Aubrey wanted to go up onto the "balcony." So, David walked up there with Aubrey and Jude.
We spotted Rapunzel's tower!
We spent the rest of the afternoon riding more rides and walking around the Magic Kingdom. It started to rain and got a little cool later in the day. We didn't have umbrellas or rain jackets, so I improvised with my scarf ;) It sure didn't stop us from having fun!
Jude would get a little nervous before the ride started and want to hold my hand. Loved it :)
We discovered that our kids - especially Jude - LOVED the train. We spent a good bit of time on that :)
When we were getting off the train, we saw Woody and Jessi! Jude decided that he would like to meet Woody, so we got in line. Sadly, it started raining, so the characters had to run inside. We were ok with that, though. Again, the kids were satisfied that they got to look at them from afar.
Jude is pointing out the Woody on his shirt! :)
We spotted Aladdin and Jasmine that afternoon!
As we were walking around waiting for our dinner reservation, we saw the Incredible's Super Dance Party getting started. We watched a little bit of that. We could tell that it was going to be so much fun!
On our way to dinner - the castle was SO pretty this time of day!
We ate dinner at the Crystal Palace, and it was SO good! After walking around all day, we were very excited about the buffet! :)
After we had been eating for a little while, the character started coming out! Our kids were much more comfortable around the characters this time. Not sure if it was because they knew better what to expect or if they just preferred Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore. Whatever the reason, there were no tears and lots of smiles! :)
When dinner was over, we walked around some more and then it was time to find a spot for viewing the Electrical Parade! It was SO great! We loved watching it!
Shortly after the parade was over, there was a light show on the castle. It was seriously one of the coolest things I've seen. It was amazing how much changing the lights could change the look of the castle.
We finished out the night with the firework show over the castle. I held Aubrey, and David held Jude. I know it sound cheesy, but it was just such a magical night. The parade, the light show, the fireworks, the music - all of it. I loved all of our time at Disney, but looking back, that night was my favorite. It's one of those special memories that I know I will cherish forever.
It was a wee bit crowded on the way out ;)
We all crashed as soon as we got back to our hotel! SUCH an amazing day!

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Whitney said...

You look so,stylish for Disney! How did your Toms do? Ned talked me out of wearing mine each time I mentioned it. Avery loved It's a Small World too. At least it was no wait and a calm ride. A few things we rode I was concerned that the kids might bump out of the seat!