Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Home Tour, Part II

If you missed it, Part I of our Home Tour is HERE.

Part II is basically the upstairs. In other words, the kids' zone :)

Aubrey's Room:
I love Aubrey's room. There were still things on my list to do in her room, but I think it's a very sweet, feminine little room perfect for a girl who loves pink! :)

Jude's Room:
We spent SO much time in Jude's room doing the board and batten on the walls. The theme of his room is "vintage cowboy" so I wanted the red board and batten to be a little nod toward barn wood. (This room is so hard for me to photograph. In some of these pictures, the walls look fire engine red. They're not nearly that bright in person.) His room is the most incomplete of the three kids' rooms. I've just never pulled it together, and I'm not totally IN LOVE with it. His beds are low to the ground, which works perfectly for him, but it makes his quilts look too big. My plan is to tuck the sides of his quilt into the mattress after I find some fabric for bedskirts. I think this room has potential to be really cute, but it's just not all the way there. He moved into this room right before Alaina was born, and at that time he was still in a crib, so I couldn't finish decorating it. Then we moved him into the big boy beds, and we were kind of toying with the idea of moving shortly thereafter, so I just wasn't motivated to finish it. I'm determined to get his room pulled together and looking cute when we move :) And it definitely suits him just fine now -- he loves spending time in his room. By the way -- the reason we didn't continue the board and batten into the window seat area is because we had plans of turning that space into a little "reading nook." I even bought burlap to use as curtains to sort of separate that area. Since it's a small space, I didn't want it to get dark, so I didn't want to paint it the red. Anyway, since that never came to fruition, it looks a bit odd as is.

Alaina's Room:
I really love Alaina's room. We didn't change the room up much from when it was Jude's nursery. We just moved the dark furniture out and used white furniture for her. I added a few girlie touches, and that's about it. I just love a nursery that is sort of "gender neutral" and serene. It's just a sweet, calming space. It's also nice that Alaina literally NEVER plays in her room, so there's no toys or clutter in there. It's always clean :) Oh, and that dark thing on the top of her window? That's a towel. Her room doesn't get dark enough during the day without it. Haha!

That's pretty much the upstairs of our house! Jude's room has a bathroom, and Aubrey and Alaina's rooms have a jack and jill bathroom. The bathrooms are extremely basic and nothing special, so no pictures of those ;) They're very practical for kids' bathrooms, though.

I still have a few more rooms to share, so there will be one more Home Tour post :)

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