Wednesday, July 3, 2013

While Mama was Away...

While I was gone this past weekend having fun on my girls' trip, my family was doing just fine without me. I'm SO thankful to be married to a man who is just as capable (and sometimes it feels like he's MORE capable) of taking care of our children as I am. He never gives me any grief when I go away on little trips, and I never feel guilty for leaving for short periods of time. I miss my family like crazy, but I don't feel guilty :) I'm so thankful for that!

Anyway, they managed to have a fun, busy weekend without me, and David took some cute pictures that I wanted to post :) On Saturday morning, they went to the Farmer's Market like usual. Only this week, they got a special treat and got to play on the big hill. David has let them play on this hill by the Farmer's Market once or twice before, and Aubrey talks about it like it was the most fun she's ever had in her life. Haha! It always cracks me up what they latch onto ;)
That afternoon, there was a little festival/carnival fundraiser at the sweet little school for children with special needs where David and I volunteer, so David took the kids. I thought he was seriously SO brave (or super crazy... haha) for doing that alone, but he said it went really well! The kids clearly had a blast! I'm sad I missed it, but I'm glad they had so much fun!
I had laid out clothes for the kids to wear while I was gone, but of course David was on his own in the hair department. I don't think Aubrey was real satisfied with the way her hair turned out all weekend. David said she told him that he put her bow too far back. Haha! I'm just happy that he even attempted a bow!
On Saturday night, Aubrey woke up in the night with an ear infection. Poor baby was apparently inconsolable and in so much pain from her ear. Thankfully, we had some numbing drops from Jude's ear infection a few days earlier, so David was able to use those. He had sound at church Sunday morning, and even after such a rough night, he still had all of the kids dressed and at church on time that morning.
Notice that Aubrey's bow isn't as far back. Haha! I'm not sure if she was happy with this 'do or not ;)
Curly boy hair is an area where David has a little more experience ;)
Thankfully, one of our doctor friends at church was happy to look at Aubrey's ear and confirmed her infection. He called in some medicine for her, and I'm SO thankful that he did that and that David didn't have to take all of the kids to the after hours clinic on Sunday. David and the kids were able to have a fun lunch with my brothers after church on Sunday, and then I got home that afternoon! I'm so glad they weren't just pining away for me while I was gone, but I'm also really glad that they were all happy to see me return! :)

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