Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekly Highlights

Last week was kind of a rough week. Alaina didn't nap well, and all of the kids were fighting colds that turned into ear infections for Aubrey and Jude. There was just a lot of whining and snotty noses :) The week ended with a little girls' trip for me over the weekend, so that was fun.

Sunday was church and Sunday School. We came home for lunch and naps, and then we went back to church and ate dinner at Jason's Deli.

On Monday, we didn't have any plans, but I knew we needed to get out of the house, so we went to the park. The kids had so much fun, and we went early, so we beat the intense heat :)
 We followed that up with a trip to Target. That evening, I cooked dinner, and then the kids and I went for a walk.

Tuesday was Bible Study. Our realtor let me know that we would have a showing that afternoon, so I got ready for that while the kids napped. When we left for the showing, we met David and ran an errand, and then we went to dinner. It was kind of a disaster because Jude was SO grumpy. He was fighting a cold, and just literally cried or whined the WHOLE dinner. I did get a sweet picture of Aubrey and Alaina. It was Aubrey's idea :)
We had a day at home on Wednesday, and it got LONG. Jude was still super fussy, and Alaina wasn't much better. I was thankful that we had small group that night for a little break :) We did find out that the people who looked at our house the night before really liked it, and they ended up making a verbal offer that afternoon. Sadly, we never could come to an agreement on the price (our house was really more than they could spend), and it didn't go anywhere. I guess it was nice to have an offer, though. Anyway, we had a sitter that night, and David and I went to small group. It went really well! I had to cook that night when we got home because I was taking lunch with me to tutoring the next morning for the boys in my dad's ministry.

Well... we had an AWFUL night/early morning on Thursday. Jude woke up in the night just screaming that his ear hurt. We tried giving him Tylenol, but he just screamed and cried for hours. It was so sad. I felt awful or him. I really thought we might have to take him to the ER just to get him some relief. At around 3AM, David had the genius idea to suggest a movie, and Jude perked up for that. David and Jude were able to doze on the couch for the rest of the night and I got some sleep in the bed. I still got up early and got ready for tutoring, and David took Jude and Alaina to the doctor. Jude did have an ear infection, and Alaina just had a cold. David met me at church with the kids, and he went to work. My mom went with me to the uniform store to get a school dress for Aubrey, and then we went to Target to get Jude's medicine. I got the kids Chick Fil A for lunch. The rest of our day was thankfully uneventful. The medicine seemed to help Jude's ear fast and he never complained again.

Friday I was getting ready for my girls' trip. My grandmother came over after lunch to keep the kids until David got home, and my friend Katie picked me up. We met some other friends at church, and we headed to Oxford. We met Rebekkah about halfway. It takes around 2 1/2 hours to get there. We got settled at the house where we were staying and then went to dinner.
That night, two more friends arrived, and we stayed up late talking :)

On Saturday, we went to breakfast, and it was so good!
We then went to William Falkner's house and walked around. After that, we went back to the house and just hung out and talked. That afternoon, Rebekkah, Megan, and I wanted to go walk around the square, and everyone else wanted to stay at the house to keep relaxing, so we decided to split up :) We had so much fun walking around and doing a little shopping! We got coffee at Square Books and just talked.
We then went to a restaurant to meet the rest of our group for dinner.
When we got home that night, we had a book club discussion! This trip was a bit of a "book club reunion" since two of our book club friends have moved away. We read ands discussed Midwives (very convenient since I had recently read it), and the discussion was so good! I had been wanting to talk about the book with someone, so I'm glad my book club read it. We stayed up fairly late again that night.

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