Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random Updates

I feel like it's time for an update even though I don't really think we have anything new going on :)

-Our house is still just hanging out on the market ;) I think we're coming up on 6 weeks on the market? Which isn't bad at all, but it sort of feels like it's dragging out. I guess I just hate feeling like we're in limbo. I mean, we're really not in limbo because we're happy where we are, and there's no reason why we HAVE to move. There's certainly no deadline. But I just feel like we're in this weird place where every time I think of a date in the future, I wonder if we'll be moved and settled by then. But like I already said, we're really not in a big hurry, and I'm trying to be patient and just trust the Lord's timing. It would be REALLY REALLY nice if we could be settled into our new house by Christmas, though! We moved in early December last time, and that was just hard. I love the holiday season so much, so it was just not fun to feel so displaced and surrounded by chaos right in the middle of the Christmas season. But, again, I'm trusting the Lord's timing!

-Speaking of the move, David and I looked at houses again today. This was our second time to look, and I think we've seen a total of fourteen houses now. Out of those fourteen, there are three, maybe four, possibilities. I'm glad we have some options! Last time we looked, we came away liking one house. That was kind of stressful because I didn't know what we would do if that one house sold before we could buy it. Now, we have several to choose from, and if one or two of them sell, hopefully the other one or two will still be available when our time comes. There are pros and cons to all three (or four) houses that we like, so it will be a tough decision if they're all still on the market!

-There are no updates on the adoption front. We're still just waiting! It's actually nice that we've had all of this house stuff to keep our minds occupied. It's helped me kind of "forget" about waiting. Of course, the baby is NEVER forgotten, I'm just not dwelling on it all the time. Our little future baby is always in the back of my mind, though! :)

-We're having a really good summer. I'm just so enjoying this time with my three babies. Alaina has gotten so independent lately, and she definitely keeps me on my toes! I feel like we've really hit our stride as a family of five, and it feels good. Sarah Denley and I even met for lunch the other day with all FIVE of our kids. At a restaurant. That wasn't Chick Fil A! It wasn't bad, either! ;) It's just nice to feel confident getting out with all of the kids by myself. That's NOT to say that it isn't a disaster when I do sometimes! I just know that changes are on the horizon for our family, so I'm totally soaking up life with three kids. It always turns things upside down a little bit when you add a new family member, and it's such a GOOD thing, but even good change is hard. So, all that to say, it's been a fun summer, and I'm not anxious for it to end anytime soon :)

-And speaking of growing our family in the (hopefully not TOO distant) future, here's a little fun fact: I realized a while back when Alaina was 14 months old, that that was the longest amount of time I've gone without being pregnant since December of 2007 when I got pregnant with Aubrey. Haha! I can't lie, I'm enjoying the little break. Whew! ;)

-The other day, Aubrey said, "You know what we haven't done in a LONG time, Mommy? SCHOOL!" I explained to her that it's summer right now and that we are taking a little break from homeschooling just like she's taking a break from going to school. She said, "But I want to do school!" Guess Mommy is the only one enjoying our little break! Since my child is practically begging me to learn, I suppose I should oblige her ;) I think I've mentioned this already, but we decided not to send Jude to school this year. He'll be three (in less than a week!), but I just don't think he's ready. And I'm in no hurry to send my baby boy off to school ;) So, my plan is just to work with him at home when I'm working with Aubrey and teach him the same stuff that Aubrey learned in the 3 year old program at her little school. I'm looking forward to working with him too, but I need to get my act together and come up with a system for working with both of them. Yet another reason why it would be good to go ahead and move and get settled before the fall.

I can't think of anything else, so I guess that's enough for now!

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Courtney said...

I always enjoy reading your updates. I will pray that your family finds the right home at the right time. I think you are wise not to send Jude this year. He is a young 3 and boys are a lot different than girls. Have a great weekend with your family.