Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Highlights

Last week was a good balance of activities and time at home. We stayed busy and had a fun week, but it wasn't overwhelming or stressful :)

Sunday was a normal morning at church.
We had lunch at home that afternoon.
I took a nice long nap to rest up because I was helping chaperone a youth group lock-in after church that night :) Night church was good, and then I went to Newk's for dinner with David and the kids before I had to be back at church for the lock-in. It was actually really fun! One of my favorite friends and her husband are in charge of the youth group at our church, so I had a great time hanging out with her and getting to know some of the kids a little better. Mostly, the night consisted of running around our dark church and playing hide-and-seek and various other games. Ha!

Needless to say, I didn't get a ton of sleep Sunday night, and Monday morning came early. I think I got maybe 3-3 1/2 hours of sleep. On the floor. I knew Monday would probably be a LONG day ;) I got home before David had to leave for work, and it actually wasn't a bad day! I was definitely tired, but we didn't have anything on the agenda, so we hung out at home. I got to take a good nap that afternoon while the kids napped. We had an uneventful evening at home, and I thought I'd be going to bed super early, but it was actually after 11 by the time David got home, we put the kids to bed, and we talked.

I had Circle on Tuesday morning, and it was good. We came home for lunch and naps after it was over. I was actually more tired on Tuesday afternoon than I had been on Monday, but I didn't take another nap. I'm always worried it'll become a habit if I take too many naps. Haha! That evening, I had Bunco! It was a fun night :) It was late when I went to bed, though.

Wednesday was fun because we had lunch with the Herringtons at Beagle Bagel. It's been FOREVER since we've done that, and it actually went better than I expected. I don't know if going out to a restaurant for lunch will become a weekly thing again, but it's nice to know that we can when we want to :) That afternoon, the kids napped, and I cleaned the house. We had small group that evening, but sadly, I couldn't find a babysitter. Our "regular" was out of town. David is our small group leader, so he couldn't miss. He went without me, and the kids and I just hung out at home. It was a good evening.
I got all of the kids to bed, and David and I talked after he got home.

Thursday morning was tutoring like always. After it was over, my mom took the kids home for me, and David and I looked at houses again. That was fun! I just love looking at houses in general. We grabbed a quick lunch when we finished, and then I came home to relieve my mom. The rest of the afternoon and evening was uneventful. We had dinner at home and did a bit of cleaning that night.

We spent the whole day at home on Friday. We had a showing that afternoon, so I was trying to get the house clean. The kids actually did pretty well with not terrorizing the house ;) I got ready during rest time, and when they got up, we left. David was just getting off work, so we met him and then went to a splash pad at an outdoor mall. The kids had SO MUCH fun! I was glad we got to do something fun after a day of cleaning :) We got the kids dried off and changed and then ate dinner at Sweet Peppers. We walked around the mall for a while, and then we came home. David and I watched a movie that night, but I wasn't a fan. I played on my phone for most of the movie. Haha.

David and the kids went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, and I slept late :) When they got home, we had a very low-key day. We had another showing that afternoon, so we tried to keep the house clean. I got ready and was doing some last minute cleaning during naptime, and the realtor showed up 40 minutes early. I was kind of mortified when she walked in. Thankfully, I was dressed and the downstairs was clean. Haha! I told her the kids were asleep, and she said they'd come back. We got the kids up and got out of the house as quickly as we could! ;) We walked around Target for a long time, and then we ate Mexican for dinner.
 We made a Kroger run, and then we came home.

Both of the people who looked at our house last week liked it. We heard that we're in the top three for one family, and the other one is tying to figure out if they can maybe lease our house until theirs sells. I'm praying that one of them might work out. I'm so ready to be done with showings! :)


Amy said...

AH! when you're ready to get rid of alaina's dress in the first pic, i'll buy it from you! pretty sure i have the bigger sister size and have been searching for another FOREVER!!! give me hope that i will leave the house again one day once i have three little ones :)

Whitney said...

Praying that one of those families chooses your house as the one. I'm ready for it to be over for you, but I'm also ready to see a new house for you!