Friday, March 1, 2013

Flashback Friday: Halloween 2012

You might remember that our laptop crashed a while back, and I had to use our old desktop computer for a couple of months. I thought uploading pictures on that computer would be WAY too slow, so I just didn't post pictures on the blog for a while. If I had know how far behind on posting pictures I would be because of that, I might would have just dealt with the slowness of the desktop. (Of course the laptop died during the busiest, most photo-op heavy time of the year.) Anyway, I went back and did some catch-up posts after we got our new laptop, but then it decided to quit uploading pictures too. Grrr! Anyway, David fixed the laptop, so I'm finally ready to resume posting all of these old pictures. And I totally realize that probably no one is interested in pictures of events that occurred 4 months ago, but I want them on my blog, so here they are :)

So, here we go with Halloween! I knew I wanted the kids' costumes to coordinate, but I also wanted Aubrey to be able to dress up as something that she would enjoy. (I knew Jude and Alaina were still a little young to care.) If there is one thing I KNEW Aubrey would want to be for Halloween, it was a princess! I also knew we'd get a lot of use out of a princess costume because she would use it over and over for dress-up clothes. So, I decided that Aubrey would be Cinderella, Jude would be Gus the mouse, and Alaina would be a pumpkin (the one that gets turned into the carriage, of course ;). I found Aubrey and Alaina's outfits, no problem. Jude's was a little trickier. I wasn't about to shell out the money it would cost to get the "official" Disney Gus costume. We're not big Halloween people around here, so I wanted to do these costumes on the cheap. I found a little mouse (I think it was actually supposed to be a rat -- haha!) costume on eBay for SUPER cheap, and my grandmother made a little shirt and hat to go with it. And ta-da! We had a budget friendly Gus costume :)

We went to our church's Fall Festival, and it was a good time. Except that it was FREEZING. I was glad Jude and Alaina had the plush costumes on. You just never know what the weather is going to be like in October in Mississippi. When I ordered the costumes, I knew it was very possible that it would be 80 degrees and they would burn up. Or it could be 50 degrees and they'd freeze. Ha! Anyway, David was manning a game at the festival, so we didn't get as many pictures as I wish we would have. You get the idea, though.
Helping my little Cinderella get ready :) (And I sincerely hope I've lost some weight in the past 4 months. Gahhh....)
Getting Gus ready!

The most adorable little pumpkin that I ever did see! She's grown so much since then!
Workin' hard!

Alaina with Uncle Michael

Alaina with Dee Dee

We had another fun and successful Halloween! Mama is running out of ideas for coordinating costumes, though! ;) 

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