Sunday, March 3, 2013

Aubrey's Prayer

Aubrey has really shown an interest in the Lord lately, and she will often pray spontaneously. When she hears that someone is sick or hurting, she will pray for them all on her own with no prompting from David or me. I love listening to her pray and witnessing her childlike faith. When she prays, she 100% believes that God hears and will answer her prayers. We've had to explain to her that God doesn't always answer our prayers in the way that we hope He will, but that He DOES always answer, and His answers are good and right every single time. I love seeing the Lord working in her heart, and David and I are praying that God will give us wisdom as parents as we attempt to guide our children to the cross continually, and that He will give us the words to say as we discuss spiritual matters with our children.

Yesterday, David walked into the room, and Aubrey and Jude were playing "church." David overheard Aubrey praying. She said, "God, give me a new heart. I don't like this dirty heart. Jesus, make my heart clean."

It made us so happy to hear that prayer. We aren't sure how much she actually understands at this point, but we're just thrilled that the Lord is working in her heart. It is our prayer that she will never know a day when she doesn't know Jesus as her Savior. There is nothing we want more for our children. Nothing.

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." III John 1:4


godhasnoproblems said...

That is SO precious!

That's one of those stories you've got to make sure ends up in her babybook (unless you print your blog) so someday down the road it's where she'll (or her own kids someday) can read it.

I love the faith of kids!

Amy said...

i love this! so, so, sweet!!
libbi has been the same way lately. we've talked frequently about how God always hears our prayers. before we told her we were pregnant, she kept praying for a baby. she would pray, "please God, give us a new baby for our family..." which was so sweet, but then we had to have a lesson on how God's timing is not our timing and His ways are not our ways, because she kept expecting the baby to just show up as soon as she was done praying. ;-)

now she prays, "God, we are thankful for the new baby...and i know i'm gonna have to wait for it..." ha!