Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week in Review: Doctor's Appointments, Mission's Conference, and Slumber Parties

So, last week. It was pretty busy. Here's what we did:

Sunday: We had a normal morning at church. We came home for lunch, and then we had an uneventful afternoon.

Jude's shirt is filthy, but Aubrey asked me to take a picture of the two of them. So sweet.

We went back to church that night, and we went to dinner at Schlotzsky's after church. When we got home, we got the kids to bed, and then I got on the internet for a while before bed.

Monday: David took Aubrey to school, and Jude, Alaina, and I hung out at home.
"Are you lookin' at ME??"
I got some things done around the house, and while Alaina napped, I took a shower and got ready. When she got up, we ate lunch, and then we left a little early and went by Target.
We left from there to go pick Aubrey up at school. Once we got her, we came back home. I put all the kids down for naps, and then I watched the season finale of Downton Abbey. Ummm, depressing! I was also reading a super depressing book for book club, and I told one of my friends that between those two things, I was flat out in a FUNK. Ha! Wen the kids got up that afternoon, I fixed them a snack, and they watched a movie while I worked on dinner. David skipped karate and came home that night because he had a meeting the next night and didn't want to be gone two nights in a row (aka -- he didn't want me to loose my sanity). When he got home, we ate dinner. We then had a family devotion and bathed the kids before putting them to bed. After the kids were in bed, I read some of my book club book and got the kids' clothes laid out for the next day.

Tuesday: The kids all had doctors' appointments that morning. Thankfully, David was going with us, so he was able to help me get everyone ready. Our appointment was slightly traumatic, so after it was over, we stopped at Chick Fil A for a little pick-me-up :) We were there early, so there was hardly anyone there. It was nice! The kids didn't want to play for long, though, because they were hungry. So we had an early lunch, and then they played some more.
We left when we were really pushing Alaina's limit. We got home, and I put everyone down for naps. I cooked some chicken for dinner, and then I got on the internet. Alaina woke up, and I made the chicken into chicken salad, and then I made some pasta to go with it. Aubrey and Jude got up, and then we had to load up and go to Target to get medicine for Alaina's ear infection. I wasn't excited about getting out of the house with all of the kids, but since David wasn't going to be home until late, it had to be done. We got the medicine, and then we came home for dinner. The kids barely ate anything, as usual. We played for a while after dinner, and then I put all the kids to bed. I had them ALL in bed by 8, and then I enjoyed the quiet house :) I watched some TV, got on the internet, and straightened up all the toys before David got home. When he did get home, we talked for a long time and went to bed LATE.

Wednesday: David took Aubrey to school again, and I got myself ready. I tried to get Alaina down for a nap, but she wasn't having it. My grandmother got here to keep the kids while I went to volunteer, and Alaina was screaming in her bed when I left. I hate leaving like that, but I was running late (my grandmother ended up getting Alaina to sleep fine). I had a good time at the school where I volunteer, and then I picked Aubrey up from school. We came home and my grandmother left. I got the kids down for naps, and then I did some housework. That afternoon, David came home and we got the kids ready for church. This was the first night of our mission's conference, and it went well! The kids' choir sang, and Aubrey did great. After the service, we got our kids from the nursery and came home for bed. I watched a little bit of American Idol, and I read my book club book.

Thursday: When we got up that morning, we had to get ready because Aubrey, Jude, and I were going on a field trip with Aubrey's school.

My mother-in-law came over to keep Alaina, and we went to the science museum. The field trip got off to a rough start because we were running late and it was POURING down rain. I was pretty frazzled by the time we got in. We ended up having fun, though! The kids loved running around playing, and it was nice to have a fun indoor activity on a rainy day. When we got home we ate lunch, and I put the kids down for naps. I did a good bit of straightening and some cleaning during naptime. When the kids got up, we played and then I started a movie so that I could cook dinner. I made lasagna, and when David got home, we ate. We had a family devotion, bathed the kids, and put them to bed. That evening, I straightened up the house some more and finished my book club book.

Friday: I got everyone ready that morning, and got the house all picked up, and then the Herringtons came over for lunch. We had leftover lasagna (yes, I served leftovers to a guest -- haha), and then we talked all afternoon. The kids played pretty well. Jude was feeling particularly ornery that day, and I had to discipline him several times. After they went home, I put the kids down for rest time and picked up the house. When David got home, we got the kids ready to go to church for the mission's conference. My mom had asked about Aubrey spending the night with them that night, and Aubrey was SO excited! We got her overnight bag packed, and then we left. We went to McAlister's for dinner before church. The conference was good! I enjoyed our guest preacher. After it was over, we had a snack/fellowship time. We stayed pretty late. Aubrey was thrilled to be going home with my parents :) We came home and got Jude and Alaina to bed, and then David and I thought about watching a movie, but it was late and we ended up just wasting time and going to bed too late.

Saturday: I got to sleep in on Saturday, and then we got ready and went to breakfast at Primos. It was weird to be out and about with only 2 kids. We definitely missed Aubrey, but it's a lot easier to do things with 2 kids instead of 3. It's funny because Aubrey isn't even the "difficult" child to take places, but I guess just having a parent for each child makes things a lot more manageable. Anyway, we had a fun breakfast, and then we went to Lowe's and Target. When we got home, we fed Alaina lunch and put her down for her nap. Then we got Jude down, and I did some painting. I painted a small wall with chalkboard paint. After getting to a stopping point on that project, I took a shower and got ready. David and I got Jude and Alaina ready too, and then we went to dinner at Broadstreet. Jude was eating up the extra attention :)
We went back to church for the mission's conference again, and we were reunited with Aubrey there :) She had had a blast, but she was SOOO tired and pretty cranky. She didn't even want to go to the kid activity that night at church. She chose to stay with me for the service, and she about fell asleep. We had snack/fellowship time again after church, but we didn't stay late this time because we knew we needed to get the kids to bed. We bathed them as soon as we got home, and I put Alaina to bed and then went to the grocery store while David got Aubrey and Jude to bed. When I got home, I unloaded groceries and then did the usual Saturday night prep to try to make Sunday morning run as smooth as possible :)

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

You are such a busy bee! I get overwhelmed taking two kids places sometimes so I can only imagine three or four! You can tell me all about life with 4 since you make it look easy!