Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week in Review: School Days and A Birthday!

We had a big week last week! Aubrey started school and turned 4 all in one week! It was fun, but the week felt SO busy. We didn't really do that much that isn't going to be a weekly thing, though, so I guess I should just get used to busy. By the way, my laptop is still out of commission. We've ordered a new battery for it, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon. That's why there are no pictures with this post and why I still haven't done a recap of Aubrey's birthday party. I just don't have it in me to post a bunch of pictures on this slow computer. Pictures coming soon!

Sunday: We got up and all got ready for church. It was nice to finally be able to all go to church as a family. We had a good service. I fed Alaina between church and Sunday School. After Sunday School, we came home for lunch. I cooked, we ate, and then we napped. We went back to church that evening. Again, the service was good. We came home after church and ate leftovers for dinner. We wanted to be sure to get Aubrey to bed on time since she was starting school the next day. After David and I got the kids all to bed, we got everything gathered up that Aubrey would need for school. I kind of started to feel a little sad and sentimental at that point. We went to bed at a decent hour.

Monday: I got up early that morning and got ready. David is going to be taking Aubrey to school since it's really close to his work (that makes my life SO much easier!), but I just had to go on the first day :) I didn't want to have to unload Jude and Alaina, so we were all going to go. I got Aubrey's lunch packed, and we got her ready. She was SO excited :) We loaded up and went to her school. David stayed outside with the babies, and I went in with Aubrey. I ended up being in there for quite a while because the ballet teacher was setting up, and I felt weird just leaving. Aubrey did GREAT with the drop-off! At one point, she said, "Mommy? I thought you said you were leaving?" Ha! I think she was ready for me to get out of there ;) That actually helped me to not be sad, and by the time I left, I felt really good about everything. David was wondering what had happened to me I was in there so long. Haha! He went to work, and Jude and Alaina and I came home. It was weird just having two! Alaina screamed the whole way home, and I had just gotten home and unloaded Jude and Alaina and gotten her calmed down when David called and said our dog had gotten out and someone a few streets over had her. I was SO annoyed because I was going to have to load the kids BACK into the car. Then I realized Alaina had a huge blowout and we were both covered in poop. Good times. I got us cleaned up, and then we got in the car and went to get the dog. We finally got home, I fed Alaina, and then put her down for a nap. Jude just played, and I called my friend Megan to talk about a trip we're planning for our Sunday School girls. We were looking at condos on the internet over the phone and trying to make a decision, and then Alaina woke up. Megan and I finally decided on a condo, and I was supposed to book it. I was also trying to feed Alaina and get us ready to go to lunch, so I had to call David and pass off the condo booking responsibilities to him. Good thing my hubby is so sweet! :) I finally got us out the door, but we were running about 10 minutes late. We met Sarah Denley and Graves at Broadstreet. It was sooo fun to be eating out again for lunch! I can totally do lunch with two kids! ;) SD and I had fun talking, and then we drove over to pick up the girls. We were definitely the first moms there. Haha! Aubrey was happy to see me and she had had a fun day. I was so happy to see that everything had gone well! Jude fell asleep in the car, so I knew nap time wasn't going to be great. Aubrey and Alaina ended up napping, and Jude stayed in his bed for a while. While they napped, I straightened up and texted a few friends who were asking about Aubrey's first day. It was so sweet that my friends wanted to know how I had done Aubrey had done ;) I got Jude up and started working on dinner. I had to wake Aubrey up. School wore that girl out! We ate dinner, and then I needed to get gas in my car, so we loaded up and went to the gas station. On the way home, the weather was so nice and cool, so we stopped at the park.The kids were thrilled :) They played, and then we walked on the walking trail for a while. We left when it was starting to get dark. I put them in the tub when we got home, and then David got home in time to bathe them off and get them out. I got Alaina to bed. Her nose was stuffy and she had a little cough, so I was hoping she would sleep. David and I talked about our days for a while, and then we went to bed.

Tuesday: Alaina slept great, but when I was feeding her at 5:30am, I noticed that she sounded pretty bad. She was coughing a lot and wheezing. I knew right then that instead of going to Bible Study that morning, we'd be making a trip to the doctor :( I called the doctor's office when they opened and got an appointment for 10. I got us all ready, and we headed to the doctor. Alaina's ear and everything else was fine, but the doctor said she was wheezing significantly. Since she's been wheezing off and on for a month, the doctor said we needed to do breathing treatments for at least a month. She said sometimes babies get colds or have allergies and they start to wheeze and don't really get over it. She said it acts like asthma, so you have to treat it like asthma. Poor Alaina :( The bright side is that Aubrey was the same way -- she wheezed all the time, and I worried that she actually did have asthma, but she's pretty much grown out of it, and I think Alaina will too.While we were there, I asked our doctor to look at a rash Aubrey has (it's not a big deal, and we've had the doctor look at it before, but Aubrey's school wants her to keep it covered, which is a pain) and the doctor ended up "popping" some of her little bumps to help it go away. It was extremely traumatic. I know I sound like a drama queen, but it just was (for me, anyway). I felt so bad for Aubrey. She was tough and got lots of suckers, though :) We left the doctor's office and I pulled into the pharmacy and then changed my mind. We had all but one of the medicines we needed for Alaina at home already, so since it was lunchtime, I decided to just go home and let David get the other medicine on his way home. We drove through Chick Fil A to get lunch, and then we came home. The kids ate, and I did a breathing treatment with Alaina. I put them all down for naps and just recovered from that stressful morning. Haha! The pharmacy ended up calling me to let me know that Alaina's medicine was going to be $400 (!!!!) and did I still want them to fill it? Ummm.... wow. I passed that off to David, too. Again, my husband is sweet. Haha! When David got home, we all went to Target. We needed to get a new carseat/booster for David's car since he's going to be taking Aubrey to school. We looked at those, and then David went over to get our medicine. We ended up getting half the amount of medicine we were going to get, and our doctor's office gave us samples for the rest. So, we got off "easy" and only had to spend $200. Ha! Of course, our baby is worth it. I left Target (we went in two cars) and stopped at Babies R Us to make sure the booster we were getting was cheaper at Target. Then I met my mom and we went to Keifer's. We were supposed to have Bunco that night, but only 5 people (out of 12!!) could play. So, we canceled, and the 5 of us just went out to eat instead. It was so much fun! We sat outside, and the weather was great. We stayed late, and then I came home. The kids were in bed, and David said Alaina took her bottle great and did fine with her breathing treatment. David and I talked for a little while and went to bed.

Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Aubrey!! She had school that morning, so we got up and got her ready. I packed her lunch, and then she and David left. I took a shower and got ready, and then I got Jude and Alaina ready and did Alaina's breathing treatment. We left and dropped Alaina off at my parents' house, and then Jude and I went to see my cousin Devin to get Jude's hair cut :) Even David agreed that it was time for Jude to get a haircut. Jude had been in a terrible mood all morning, so I was nervous about how the haircut was going to go. Much to my shock, he was PERFECT. He sat in my lap and didn't move a muscle the whole time. He looked scared to move. Haha! Devin said he was the most still of any little boys she's ever done :) His hair turned out super cute. While we were there, I got my eyebrows waxed. When we got back to my parents' house, I fed Alaina. By that point, there wasn't really time to go home before we needed to pick Aubrey up, so we just hung out at my parents' house and ate lunch over there. We left to go get Aubrey, and she had had another great day :) Since it was a special day, we stopped and got ice cream on the way home. I asked the birthday girl if she wanted to drive through somewhere and take the ice cream home or go in. Of course she wanted to go in. So we did :) We enjoyed our ice cream, and then we came home for [late] rest time. The kids all rested, and I looked over my teaching material for class that night at church. David came home, and we got the kids ready to go to church. We were running pretty late, but we got there in time for dinner. After dinner, we all went to our various activities. I taught the 1st and 2nd graders. We came home after church, and David got the older 2 kids to bed while I did Alaina's breathing treatment and got her to bed. David and I talked and went to bed.

Thursday: We had a morning at home, and it was pretty low-key. I did Alaina's breathing treatment, and then she went down for a short morning nap. I did some cleaning around the house, and when Alaina woke up, I decided that we would go for a walk. Aubrey walked and Jude and Alaina rode in the double stroller. We got about 2 houses down, and Aubrey said, "Look how far we've walked, Mommy! I'm SO TIRED." I knew it would be a short walk at that point ;) We went to the end of our street and back, and Aubrey was done. Unfortunately, Jude was not. That kids LOVES going on walks and riding in the stroller. When I got him out of the stroller, he just fell apart. You can't please them all, I suppose! We came inside and ate lunch, and then I put the kids down for naps. Since the walk didn't result in much exercise for me, I did the 30 Day Shred DVD. I haven't done that in ages, and man! it was tough. I took a shower and got dressed after that, and I got the house clean. I made some hamburger patties for us to have for dinner that night, and then I got the kids up and got them ready so that we could go to tutoring. That went well. The kid I was helping was working so. slowly. though. My mom (who was watching my kids) had to come relieve me after an hour because Alaina was fussy. David was just getting to the church to help with karate, so the kids and I just hung out there talking to my mom and my friend Megan until David finished. Then I took his car and left to get home quickly to cook dinner. He drove the kids home in my car, and they went a different way and got home just a minute after me even though I left before them. I had gotten stuck in traffic. We grilled burgers for dinner. By the time we ate, it was 7:30. So, we had to get the kids ready for bed right after dinner. Once they were all in bed, I got on the internet and read for a little while before bed.

Friday: This was the first day all week that we had NO plans. We got ready, and I took the kids to my parents' house and I went to the gym. I was SO sore from doing the 30 Day Shred the day before, so I just walked on the treadmill. I went and picked the kids up, and then we came home for naps. While the kids napped, I took a shower, and played  around on the internet. I got a good bit of cleaning done too. The kids got up that afternoon, and then David got home. We got ready and went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner. We were looking forward to a low-key weekend after such a busy week. We went to Target after dinner and stayed there looking around for a while. We put the kids to bed when we got home, and then David and I were going to watch a movie, but we ended up just talking instead until bed.

Saturday: Alaina woke up at 7:30, and David got up to take the other kids to the Farmer's Market. I thought I could feed Alaina and put her in the bed with me and she'd go right back to sleep. She was wide awake though. Ughh. I was bummed because I really wanted to sleep late. We did end up dozing off and on for a while. We finally got up and I did her breathing treatment and got dressed. When David, Aubrey, and Jude got home, we all left to go to a flea market. I'd been wanting to go to just look around, so we thought it would be fun to all go. I didn't find anything other than a picture frame, but we had fun looking. When we got home, we ate lunch and put all the kids down for naps. I took a shower and got ready, and then I went to Ulta while the kids were sleeping. When I got home, David went outside to work in the yard, and I made a grocery list and ironed some stuff for a consignment sale. The kids got up, and we got them dressed. Then we went to Newk's for dinner and Kroger after that. We came home and bathed the kids, and I picked out and ironed all of our clothes for church the next day. I straightened up the house and priced my clothes for the sale before going to bed.

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