Monday, September 24, 2012

Week in Review: Juggling

I hate how behind I am on blogging! The new battery for my laptop STILL hasn't arrived, so I haven't been able to post pictures in weeks. Also, I hate that all I'm posting lately are Week in Review posts. Boring! I've just felt kind of overwhelmed lately with all that I need to accomplish, and I'm still trying to figure out how to juggle it all. I feel like life got SO much more busy when Aubrey started school. Two days a week we're picking her up, one day we go to Bible Study, one afternoon I tutor, not to mention trying to do some homeschooling with Aubrey the three days she's at home. I've also started making Alaina's baby food, which isn't hard, but I do have to set aside time to do it, and I'd like to become more consistent about making our bread every week. I don't want to neglect doing some kind of regular exercising either, and of course I need/want to blog more often. Add in home projects and fun stuff with David and the kids, as well as reading, and of course quiet times, housework, and cooking, and there's just not a lot of time leftover. I just feel like I can't balance it all sometimes. Obviously, I know there are people who do WAY more than I do, so I'm not trying to act like I'm the only one who has this issue. None of those things are really things I'm willing to drop, so I just need to figure out a system to get them all done :) With that said, I might start doing more "highlight" Week in Review posts. I think they get the point across just as well, they're more manageable to type and probably read, and that frees up a little time. Maybe when things settle down, I'll go back to a full-length version. ;)

Sunday: We had church and Sunday School and came home for lunch. I cooked a brunch type meal, and then we took naps before going back to church that evening. After church, we went to dinner at Corner Bakery. We sat outside, and it was just a nice evening. We rushed home to get Aubrey to bed on time since she had school the next day.

Monday: This was a BUSY and productive day! David took Aubrey to school, and the little kids and I went to a consignment sale. It wasn't great, but I found a few things. We dropped off some clothes I was consigning for another sale and then met SD and Graves for lunch. Funny story: While we were at lunch things got a little crazy. The kids were over it, a drink got spilled... you know, just the normal stuff when you go out with kids ;) This older man walked by and said in the most depressing tone you can imagine, "Three kids between the two of you... it's almost too much to bear." Literally, he said "almost too much to bear." Dude, next time we'll bring all five of them just for you. Hahaha! What a sad point of view. Anyway! We picked Aubrey up after lunch. Annnnd, our car wouldn't start when it was time to leave her school. Ughh. David came to jump me off, but the car wouldn't even jump. Finally, I just took Jude and Alaina home in David's car because they were BEYOND ready for a nap. Aubrey stayed with David to figure out the car situation (all three carseats don't fit in his car). While Jude and Alaina napped I got a ton done, including cleaning the house, making bread, and making two different kinds of baby food. David and Aubrey got a new battery in my car and got home in time for dinner. We ate and enjoyed the evening with David at home (he skipped karate because he had Aubrey with him). We got the kids bathed and in bed and then we had a low-key night.

Tuesday: We went to Bible Study that morning, and then we came home for lunch and naps. That afternoon was just as UN-productive as the previous day was productive. I played around on the internet for a while and actually took a nap myself. When the kids got up, we played outside until David got home. I cooked a quick dinner, we ate, and then I left to go to a preview consignment sale. I was excited about it because this sale is usually really nice, but it wasn't as great as usual this time. I still found some cute things, but not nearly as many as I normally do. I didn't find ANYTHING for Alaina. I had told David to try to keep Alaina up so that I could just nurse her instead of going to the trouble of giving her a bottle, and poor baby was so tired. I fed her and put her right to bed. David and I talked for a little while and went to bed too.

Wednesday: David took Aubrey to school, and Jude, and Alaina and I went to the park to walk. It was SO nice! The weather was gorgeous, Alaina fell asleep in the stroller, and Jude was perfectly content and happy to ride in the stroller. We walked 2 1/2 miles before Jude got restless. We went to Target on our way home, and I got a few things we needed. When we got home, I put Alaina down for a nap, and I took a shower and got ready. I fed Jude lunch, and we went to pick Aubrey up. It was rest time for all when we got home! I finished getting ready, looked over my teaching material for that night, and straightened up the house. We went to church when David got home. I taught the 1st and 2nd graders, and that went well. We put the kids right to bed when we got home.

Thursday: We had an uneventful morning at home. I cleaned out the pantry while Alaina took her morning nap and Aubrey and Jude watched a movie. Our air went out the day before, so someone came to look at it and determined that we needed a new unit. Thankfully, we have a home warranty! We ate lunch, and the kids took naps. I showered and got ready for tutoring, put dinner in the crockpot, and then we rushed off to tutor. After tutoring, we hung out at church until David finished teaching karate. We came home, ate dinner, and then put the kids to bed because it was late. David and I talked for a while, I made several phone calls to work out some kinks in a trip I'm helping plan for my Sunday School class, and then went to bed.

Friday: This was a long, stressful day. First of all, the kids didn't sleep well the night before. They seemed to be getting colds again, and I was just tired. Second, our house was HOT since the air hadn't been replaced yet, and I don't handle that well. Third, there was just a lot of confusion over this trip I've been planning, and I just really let that get to me WAY more than I should have. We got out of the house to drive through Chick Fil A for lunch, but that was it. Alaina wouldn't nap while Aubrey and Jude did, so I just held her and made lots of phone calls. I was just burning up and SUPER stressed. Like, I shed tears I was so stressed out. Just not a good day at all. I felt totally defeated by that afternoon. I finally got Alaina down, and some of the confusion surrounding the trip got straightened out, so that helped a lot. I took a shower and got ready, and I put Aubrey and Jude in the tub. David helped me get the kids ready when he got home, and we went to dinner at his parents' house. The kids had fun playing over there, and it was a nice evening after a bad day. We stopped and rented a movie on the way home, and then we got the kids to bed. By the time David and I started the movie, it was late, and we ended up stopping it halfway through because we (mostly I) were falling asleep.

Saturday: David took Aubrey and Jude to the Farmer's Market, and Alaina and I stayed home and slept until 10!! It was awesome! When we got up, we all went to Lowe's. We fed the kids lunch and put them down for naps when we got home. I had gotten a bunch of stuff out of the kids' closets that needed to be packed away, so I folded all of that and put it in boxes while I finished the movie from the night before. David mowed the grass. I also did a little straightening around the house (but not as much as I would have liked) and made a grocery list. We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant that night, and finished off the day at Kroger.

I expect my laptop battery any day, so hopefully I'll finally be able to post pictures!!

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Nathalie said...

So funny that you look at is as "I know there are people who do WAY more than I do" -- because when I look at you I think "Wow, she does SO much more in a week than I do" and I often feel like I don't have time for everything I want to do. Ha! I guess it's all perspective eh?