Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week in Review: Summer Colds

Well, this post is going to be downright boring. We did almost NOTHING last week. The reason for that is that the kids were sick :( They had respiratory junk, so we laid low at home all week. Those kinds of weeks are never much fun, but I'm thankful that they're on the mend now. My mom was on vacation last week too, so I didn't even get to take them to her and go to the gym! Bad timing ;)

Sunday: Since David had been feeling sick the night before, he stayed home from church. He helped me get the kids ready, and we left to go to church. We had a nice morning, but we missed having David there! That day was my little brother's 21st birthday, so we went over to my parents' house for lunch after church to celebrate John. We had fun at lunch, but again, I missed David. Jude was being a grump, and I would have loved David's help with him. Ha! After lunch, we came home. I fed Alaina and then turned the kids over to David and went to take a nap ;)
A little outside fun before naps :)

He got them down for naps. Jude was still not in a great mood, so we decided that he would stay home with David that night. David was feeling much better by that point, but he wanted to stay home just in case he had been contagious. The girls went to church with me, and we had fellowship time after church with snacks. There wasn't a ton of food, so we didn't stay too long, but we enjoyed visiting for a little while. We came home, and David and Jude had had a fun night.
More outside fun
 We got the kids to bed, and I got on the internet and read for a little while before bed.

Monday: This turned out to be the only day that we did anything "fun" all week. That morning, I got up early(ish) and got ready because there was a kids clothing sale that I wanted to go to that morning. I then got the kids ready, and we left. I wasn't up to the challenge of taking all three kids to this sale (it was at a hotel), so I dropped Aubrey and Jude off at David's office to visit for a little while. The hotel was close to where he works, so I knew I wouldn't be gone too long. I took Alaina with me, and we got some good stuff at the sale! They had lots of cute stuff and great prices, so that was fun :) We went back to David's office to pick up Aubrey and Jude, and they had had a blast at Daddy's work. They really didn't want to leave ;) We headed home after that, and we had a little time to straighten up before we were having some fun guests. Rebekkah and her boys were in town, and they were going to come over for lunch. We were excited about seeing our friends! I attempted to get Alaina down for a nap before they got here, but she didn't go for it. Rebekkah brought Chick-Fil-A, and we had so much fun catching up! The kids loved playing with Carver, too! After visiting for quite a while, they had to head home. I got the kids down for naps, and Aubrey and Jude went to sleep, but Alaina was up and down. It's just frustrating when she doesn't nap, because I don't get ANY break at all. And I know that sounds SO whiny, but that's just how I was feeling that day. While she was in her bed, I worked on prepping dinner so that I wouldn't have to do that with the kids hanging on my legs later. Aubrey woke up from her nap coughing, and it sounded croupy. Ughh. I could have cried when I heard that. I gave her medicine, and I let her just sit and watch a movie while I cooked dinner. Jude got up and wanted to be held, and so did Alaina. It was wasn't the most pleasant evening. I was getting frustrated way too easily, which I hate. We ate dinner, and I cleaned up a little. When David got home, we were all more than ready to see him! He put Aubrey and Jude to bed, and I fed Alaina and got her to bed. Then I turned on the Olympics and enjoyed just sitting :)

Tuesday: Since Aubrey had had croup the day before, I knew we needed to skip Bible Study. I was bummed, though, because we had missed the week before also. I really prayed that I would have a better attitude that day though, and I did! Our day was pretty boring, but it wasn't bad. We just stayed home all day, and I did some laundry. The kids played, and they got along ok ;) Alaina took a short morning nap, and then we ate lunch. I decided that I would swaddle Alaina for her afternoon nap and see if that helped her sleep better. We had quit swaddling her, and she has been doing fine at night, but she really hasn't napped well since we haven't swaddled her. I got Aubrey and Jude down, and then I put Alaina down. And it worked! Alaina napped for 3 hours! That was so amazing, and I was able to get a lot done. I took a shower and got dressed, and then I folded some laundry and cleaned up the house. David had been working at Aubrey's school that day (they are doing a lot of work, and they need parents to help), so he got home a little early. Alaina was just waking up, so I fed her and David and Aubrey and Jude went outside so that David could cut the grass. Alaina and I went to Tuesday Morning because I wanted to look at rugs. I had moved our rug from our living room to the kitchen, and I needed another one for the living room. I found one I liked, and I got it. I had someone load it into the car for me, and then we headed home. When we got here, David was done with the yard, and I fed Alaina. We decided to go out for pizza, which was fun. I enjoyed getting out of the house as a family since we had been home all day. Aubrey's croup was gone, but she had a "normal" cough and her nose was running. She seemed to feel ok at that point, though. Jude had a cold too. Anyway, I hoped we were on the mend. After dinner, we came home and put the babies to bed. David and I stayed up too late watching the Olympics.

Wednesday: Aubrey was up a LOT during the night. She was just coughing and coughing. We gave her medicine, but there wasn't much else we could do. David and I took turns going into her room and giving her water and comforting her as best we could. When she got up that morning, I could tell she just wasn't feeling great. She had a little fever, and she just wanted to lay around. Poor girl! I had to cancel our lunch plans with Sarah Denley, so that was disappointing, but we needed to stay home and let Aubrey rest. I let Aubrey lay on the couch and watch a movie that morning, and I got some housework done while Jude played and Alaina took a short morning nap. I just put her in her sleep sack this time, and she napped for less than an hour. It was ok, though, because I was hoping that would mean she would take a long afternoon nap while the other kids were sleeping ;) We didn't have much food in the house, so we loaded up and drove to Chick Fil A. It was CFA appreciation day, though, and it was PACKED. Alaina was having a meltdown, and I knew Aubrey was ready for a nap, so we drove through Zaxby's instead. Ha! Aubrey didn't want anything to eat, so I knew she was feeling blah. She hadn't had any breakfast either! When we got home, we ate our lunch, and then I put the kids down for naps. Aubrey took a LONG nap, and I was glad she was able to rest since she had been up so much in the night. Alaina napped well, too. Jude, however, did not because he was coughing :( It seems like someone is always awake. David and I decided that we weren't going to be able to go to small group that night since Aubrey was under the weather. I was sad because I had lined up a "real" (non-family) babysitter and everything. I texted the babysitter to cancel, and then I took a shower and got ready before Alaina was up. I got Jude up when she woke up, and we just played until Aubrey woke up and David got home. Aubrey seemed to be feeling a lot better after her nap, but she still had no appetite. She was wheezing, so we started breathing treatments.
Little sick girl getting some fresh air
I called in an order to Newk's for our dinner, and I went to pick it up. We ate (Aubrey still wouldn't eat a thing), and then we all ran to Wal-Mart. We needed a few things, but really it was just an excuse to get out of the house ;) We came home and put the kids to bed, and then we watched more of the Olympics before bed. We stayed up way too late considering we were expecting another rough night.

Thursday: Our night actually wasn't as bad as we thought it would be! There was still a good bit of coughing between Aubrey and Jude, but there weren't as many trips up the stairs :) The day did get off to a rough start, though. Alaina woke up around 5:30 to eat, and then as soon as I started feeding her, Aubrey woke up. (David had left really early that day for a prayer group, so I was on my own.) I went to Aubrey's room and gave her some water, and then I finished feeding Alaina. I put her in the bed with me, and just as she was dozing off, Jude woke up. So, I went up to HIS room. He was quiet by the time I got upstairs, so I came back down. He started crying again as soon as I got back in bed, so I went BACK upstairs and soothed him. I finally came back down, and by this point it was like 6:30 or something. I dozed for a little while with Alaina, but then Jude was up for the day a little after 7. Not the way I like to start my day ;) After we were all up for good, the day improved some. It was another day at home, though. Thankfully, Aubrey seemed to be feeling better than she was the day before. She ate a little bit of breakfast, which made me happy. The morning was totally uneventful. Aubrey watched a movie, Jude played, Alaina napped, and then we ate lunch. I put the kids down for naps, and I took a shower. Alaina was fussing when I got out. She wouldn't go back to sleep unless I was holding her. She sounded congested, so I figured she was coming down with the same cold :( I laid in my bed with her so that she would get a nap. I dozed a little, but Aubrey was playing in her room, and even though I had the monitor on low, I could hear her just enough to keep me semi-awake. Thankfully, Alaina slept good. I got up to get Aubrey up, and Alaina kept sleeping (she doesn't roll over yet, so I'm comfortable leaving her and checking on her often). Jude woke up too, and they had a snack while I put on some makeup. I got some chicken marinating for dinner, and then David got home. He played with the kids while I worked on dinner, and then he grilled the chicken. We ate together, and then I got ready to go to Target. David kept all of the kids at home, and it was so nice to be out of the house ALONE. I know I've said this before, but we all go a little stir-crazy on the weeks when we don't get out. I took my time in Target and browsed around at pretty much everything ;) When I got home, Alaina was tired and very fussy. David took Aubrey and Jude upstairs for bed, and I got Alaina to sleep while watching the Olympics. When David got downstairs, we talked for a while before going to bed.

Friday: The kids were feeling better, so I decided we HAD to get out of the house that day. I didn't care what we did, but we needed a change of scenery ;) We got ready, and then we went to Home Goods. We just walked around and looked, but we all enjoyed being out. When we left, it was lunchtime, so I decided to drive through Chick Fil A on the way home. Well, it was PACKED again. I got in line anyway, and sat and sat and sat. We sat there for over 10 minutes and only moved up 10 feet. The line was wrapped all the way around the building, and I knew Alaina was getting hungry, so we just left. We apparently weren't meant to have CFA that week. Ha! I had already told Aubrey she could have lemonade though, so I had to keep my promise. We stopped at Sonic on the way home and got drinks, and then we just ate lunch at home. She was fine with that :) After lunch, I put Aubrey and Jude down for naps, and then I fed Alaina and got her to sleep. Amazingly, everyone slept great that day, so I did too! I slept partly because I was tired after all the long nights, and partly because I was just bored. Haha! After our nice refreshing naps, we got up and waited for David to come home. I was SO glad it was the weekend! That night, we went to a new stir fry place for dinner. It was good, but it was crazy. It was just crowded, and people kept running into Alaina's carseat, and you had to get up to go build your own stir fry. David and I went in shifts, and he went first. By the time I got back to the table, he already had his food and was about done eating. It was just not a good place to go with 3 little kids. David was even stressed, and those kinds of situations don't usually frazzle him. Ha! Once we got out of there, we went to a frozen yogurt place that has a little splash pad, and we let the kids play. We didn't have their bathing suits or towels, but they had a blast anyway just playing in their clothes. I went in a store and fed Alaina while David watched Aubrey and Jude, and then we shared some yogurt. It was a fun night :) When we got home, we put the kids to bed, and then David and I talked for a little while. We watched an episode of Psych before going to bed.

Saturday: We had a ROUGH night. Someone was up at 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, and then Alaina was up to eat at 5. I fed her, and she usually goes right back to sleep, but she was wide awake for some reason. After a while, I put her in our bed hoping she would go back to sleep, but she was just kicking and squirmed all around. Finally at 6, David took her out of our room because I was supposed to go to a workshop at Aubrey's school that morning, and I wanted to have a chance at staying awake for it :) David managed to get Alaina back to sleep, so I don't know what that unusual behavior was all about. When my alarm went off at 7:20, I was SO tired. I was THIS close to skipping the workshop. David was taking the kids to the Farmer's Market, and it would have been so nice to sleep longer in a quiet house ;) I finally convinced myself to get up and go, but I fed Alaina first so that they could leave. I got in the shower at 8, and I needed to leave at 8:30. Shockingly, I was only a few minutes late! The workshop was very good, and I'm SO glad I didn't skip it. I feel like I would have missed a ton. I left feeling completely overwhelmed, as usual ;) On my way home, I stopped at Beagle Bagel and got lunch. When I got home, Alaina had just gotten up from a nap, and the other two kids were eating lunch. I fed Alaina and then I put Aubrey and Jude down for naps while David ate lunch. While he was eating, I started telling him all about the things I had learned at the workshop. I got Alaina down for a nap, and David and I finished talking. I made a grocery list, and then I left to go to Kroger. I stopped at Ann Taylor Loft on the way and got a few things. Then I got groceries. We were supposed to meet my parents for dinner, and I was running late, so I moved the time back. When I got home, David unloaded the groceries and put them away while I fed Alaina and got the kids dressed. We met my family at 5 Guys, and we had fun! They had just gotten home from the beach that day, so they were anxious to see the kids! :) After dinner, we went back to the same little splash pad where we had played the night before. This time we brought bathing suits and towels. We had another fun evening and enjoyed MORE frozen yogurt ;) We came home and bathed the kids, and then we got them to bed. We discussed whether or not the kids were well enough to go to church the next day. We decided we would wait and see how our night went and go from there. (Spoiler alert: we didn't go. Ha!)

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