Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Alaina at 5 Months Old

Dear Alaina,

You are 5 months old today! I say this every month, but time is flying by SO quickly! Recently, you've started to seem like less of an infant and more like just a baby. Your adorable little personality is really showing, and you're more expressive and predictable these days. You have become more aware of your surroundings, and that means that you've also developed some strong preferences ;) You are a Mama's girl all the way. You aren't very happy with anyone other than me these days, which is both sweet and frustrating at times. I hate leaving you, because I know you probably won't be happy when I do. I do enjoy feeling loved and needed, though, so I'm enjoying this stage while it lasts. I know you won't be attached to my hip forever.

You eat when you're hungry, but it still ends up being about every 3 hours. You are still nursing exclusively. No solids yet, and I'm hoping to hold off another month on that. You haven't shown any interest in solids at this point, and you seem to be getting plenty to eat. Speaking of getting plenty to eat, you're a growing girl! We weighed you at home, and you weighed exactly 15 pounds :) We'll get a more exact weight when we take you for your 4 month checkup (finally!) next week. You wear a size 6 month clothes, and we bought size 3 diapers for the first time tonight!

Sleep is still pretty decent. I really wanted to work on getting rid of the Miracle Blanket last month, and we did! You transitioned into a sleep sack really easily at night. Getting ride of the swaddler didn't effect your night sleep. However, you quit napping well when you weren't swaddled. You went from napping 2 or more hours in the afternoon to napping for about 20-30 minutes. This wasn't working for anyone! You NEED your sleep, and you're not a happy baby when you're tired. So, I got the Miracle Blanket back out for naps, and you're napping well again. This past week, you've had a little cold with a cough, and you haven't been sleeping well at night. You cough, and that wakes you up and you can't seem to get back into a deep sleep. So, the past few nights, after you wake up a few times and can't go back to sleep, we've been swaddling you. This has been doing the trick, and you're usually out for the night after that. I feel like we've fallen off of the no swaddle wagon, though! Ha! I'm not sure what to do about this, and I'm going to ask your doctor about it next week. At this point, I still nurse you/hold you until you fall asleep and then transfer you to your bed. So far, this is working out well, and I love the extra time holding you and cuddling you. One day, you'll go to sleep on your own, but for now, I love watching you fall asleep :) You sleep from about 8-8:30pm to anywhere from 5-7am, at which point I feed you and put you in the bed with me. Most nights, Daddy or I go up to your room to give you your pacifier once or twice. Not too bad!

You aren't a fan of your swing. We might as well pack that thing up because you never sit in it happily. EVER. You will sit in the bouncy seat for a good while as long as you can see me and I talk to you. We got out the exersaucer, and you seem to really enjoy it for short periods of time. It's so cute to watch you play with the little toys. You love to grab things, and you really like to have something to hold on to. You would probably enjoy a lovie, so I think I'll try giving you one this month :) You've gotten a little better in the car, which is so nice! You still don't love it, but it's not guaranteed that you're going to scream every time anymore! Progress! :)

You don't roll over at all, but I'm pretty sure that's because you never get the opportunity! Ha! The only time you spend laying down, you're asleep. The second I try to lay you down, you have two of your biggest fans all in your face. You'll roll over one day. I have started sitting you up sometimes so that you can look around. You have really good balance. You can sit by yourself for several seconds before toppling over. You look like such a big girl sitting up!

Sweet girl, we love and enjoy you so much. You are such an important member of our family, and you make all of us so happy with your precious smiles and giggles. You're a joy, Lainey girl!


Someone wasn't in the mood for pictures. How pitiful is this face?!

Look at that tear! If looks could kill.... haha! "Would you please put that camera down and pick me up already?"

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