Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week in Review: Hot and Grumpy

Well.... last week wasn't the best. Our downstairs air went out on Monday, and it was out ALL week. Thankfully, the upstairs unit was still working, so the kids' rooms were nice and cool, but we spend most of our time downstairs, so it was pretty miserable. I'll be honest and say that I'm one of those people who get pretty grumpy when they're hot. Plus, Aubrey threw up on Monday, David felt sick the end of the week, and Alaina decided not to nap in her bed for longer than 20 minutes at a time. Ughh. Not to mention the fact that Aubrey and Jude have entered a stage where they're fighting like cats and dogs about 90% of the time. The screaming and yelling about sends me over the edge. I hate to be such a complainer, because the week definitely wasn't ALL bad, but I'm just being honest, and it wasn't my finest week. By the end, I was completely frazzled, and my fuse was pretty short. I'm praying for a better week (or at least a better attitude!) this week!!

Sunday: We got ready and went to church.
Silly boy is wearing some of his breakfast
What's so funny?
 David and I had nursery duty in Alaina's room that morning. That went fine, and we enjoyed the sweet babies :) We went to Sunday School after that, and then we came home and I cooked lunch. We ate, and then we took naps. We went back to church that evening, we went to eat at Newk's after church. They took forever to get our food to us, but we ended up getting a free piece of cake out of the deal ;) The kids were restless and fussy, though, so I'm not sure it was worth it. When we got home, we put them all right to bed. I got on the internet for a while, and then David and I went to bed.

Monday: Oh my, this turned into a long day. It started off fine with a Morning Meeting and getting ready to go to the gym. I took the kids to my mom's and worked out. When I went to pick them up, we stayed for a little while before we headed home. Aubrey was just being a pill. I felt like I spent the whole morning just getting on to her for different things. Alaina was fussy and didn't want to be put down. It was finally naptime, and I was more than ready to get the kids all in bed. Except Alaina didn't want to nap. She would wake up and start fussing every time I put her in bed and came downstairs. So I would go back up to her room to soothe her and get her back to sleep. Rinse and repeat. Aubrey was being really whiny and kept calling me up to her room, too. I noticed I was really hot, but I thought it was just because I was up and down the stairs so much. I went to adjust the air, and I noticed that it was almost 80 degrees in the house, and the air didn't seem to be working. I called David and told him, and he called our home warranty company to get someone to come fix it. Meanwhile, between all the running up and down the stairs and feeling on the verge of a heat stroke, I was trying to read my book club book for the next day. I finally gave up and just got Alaina up. Aubrey woke up crying that her stomach was hurting. I did everything I knew to do, and she was still just crying. Jude woke up, and we all came downstairs. Aubrey just laid around and said her stomach wasn't feeling any better. Until she puked. Thankfully, she did make it to the bathroom sink. Yuck! By this point, I was SO hot, and I just felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown. Plus, I was worried about Aubrey because she had done the same thing (complained about her stomach, acted really lethargic, and then thrown up) the week before. I called David, and he decided to skip karate and come home. Good decision -- he could tell I was loosing it. Ha! Then I called Aubrey's doctor to see if I needed to have her checked out. The nurse wasn't alarmed, and she said to just watch her and see what happened. Aubrey said she felt completely fine after she threw up. David got home, and we were all so happy to see him! He took the kids, and I cooked breakfast for dinner. We ate dinner together, and things started to look up. We had a low-key evening, and then we put the kids to bed. I read a lot of my book club book before bed.

Tuesday: Sadly, I had to skip Bible Study since Aubrey had been sick. I hated to miss it because I knew it would have been good for all of us to get out of our hot house! The A/C people had called, and they weren't going to be able to come look at out air until THURSDAY :( David and I were supposed to host small group the next night, but we had to ask someone else to do it since our house was so hot. The kids and I hung out at home all morning. We played outside for a little while, and I got some housework done. I bathed the kids, and then we ate lunch. I put them down for naps, and I took a shower. Alaina didn't take a good nap. I spent a lot of time in and out of her room again. I did manage to finished my book club book. I got myself ready, and then Aubrey and Jude got up. Aubrey said her stomach hurt, and I got nervous that she was going to be sick again. She never was, though. I fixer her a snack, and she said it was better after that. She's been fine ever since, so hopefully whatever weird bug she had is gone for good.
Daddy and his girls :)
My loves :)
When David got home, I helped him get the kids ready, and then they left to go meet his parents for dinner. I had about an hour before I needed to leave for book club, and it was so nice to be home by myself in the quiet house. I got a few things done and finished getting ready, and then I left. Book club met at Keifer's, and it was so fun! There were only three of us there, but it was just so nice to get out. We discussed Mary Beth Chapman's book Choosing to See, and it was good. The book was SO sad, but I did enjoy it, and I'm glad I read it. When I got home, all the kids were in bed, and they had had a fun night. David and I talked about our evenings before going to bed.

Wednesday: As soon as everyone was up, I packed lunch for the kids, and we headed over to my mom's house. We needed to escape the heat! I went to the gym, and then we ate lunch at my mom's. We stayed over there until naptime, and then we came home. I got the kids down and took a shower. Alaina woke up several times, but she stayed in bed long enough for me to get some things done. I baked some chess squares to take to small group, and I got myself ready. David got home, and we got the kids ready, and we took them to my parents. They babysat them while David and I went to small group. We enjoyed it, and again, it was just nice to be out of our house since it was so hot. We had left our car at my parents' house, so they met us at our house with our kids. We visited with them for a minute, and then they went home and we got the kids to bed. I got on the internet for a little while and went to bed.

Thursday: Someone was finally coming to fix our air! They were supposed to come between 9 and 1, so I needed to be home. Sarah Denley and her kids were coming over, and I felt bad that our house was going to be hot, but they're used to a slightly warm home ;) They picked up a pizza for me on their way, and the repair man got here shortly before they did. It didn't take him long to determine what was wrong, but unfortunately, he was going to have to get a part and wasn't able to fix it that day. Ughhh. We still had fun with the Herringtons, in spite of the heat. Jude is kind of a bully around Graves lately, though. I don't know what the deal is -- it's almost like he's totally being an alpha male. Ha! Anyway, it wears me out because I have to follow him around everywhere to make sure he doesn't snatch a toy from Graves, push him over, or even hit him! Poor Baby Graves. It's sad, because Jude really is a sweet child, and I hate that he's ugly to his little friend :( Hopefully that stage will end soon and I will be able to enjoy our play dates more! When they left, I put the kids all down for naps, but no one slept well. That was super frustrating. Especially with Jude because I knew he was SO tired. When David finally got home, I was quite happy ;) We got the kids ready and left to go eat dinner at my grandmother's house. It was my dad's birthday, so we were celebrating! :) We had fun over there. The kids had fun playing hide and go seek with the uncles. Jude had ice cream for dinner. Lovely. We came home for bed, and the kids went right down. It was so warm downstairs, and I was about OVER the heat :/

Friday: I got up and took a shower that morning, and then I got us all ready. I took the kids over to my mom's because I had an appointment to get my hair done. David called to tell me that he had felt sick the night before and still wasn't feeling great. I figured he probably had the weird bug Aubrey had had. I enjoyed my hair appointment -- it's always nice to get a trim and visit with my cousin, Devin, who does my hair :) When I finished, I drove through Chick-Fil-A to get lunch for us and my brothers. I took it back to my parents' house, and we ate. I fed Alaina, and then I went to Monogram Express because they were having a sale. I got a lunchbox for Aubrey to take to school. *sniff sniff* I went back to my mom's and got the kids, and we headed home. It was pretty late by this point, so I put them right down when we got home. It didn't go so well. David got home, and he was feeling better, so he ate a little rice. He still felt fine, so we went to dinner. I couldn't stay home in the heat all night. We ate at Sweet Pepper's, and then we walked to Fresh Market. I got some groceries, and we came home. We put the kids to bed, and David and I watched The Dark Knight. Hopefully we'll get to see the new Batman movie soon! It was late when the movie went off, and we went to bed.

Saturday: The A/C man was coming to fix our air that morning! Yay!! I decided to take Aubrey and Jude to the Farmer's Market, and David was going to stay home with Alaina and wait for the repair man. By the time we got to the Farmer's Market, it was close to 10. They were out of glass bottled milk, so I had to get plastic. Then when I was putting the milk in our cooler, I somehow managed to pinch the fire out of my arm. Seriously, I have a disgusting bruise. We went back in to get breakfast, and they were out of grits, which is the main thing that the kids like to eat. We got eggs and biscuits, and Jude promptly threw his biscuit on the floor. But then I let him eat it anyway. Yuck, I know. After all that, I was about ready to get home. On the way home, Aubrey and Jude got into a big screaming fight over an umbrella. I stopped and took it away from both of them. I decided never to go to the Farmer's Market without David again ;) When we got home, Alaina was waking up from a nap fussing, and David was in the attic with the repair man. Aubrey and Jude refused to let me get them out of their carseats, and they both wanted David. That wasn't a battle I felt like fighting, so I went and found him. He got them out, but then he needed to go back up with the A/C guy, and Aubrey and Jude couldn't go into the attic, so they had a meltdown. I was so frazzled and stressed out by that point. I fed Alaina, and the guy got our air fixed (praise the LORD!) and left. David and I got the kids' lunch fixed and we all ate. Then Aubrey and Jude went down for their naps, and I made a grocery list. I tried to put Alaina down, but she wasn't going for it. I got so frustrated, and I told David that I just needed to let him handle it and go take a breather. He did, so I went to Tuesday Morning and Kroger. When I got home, I was feeling better, and I was excited because we had a double date with the Herringtons that night. I needed it after the week I had had! David had managed to get Alaina to sleep, so I took a shower and started getting ready. David took a shower, and I noticed that he was kind of quiet, so I asked him why, and he was apparently feeling gross again. We decided that we should probably cancel our date that night, and I knew that was the right thing to do so that we wouldn't expose the Herringtons to potential germs, but I was SO disappointed. I literally had an epic meltdown over it, I'm ashamed to say. I felt like all the stress of the week just caught up with me, and I was literally in tears over how stressed out I was and how sad I was to not have a fun night out. It wasn't my finest moment :( I called my mom to tell her that she didn't have to babysit after all, and then I texted SD. David could see that I was in a state (it didn't take a genius to figure that out -- ha), and he told me that I should still get out. He felt fine to take care of the kids. So SD and I decided to have a girls' night instead of a date night :) I finished getting ready, fed Alaina, and met SD at Mellow Mushroom. We had SO much fun, and it was so good for me to get out and talk to SD. After hours of conversation (literally -- we were there until midnight), I felt like a new woman ;) When I got home, David had just woken up and realized I wasn't home. He was about to call me because he was worried. Aubrey and Jude both woke up fussing after I got home, so I went to their rooms, pumped, and went to bed.


The Niemeyer Nest said...

I just love your honesty! We all have days like that. Have you read Unglued Mama by Lysa? It is so amazing! She says our feelings are indicators not dictators which has helped me so much!

Whitney said...

I completely understand! I'm sorry it was a tough week. I can't believe how long you were without air. That's horrible when everyone and everything else is perfect. Today I was listening to The Message station in the car, and their commercial said, "When you feel you're down to nothing, God is up to something." I know these kinds of days and weeks will return, so I hope to keep that thought in my mind!

Amy said...

i love your honesty, too! probably because this makes your life sound a lot like mine. and girl, i don't know how you did it with your air out! i would have been "mean momma" for sure! i get grouchy just getting the kids in and out of the car in the heat. i don't know how i would have made it in the house with no a/c. hope this week is less eventful and runs a little smoother (and healthier!) for y'all :)