Thursday, August 23, 2012

Week in Review: Girls' Trip!

I hate that all I'm blogging lately are my Week in Review posts. I just feel like we've been in a busy/sick phase lately, and blogging has just been put on the back burner. One of these days, I'll get back into my blogging groove, but until then, I'm just doing the bare minimum ;) Last week was a good week. And the weekend was even better! Sarah Denley and I went to Missouri to visit Ashley. We had SUCH a great time. I think we all needed the girl time, and we just talked and talked and talked :) (My laptop is not currently working -- I have no clue what the problem is -- and the desktop is way too slow to upload pictures. I'll post the pictures from this week later.)

Sunday: Alaina was still coughing, so I stayed home from church with her that morning. David took the older two kids to church. I helped him get them ready, and then Alaina and I just hung out at home. She went down for a nap, and I was able to get myself ready to go to lunch at my grandmother's house. I got her dressed, and then we left to meet David, Aubrey, and Jude, and my family for lunch. We had fun! After lunch, we came home and put the kids down for naps. Jude never would go to sleep. David had picked up our new couch from the estate sale, so he and I brought that in while the kids were resting. We tried to move our old couch into our bedroom, but it wouldn't fit through the door :( We did lots of moving and arranging, and that took the whole afternoon. We were hoping to all go to church that night, but Jude didn't seem to be feeling well when he got up from his rest, and Alaina was still questionable. David decided to stay home with Jude and Alaina, and Aubrey and I went to church. We had a good worship service, and then we stopped at Newk's and picked up dinner. When we got home, we ate and got the kids to bed, and then David and I worked some more on getting our house put back together and getting the couch situation all figured out.

Monday: I was hosting Bunco the next day, so I had a LOT to get done. I put chicken in the crockpot that morning, and then I worked on cleaning the house as much as I could while also taking care of the kids. That was pretty much the theme of the day :) After lunch, I put the kids down for naps, and I was able to get more done. My mom and brother came over that afternoon, and I was able to fix the dessert for Bunco, and I went to the grocery store. When I got home, I cooked dinner and we ate. My mom and brother left after dinner. The rest of the evening, we played and waited for David to get home. When he did, we got the kids to bed, and I straightened up some more before bed.

Tuesday: This was a BUSY day. Alaina and Jude had checkups that afternoon, so naptime wasn't going to happen. I decided to skip Bible Study to try to get as much done as possible before their checkups. I bathed the kids and worked on getting everything ready for Bunco. I got myself ready while Alaina took a morning nap, and then we ate lunch. We went to the doctor after lunch, and everything went well. Alaina's chest was clear, so the doctor said we could stop doing breathing treatments. That was good to hear! Her ear was still infected, but she hadn't been on the antibiotic very long at that point. She was doing great developmentally :) So was Jude! He had his two year old checkup, and he is right on track. He didn't even cry when he got his finger pricked. After the appointments, we came back home, and my mom came over again. David got home a little early and cut the grass. I fixed chicken salad and cuscous while my mom entertained the kids. Then I made fruit salad. When David finished in the yard, he took the kids and went to meet his parents for dinner. My mom and I finished last minute stuff, and then my Bunco friends arrived. We ate and played Bunco, and we had a lot of fun! Everything went well. Hosting is always so much work, so I'm glad I'm done for the year ;) David got home with the kids before everyone left, but he took them upstairs and we didn't hear a peep. When they had finished dinner, Alaina was hungry, but he didn't want to bring the kids back in the middle of Bunco, so he had taken them to Target to try to warm up Alaina's bottle in the sink. The water wouldn't get warm, she was starving, and he was stressed, so he just came on home. I felt SO bad for him! I told him he should have come home sooner! He was so so sweet to try to avoid interrupting Bunco, though! Anyway, after everyone left, David and I got the kids to bed and talked for a while before going to bed.

Wednesday: After the craziness of the day before, we needed a day at home! We had a very low-key day. We played all morning, and then we ate lunch. While the kids napped, I got ready for church. That afternoon, I got the kids ready, and David came home to ride to church with us. This was our first Wednesday night back after not meeting all summer. It was fun to be back! We ate dinner at church, and then we had a music program. The music was just kind of in the background, and we were able to fellowship while it was going on. It was nice. After it was over, we got the kids from the nursery and came home for bed. When we got the kids to bed, I got on the internet for a while.

Thursday: David took my car to get the oil changed that morning, so we were stuck at home all day. We did more of the same as the day before. The kids watched a movie and played, and I got some of my stuff ready for my trip. We ate lunch, and I put the kids down for naps. Jude would NOT go to sleep. He was in his bed for 2 hours awake. Between going up the stairs to check on him, I started packing and got myself ready. After 2 hours, I went up to get Aubrey and Jude, and Jude and gone to sleep. So Aubrey, Alaina, and I came downstairs and we let Jude nap. Aubrey and I worked on some memory work and sang some songs. I straightened up the house, and then I got Jude up when it stared to get late. When David got home, we ate leftovers for dinner. I then ran to the grocery store to get some food for them to have that weekend while I was gone. When I got home, we tried to get the kids to bed. Alaina took FOREVER to fall asleep, which never happens. And of course it happened on the night that I had a ton to get done. I finally had to ask David to get her to sleep so that I could pack. I got my stuff together and fixed some pesto pasta for David and Aubrey and Jude to eat that weekend, and we got to bed late.

Friday: When I woke up that morning, it was STORMING. SD and I texted about maybe leaving later, but thankfully it cleared up. I was glad because I'm not a fan of driving in heavy rain. I got ready and got Alaina ready, and we said goodbye to David and Aubrey and Jude. I was sad to leave then! Alaina and I left and picked up Sarah Denley. She got her stuff loaded up, and we hit the road around 9:30. The trip was actually pretty pleasant! I was SO nervous about how Alaina would do because she isn't typically a big fan of the car. I was so pleasantly surprised :) She cried a little, but not too bad and not for really long stretches. We stopped for lunch and I fed her, and then she slept for a nice long stretch. SD and I had plenty to discuss to keep from getting too bored ;) We stopped again for gas, and I fed Alaina again so that we wouldn't have to make another stop. We arrived at Ashley's house that afternoon, and we were so excited to be there! Her kids were napping, so we sat on her couch and immediately started talking. Ha! We freshened up after a while, and we went to dinner at an Italian place. It was SO GOOD! Alaina got really fussy though, because she was exhausted. We stopped by Ashley's parents' house to pick up an air mattress, and then we went back to her house. I got Alaina ready for bed and fed her. She passed out easily, and she ended up sleeping really well! Ashley, SD, and I stayed up WAY late talking :)

Saturday: Alaina was up fairly early, but she did doze back off after a while. We got up and got ready that morning, and then we went downtown for lunch. We went to a super cute store to shop after lunch. Ashely had gotten us giftcards, and SD and I both found lots to choose from :) We made a Target run next, and I fed Alaina in the dressing room. We were feeling the need for a snack, so we went to a cheesecake place, and it was delish! When we got back to Ashley's house, Alaina napped in my arms. We talked all afternoon, and then we went to a Japanese place for dinner. It was so fun! We went back to Ashley's that night for more girl talk and another super late night :)

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You have a lot on your plate! I am impressed you are able to do weekly updates. It's hard for me too and if my family saw my kids - then blogging would take a backseat for me too.