Friday, August 10, 2012

Flashback Friday: Two Year Old Aubrey

The other day, Aubrey asked to see pictures of herself from when she was a baby like Alaina. So, we looked at old pictures (and that's a whole other post... I need to do some comparison pictures!). And then that lead us to watch old home videos. Aubrey, Jude, and I had so much fun watching videos from when Aubrey was about Jude's age. I just thought these videos were SOOO cute, that I wanted to post one :) This video is from November 2010, so Aubrey is about 26 months old (about one month older than Jude is now).

A couple of observations about the video:
-Aubrey was SUCH a talker! I've always said that she was an extremely verbal child, but I was shocked at how much she was talking in this video. Jude doesn't talk nearly that much yet. Granted, she's a month older, and a lot of language development can happen in a month. I'm not trying to compare them, because I think Jude is talking plenty, and his talking is "normal" for his age. It's just fun to observe the differences between the two of them. I know a lot of it is probably a girl vs. boy and a first child vs. second child thing, but I wonder how much of it is personality too.
-Gosh, Aubrey was such a baby in this video. Seriously, after watching it, I felt all sentimental and somber for a while. I guess you just don't really realize how much your child has grown until you see something from when they were younger. Watching the video was kind of bittersweet, because it made me realize how quickly Aubrey went from that little baby to the big girl she is today. It's sad to think about how fast our babies grow up. However, it's also sweet because I LOVE the big girl she has grown into. But, then again, it's a little sad because I know that in the blink of an eye, I'll be watching videos of 3 1/2 year old Aubrey and thinking about how little she seems and wondering where the time went. See? Home videos bring out the somber side of me! ;)

Anyway, here's the video of my sweet baby girl!

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The Williams Family said...

How precious! Seems like only yesterday you were that sweet 2 year old.