Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week in Review: VBS 2012

Last week was SO BUSY! I love VBS week, though. It's always so fun to be around adults and have adult interaction everyday, and I love our church. Plus, y'all probably know by now that I love staying busy. However, by the end of the week, I felt like I had not had much time with my babies at all, and I was really starting to miss them and our normal routine. So, as much fun as we had, it's nice to be back to normal this week. *By the way, Jude decided it would be fun to dump water all over my laptop this afternoon, so it is currently drying out. Ugh. I don't want to upload pictures from the desktop because it's slow, so I will add pictures later if there are any cute ones from last week.*

Sunday: That morning, we got up and got ready for church. We had to bathe the kids, so we were running a little late. We had a good morning at church, and we came home for me to cook lunch. We had tomato basil soup, and then we took naps. We had to stop for gas on the way to church that evening, so we were running late again. Aubrey has been going into night church with us lately since she's almost to old for the nursery, and this time she chose to stay through the whole service (we had been taking her to the nursery before the sermon), and she did great! She was very still and quiet :) After church, Rebekkah and I went to the kitchen and got a head start on VBS snacks for the next day. We mixed up some trail mix and bagged it up. I then fed Alaina before we left church, so our family were the last ones in the building. We stopped at Newk's on the way home for dinner, then we ran some shoes by the Herrington's house that they had left at our house the night before. I tried to go in Target after that, but it was already closed, so I had to go in Wal-Mart instead. We needed M&M's and popsicle sticks for VBS. By that point, it was past bedtime, and Alaina was screaming, so we rushed home and got the kids to bed. I ironed all our clothes for the next day and went to bed.

Monday: I had to be up EARLY to get us all ready for Bible School. Thankfully, David was helping with VBS recreation, so he was able to help me get the kids ready and leave home the same time we did. I wouldn't have been able to get us there anywhere NEAR on time without his help! Rebekkah and I got to work on the snacks and then delivered them. After we got everything delivered, I went to nurse Alaina. Then we worked on prepping snacks for the next day until VBS was over. After David finished with recreation, he took Jude to the chiropractor. Jude had just finished an antibiotic for an ear infection, but I was convinced his ear was still infected, because he kept pointing to it and saying "oww." (I know, I'm a genius for figuring that one out.) We wanted to try the chiro before doing another round of antibiotics. (And Jude's been fine ever since, by the way.) David then brought Jude back to the church before going to work. When VBS was over, I picked the kids up, and we rushed home for lunch and naps. Jude dozed off in the car, and then he took FOREVER to fall asleep in his bed when we got home. I was so tired and just wanted to take a nap, but I kept having to go upstairs and give Jude his pillow and blanket that he was throwing out of bed. He finally went to sleep, and I was able to doze for a little while. That evening, the kids and I went to Kroger to get stuff to make sandwiches. I wasn't in the mood to cook dinner ;) The kids ate sandwiches, and I had leftover soup. After dinner, I put the kids in the tub, and they ended up dumping CUPS of water out of the tub while I was undressing Alaina to put her in the tub. The bathroom was literally flooded, and I was so frustrated. I got them out and put their pajamas on, and then we just counted down the minutes until David got home. Ha! We put the kids to bed when he got here, and then I ironed our clothes and went to bed.

Tuesday: We got to Bible School, and I put the kids in the nursery and met Rebekkah in the kitchen. We were serving chocolate covered frozen bananas that day. We had frozen the bananas on sticks the day before, so we just had to dip them in chocolate that day. It took a while, but we got them done in the nick of time :) We delivered the snacks, and then I went and nursed Alaina. We didn't have as much prep to do for the next day, so we got to visit a little bit too, which was fun. Thankfully, Jude stayed awake in the car on the way home that day, so naptime was much better. Of course, I wasn't really wanting to take a nap that day. I watched a show on Hulu and then straightened up the house. I made some chicken salad for dinner that night, and then when David got home, I made some English muffins and quinoa to go with the chicken salad. We ate dinner, and then we just hung out at home and played the rest of the evening. We put the kids to bed that night, I got our clothes ready for the next day, and we  went to bed.

Wednesday: Once again, we got to VBS, I put the kids in the nursery, and I went to get snacks ready. Rebekkah had to go to a funeral, so I was on my own that day. We were just doing ice cream sandwiches and string cheese, though, so it was fine. I had a lot of youth group helpers when it was time to deliver all the snacks :) I fed Alaina, and then I got everything cleaned up from the snack delivery. I visited with some friends for a little while before getting the kids. I had packed a lunch, and we ate at church with my mom and a few other friends after VBS. After we ate, we loaded up and came home. I put the kids down for a nap, and then I took a nap too. I tell you what, I'd have to go to bed a lot earlier if I was getting up that early everyday! Seven or less hours of sleep doesn't really cut it for me ;) When David got home that afternoon, we got ourselves and the kids ready to go to dinner at some friends' house. A missionary couple was coming to talk to us about the work they are preparing to do, and several couples from our Sunday School class were there. They had gotten some youth group girls to come watch our kids, so we all had fun. I held Alaina during the missionaries talk, and she went to sleep. By the time we left, it was late. We got the kids to bed as quickly as possible when we got home. I got clothes ready and then we went to bed too.

Thursday: That day, we were doing cinnamon popcorn and popsicles for snacks, so we had to pop all the popcorn, put the cinnamon on it, and bag it up. We got it all done and then delivered the snacks. I fed Alaina, and then we got to work on Friday's snack. We were doing veggie/ranch cups, so I sliced all the veggies and Rebekkah put them in the cups with the Ranch. It was time to go home by the time we finished that. I got the kids, and we came home for lunch and naps. While the kids napped, I rested a little and did some picking up around the house. I have to be honest and admit that I just did the bare minimum as far as housework goes all week. I didn't do a single load of laundry, and I basically just tried to keep the house from looking like a tornado blew through ;) When David got home, we visited for a little while, and then my mom came over to pick me up for Bunco. (It's usually on Tuesdays, but we needed to move it to Thursday this month.) It was at Rebekkah's house, and it was her last Bunco because they're moving soon :( It was really fun though! I won a prize for last Bunco! I think we were all a little more subdued than usual, though, since it had been such a busy week. When I got home, David was holding Alaina, and she was asleep. She hadn't taken much of her bottle, so I nursed her before putting her in bed. David and I told each other about our nights, and then we went to bed.

Friday: This was the busiest day of the week! We went to VBS like normal, and Rebekkah and I made Ritz s'mores to go with our veggie cups. They were SO good, and I might have stolen one or ten ;) We delivered our snacks one last time, and then we cleaned up the kitchen. We washed all of our dishes and put everything away. It was kind of bittersweet, because that was my last time to do VBS snacks with Rebekkah. We work really well together, and I don't know what I'll do next year! :/ After VBS, I got the kids and fed them a lunch I had packed. I had been asked to help decorate for our VBS closing ceremony that evening, and there wasn't really time for me to come all the way home and then go back to church, so I had gotten a sweet girl from the youth group to watch the kids at church while I helped with the decorating. Before we started decorating, I went to lunch with two friends. We ate at Beagle Bagel, and it was so nice to just sit and relax with no kids :) I think that was my first lunch out with friends since Alaina was born. We made a Party City run after lunch, and then we went to church and got busy! I checked in on the kids a lot, and they were having tons of fun. I had to take a couple breaks to feed Alaina. She took a nap in a crib at church, so I was relieved about that. Aubrey and Jude didn't get any rest time, though. They were playing hard in spite of that. We got the decorating done just in time, and then I ended up needing to help serve pizza for the dinner. David and my parents took care of our kids while I was busy serving. The program was good, and we had LOTS of visitors, which was great. Bible School is such a huge outreach for our church. The great majority of the kids who come are visitors. After the program, David and I headed home with our kids. I felt kind of guilty for not staying to help cleanup, but after being at the church literally all day, I knew my children needed to get home. They had been troopers! We put them right to bed, and then David and I called it a night too.

Saturday: As much as I wanted to get up at a decent time and all go to the Farmer's Market for breakfast, sleeping in was just too tempting and ultimately won. I put Alaina in the bed with me when she woke up around 7 and David got up with Aubrey. He ended up taking Aubrey and Jude to the Farmer's Market without me and Alaina. The two of us slept until almost 10! It was nice :) I called David, and they were at the park. They came home shortly after that and were filthy so David put them straight in the tub. We had a low-key day at home after that. As much as I enjoyed sleeping late, I kind of felt like I had wasted the day, and I'm going to try not to sleep so late in the future. David went out to mow the grass after we got the kids started on lunch. I then put them down for naps and took a shower. Alaina kept fussing, so I finally just went and got her and held her for a while. When she was good and asleep, I transferred her to her bed, but then it was almost time for her to eat again. David came inside, I fed Alaina, and then I went to Home Goods and TJ Maxx. It was nice to get out of the house for a little while, but I didn't buy anything. When I got home, I made a grocery list, and then we went to eat Mexican for dinner. We stopped at Kroger on the way home and got our groceries for the week. I kind of had a meltdown when I was picking out the kids' church clothes for the next day because the dress that I wanted Aubrey to wear (that she's worn ONCE) was stained. It was so frustrating, but definitely not worth getting that upset over. I hate it when little, insignificant things bother me so much. Anyway, after the kids were in bed, I made some sourdough bread dough and left it to rise overnight. I tidied up the house a little and went to bed.


The Niemeyer Nest said...

I appreciate you posting about your frustrations as a mother. It's the little things that get me too. Water on the computer would make me mad but a stain on a dress might cause me to totally lose it. Little things happen all day, everyday while the big stuff usually only happens every few days.

A Little Indulgence said...

As a mom, your frustration may be normal. I love your being busy on a VBS week and I think if you see her on a communion girl dresses makes you feel peaceful for her.