Thursday, June 14, 2012


Oh my goodness, y'all. My sweet little three year old is boy crazy. What in the world? Isn't she WAYYY to young for this?! There are two guys in particular from church who she is quite infatuated with. One is about 12 and the other is maybe 18? Yeah, she likes older men, apparently.

We've had VBS this week, so Aubrey has been able to see these two "boys" quite a bit. When I ask her how her day at VBS went, these two boys are what she talks about! You should see her around them. She acts hilarious, and David and I can totally tell she's trying to "show off." She gets SO loud and hyper, and she starts yelling saying things like, "JUDE! YOU ARE SO SILLY!" or "ALAINA! HEY! HEY, ALAINA!" All while looking to make sure the boy is seeing her performance. Oh my. My mom even noticed Aubrey's unusual behavior when she was around one of these boys at church today. When we question Aubrey about either of these boys, she readily admits that she likes them and thinks they are SO handsome.

Yesterday, on the way home from VBS, I was asking Aubrey about her day. She mentioned one of the sweet girls who has been keeping her class in the nursery. I asked Aubrey if she liked this girl, and Aubrey said she didn't. I then asked her why she didn't like her, and I asked Aubrey if she wasn't sweet. Aubrey replied that, yes, this girl was sweet and nice. I then asked her why she didn't like her if she was sweet and even braided her hair that day. To which Aubrey replied, "I only like the handsome boys, Mommy." Ahh! Really, I can't decide if I think this is all hilarious, or if David and I should be scared of what's coming when this girl is a teenager! ;)

We do think it's pretty funny at this point. It's all totally innocent and cute. The most exciting this that's happened to Aubrey all week is that one of the boys that she's crushing on (the 12 year old) chased her around the gym. So, it's totally just a case of little girl puppy love. It's definitely made for some laughs around here this week though. :)

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