Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Love You Because...

Aubrey, I love you because...

... you're my firstborn. You made me a mother.
... you are a natural leader. You often take charge of a situation and set the pace.
... you have a big personality and love being the center of attention sometimes.
... you are quiet and reserved in other situations, and you would rather watch than talk.
... you are the BEST big sister. It is literally the sweetest thing to watch you with your siblings.
... you are so nurturing. You take care of Jude and Alaina like a little Mama.
... you're so smart. You can memorize things so easily and so well.
... you're you. And you're mine.

Jude, I love you because...

... you're my son. My little boy.
... you have an easy smile that lights up a room. You are SUCH a happy child.
... you're so affectionate, and I can almost always get a kiss or a hug from you. are all boy. You're rough and tumble and loud and dirty :)
... you have a tender heart, and you're SO sweet. look up to and copy your big sister, and you're so sweet and gentle with your little sister.
... you are learning new things everyday, and communicating with you is so fun!'re you. And you're mine.

Alaina, I love you because...'re my little one. My baby. smile and kick in excitement every time I go to get you out of bed.
... you "talk" to me so sweetly and we have very important conversations.
... you seem to like sleep as much a I do! ;)
... you're completely dependent on me for for everything right now. I love that you need me so much.
... you love it when I hold you. I think I'm your favorite :)
... you're squishy and cuddly and loveable.
... you're you. And you're mine.

The best part is that, as the days and years go by, my love only grows for each one of you. I find new reasons to love you everyday.


Nathalie said...

Beautiful post! It's so easy to love our children and everything about them!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Oh, I might have to steal this idea for my blog! There is so much to love about these precious gifts from God! I never knew that my love would grow to the point that it feels like my heart might explode.

Whitney said...

I love this! I'm with Jennifer and may have to steal this too. What a wonderful thing to do every so often.

Sarah Denley said...

OMW, love. You know posts like this are my favorite. So perfect.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you made me cry. I know I'm a essentially a stranger, but for a 34 yr old single, it's such a blessing to watch your children grow up via your blog :)
Monika Halle