Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week in Review: School Meetings, VBS Prep, and Company

We are in full-fledge VBS mode over here this week! We're having fun, but it's just crazy busy. So, my recap of last week will probably be brief. I hope y'all aren't too disappointed ;)

Sunday: The kids were finally all well, and we were able to all go to church together for the first time in two weeks! Yay :)
Ready for church!
We had lunch at my grandmother's house with my family after church. That was fun :) When we got home, we put the kids down for their naps, I took a nap, and then we went back to church that evening. We came home after church and ate dinner before putting the kids to bed.

Monday: When we got up, we ate breakfast, and I took a shower and straightened up the house because SD and her kids were coming over. I was running SO late that morning for some reason. Thirty minutes before they were supposed to get here, I was in my robe with wet hair, the kids were all in their pj's, and my house was a wreck. Ha! I pulled us all together somehow, and I think I was getting dressed about the time the Herringtons pulled into the driveway ;) We had a fun visit! After they went home, I got the kids down for naps, and I cleaned up the mess from earlier. I cooked dinner that evening, and I bathed the kids after we ate. We then just hung out and played until David got home. We got the kids to bed, and I finished reading my chapters for Bible Study the next day before bed.

Tuesday: I got us all ready for Bible Study and packed lunch. We had a good study. It was our first week to officially start our summer study, and I enjoyed it. After Bible Study, Rebekkah and I ate lunch at church with our kids so that we could discuss VBS snacks. She and I are in charge of the VBS snacks for the kids, and we needed to decided what we wanted to serve and make a grocery list. We got that taken care of while our kids ate and played, and then we came home. The kids napped, and I just chilled out for a little while before I had to get ready to go to a curriculum meeting at Aubrey's school (that's so weird to say!). My mom and grandmother came over to keep the kids, and I met David there. The meeting went well, and I'm excited about homeschooling along with this school program :) After the meeting, I stopped at McAlister's to get a drink, and then I ran by the library on the way home. When I got home, I fed Alaina and then cooked dinner. We ate supper and then just played the rest of the evening until bedtime.

Wednesday: The kids and I got ready, and then we went to my parents' house so that I could go to the gym for the first time in a while. It was good to be back! I picked the kids up, and we came home for lunch and naps. While they slept, I took a shower and got ready for church. When David got home, we all went to church together. We had pizza at church, and then we just decorated for VBS. It was fun, and we got a lot done. We were there pretty late, and we put the kids right to bed when we got home.

Thursday: The kids and I had a pretty low-key morning at home. I bathed Aubrey and Jude while Alaina napped. Then we ate lunch, and I put Jude down for a nap. We had an individual meeting at Aubrey's school that afternoon, and Aubrey was going to that with me. I got her all ready, and my mom came over to stay with the two littles. Aubrey and I left, and David met us there again. The meeting went well. We were going back and forth on whether to put Aubrey in the 3 or 4 year old class (she turns 4 two days after school starts, and since this is a homeschool program, they don't have strict age cutoffs). We ultimately decided to put her in the 3 year old class. That's where she would be if she was going to a "traditional" school and I'd rather her be the oldest child in her class than the youngest. I feel good about our decision :)
I can't believe we're already making school decisions for this sweet girl. She was JUST born.
After our meeting, David went back to work for a little while, and Aubrey and I stopped at Sonic and got a drink, and then we ran in Kroger. My mom left when we got home, and then I started cooking dinner when David got home. We ate together, and then Rebekkah picked me up so that we could go to Sam's and get everything we needed for VBS. It ended up taking quite a while in Sam's, but we got everything we needed, and we managed to have fun in the process :) We needed to take everything we bought to church because neither of us had room in our refrigerators to store the things we needed to store. It had gotten pretty late, though, and our church was dark and empty. We were a little nervous and jumpy, and I think we did the quickest unload in history. Ha! We were fine, thankfully, and made it home safe and sound :) The kids were all in bed when I got home, and I talked to David for a while before we went to bed.

Friday: We went over to my parents' house again, and I worked out. After the gym, I visited with my mom for a bit, and then the kids and I came home.
While we were at my parents' house, my mom and I trimmed Jude and Aubrey's hair. It was so little you can't even really tell, but I think my little man looks super handsome! :)
She looks beautiful too, but her trim was even less noticeable than Jude's. I think it's so funny that my 3 1/2 year old and my 22 month old got their first "haircuts" on the same day!
The kids napped and I showered and got ready. I straightened up the house, and then David came home for a little while. Our Sunday School class was having a men's shrimp boil that evening, so he left to go to that, and the kids and I met my mom, brother, Rebekkah, and her kids for dinner at Chick Fil A. We had fun! My brother took Aubrey to play in the play area while the rest of us finished eating and talking. After dinner, Alaina was really getting fussy, but I desperately needed to go to Target to get a new iron. (Mine broke, and I can't live without an iron.) I braved Target with a fussy baby, and I got my iron! ;) When we got home, I got all three kids in bed, and then I used my new iron to iron some dropcloths-turned-curtain panels. David got home while I was ironing, and we talked about our evenings. We went to bed pretty late.

Saturday: I got up around 8, which is earlier than usual for a Saturday, but I wanted us all to go to the Farmer's Market together. We got dressed and headed there. We bought milk and butter, and then we ate breakfast at the Farmer's Market. We saw a friend from church and her two little girls, and we visited for a while over breakfast. David ended up going outside with the kids while she and I chatted. After she left with her kids, I fed Alaina in the bathroom and then we got some eggs, blueberries, and flowers before leaving. We stopped at the organic grocery store on the way home. Alaina screamed the whole way home :( We fed the kids when we got home, and then we got them all down for naps.
 I made a grocery list and went to Kroger. When I got home, I unloaded the groceries and baked a cake. I then took a shower and got ready. When the kids got up, David bathed them, and I finished cleaning our house for company. That evening, the Herringtons came over for dinner. We grilled burgers and had so much fun! We put Jude to bed at his normal time, but Aubrey stayed up playing with Ann Peyton and Graves until they left at 11:15!
The girls enjoyed playing dress-up. This CRACKS me UP. You should have seen some of the things they dressed up in. Or not  ;)
David put Aubrey to bed immediately after our friends left and she was OUT as soon as her head hit the pillow. Alaina had been sleeping in my arms for hours, and I was nervous that she would wake up when I fed her and want to stay up, but she barely even roused while she was eating. I was so thankful!
I love holding this precious baby!
 David and I cleaned up the kitchen a little bit and went to bed late.

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