Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week in Review: The Sinus Infection That Just Won't Leave

Well, we survived the week, which felt like an accomplishment :) Having sick kids is tough, and none of us got a good nights sleep all week (Except for Alaina. She still slept great, thankfully.). I think the kids are finally feeling better, and I'm hoping that we will be back to normal this week!

Monday: We were home bound all day because David had driven my car to work so that he could get our carseats checked. Not that we would have been going anywhere anyway since Aubrey and Jude were sick. Thankfully, our carseats all checked out, and I feel better knowing they're safe the way we have them arranged in the car. We had an uneventful day at home.
How stinkin' ADORABLE is this baby?! LOVE HER.
 I read my book club book off and on all day. Aubrey had had croup the night before, but she seemed to be feeling totally fine during the day. Jude was a little under the weather, but not too bad. I thought we were on the mend at that point. I did LOTS of laundry all day. Our laundry basket was overflowing, and I got it emptied by the end of the day. We ate lunch and the kids took naps. I showered and got dressed and then read my book. When they woke up, Aubrey watched a movie while I cooked dinner, and Jude and Alaina were fussy. We ate, and then we watched Dancing with the Stars. Now that it's over, I don't know what our Monday night entertainment will be! David was a little late leaving karate, so I went ahead and put Jude to bed before he got home. He put Aubrey to bed as soon as he got home, and I got Alaina down. I finished my book club book before I went to bed. Whew -- 400 pages in 4 days!

Tuesday: Jude didn't seem to feel very well when we got up, and he had some fever. Aubrey had had croup in the night again, but she was feeling ok that morning.
 I knew a change of scenery would do us all good, so we went to to my parents' house (they don't care if the kids are sick -- haha!), and I went to the gym. It was honestly nice to be away for a little while. When I got back to my parents' house, Jude still had fever. We came home, and I gave him medicine and put him down for a nap. He slept ok. While the kids napped, I showered and got ready, and then I figured out discussion questions for book club that night (thank you, Google!). When David got home, I fixed some dinner for them, and then Rebekkah picked me up, and we went rode to book club together. We met at Newk's, and it was a lot of fun! We sat outside and ate and talked, and then we discussed our book. We had read Unbroken this month, and it is about a World War II veteran. That's not normally my "type" of book -- I'm usually a fiction girl -- but it was amazing. I would highly recommend it! We had good discussion and stayed fairly late. When I got home, I heard Aubrey crying upstairs, and David was up there with her. She was coughing SO badly. Thankfully, it was no longer a croupy cough, but she just couldn't stop coughing. That was the beginning of a LONG night. She barely got any sleep. David and I were just laying in bed listening to her cough over the monitor, and I finally went to sleep on the couch so that David could turn the monitor off and get some sleep. I went up to her room many times when her coughing turned to crying. She was so tired and just wanted to sleep, and I felt awful for her because there was really nothing I could do. We had prescription cough medicine that we had gotten from the pediatrician, but it wasn't touching this cough.

Wednesday: I went and got in bed around 5:30, and David got up. Morning came too early after my long night. The day was spent taking care of sick babies. Thankfully, Jude really had turned a corner and was feeling much better. His fever had broken, and he wasn't as grumpy. Aubrey was SO tired. I let her lay on the couch and watch two movies. We don't normally just lay around and watch TV, but she didn't feel up to anything else. I fixed an early lunch for Aubrey and Jude, and after she finished eating, she crawled under the table and went to sleep on the floor!
She had the chills and had to eat lunch with a blanket wrapped around her :(
My poor, sick baby!
  I carried her upstairs and put her in bed, and she was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. She was still coughing, but not as bad as the night before, and she was able to get some rest. She wasn't sleeping the whole time, but she stayed in bed for FIVE hours. Whoa. In the meantime, I had put Jude and Alaina down for naps too. I took a shower and got ready, and then Jude was up. I was debating on whether or not I should go to church that night. David had told me I should go, and he was completely fine staying home with Aubrey and Jude. I kind of felt bad leaving them when they were sick, but then I reminded myself that I don't have to feel guilty about leaving them with their dad :) He takes care of them just as good as I would! So, Alaina and I went to church and had a nice time. Being out of the house and around people did me good :) After church, some girls from my Sunday School class were having a little surprise get-together for one of our friend's birthdays. I was undecided about going, but I checked in with David and they were doing fine, so Alaina and I went. It was fun! We ate snacks and just sat around talking. It was a good little pick-me-up :) When I got home, Aubrey and Jude were in bed, and I got Alaina to sleep while I talked to David. They had ordered pizza and had a good night. Aubrey was coughing again, and this time David slept on the couch and let me sleep. Aubrey had a better night than she had the night before, and I was so thankful to get a solid night of sleep. I was so tired!

Thursday: Aubrey was feeling better, but she still was under the weather. She had gotten a little more sleep the night before, so that helped! I took the kids to my parents' house and went to the gym. When I finished there, I went to Hancock's to look for some fabric for a few little projects I'm doing around the house. I didn't get anything, but I got some ideas :) I went to pick the kids up, and we stayed and visited for a while. When we got home, I put the kids down for naps, and they slept fitfully. I was up and down the stairs several times. Aubrey woke up one time literally in tears saying her ear hurt. It was late in the afternoon at that point, but I decided right then that we'd be going to the doctor the next day. David got home early since he won't be volunteering teaching karate over the summer. It'll be so nice to have him home early! Aubrey was still upset about her ear, so we gave her Tylenol and she perked up.
Aubrey was singing Alaina to sleep :)
Tickle time!
  I cooked dinner while David took care of the kids, and then we ate together. We had a family devotion, played with the kids, and bathed them before bed. We got everyone asleep and went to bed early.

Friday: That morning, we called the doctor and got a appointment for Aubrey. I was able to take a shower and get ready before David left for work, so that was helpful. I got the kids ready, and we went to the pediatrician. Unfortunately, our doctor wasn't there that day, so we saw someone different. I was nervous about taking all three kids by myself, but they did much better than I expected. I never even got Alaina out of her seat, and there were no meltdowns from Jude. Success! ;) Aubrey's ear was slightly infected, and she was diagnosed with a sinus infection. We stopped at Target on the way home to pick up her antibiotic, and that went ok, too. When we got home, I gave Aubrey her medicine, fixed lunch for everyone, and put the kids down for naps. I straightened up around the house while they slept. Jude didn't take a very good nap. David got home that afternoon, and my parents called to see if we wanted to meet them for dinner. Aubrey was feeling better after her medicine and a nap, so we met them at Longhorn. It was good, and we had fun! Jude got a little restless, and I had to go feed Alaina in the bathroom at one point, but those things are just to be expected these days. When we finished dinner, we came home and put the kids to bed.

Saturday: David and Jude went to the Farmer's Market that morning to get us some milk, and Aubrey stayed home watching a movie. I fed Alaina and put her in bed with me, and we dozed back off. When I woke up, I was shocked to see that it was 10:00! Whoa! David and the kids were outside playing when I got up, and they came in so that we could talk. Jude had had a rough night and was grabbing his ears when we would go to his room to check on him. I got really worried that he had an ear infection, too, but he seemed better that morning. David and I talked about whether or not we should take him to the doctor, and we even called and talked to the nurse. She told us just to watch him since he didn't have fever. So, we just had a low-key day. We got lunch ready for the kids, and then we put them all down for naps. I took a shower and got ready, and I went to two fabric stores while they slept. I got some super cute fabric for my kitchen chairs, and it was on sale for $6 a yard! I was excited! When I got home, Alaina was awake, and David had had to give her a bottle. I fed her again because I didn't feel like pumping, and we got the other kids up. Jude was a GRUMP, and Aubrey wasn't much better. We had a rough afternoon/evening with lots of whining and crying :/ We needed a change of scenery, so we got BBQ for dinner and went to Kroger.
Jude has this random sock obsession lately, and he insisted on walking around the house like this.
 The kids did ok while we were out of the house. When we got home, I was unloading the groceries, and David and Aubrey and Jude went to the front yard. Aubrey ended up laying down in an ant bed and she gotten bitten all over her back and feet. Poor baby! She freaked out, of course. We felt so bad for her. We brought her in and put her in the tub, and then David put medicine on her bites. She finally calmed down, and we got the kids to bed. I enjoyed some peace and quiet before going to bed.

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Whitney said...

I hope everyone is better by now. Coughs are the worst, and it must be bad if the prescription cough syrup doesn't help. That was a miracle for Avery when Sam was born. We need Alaina to talk to Sam about napping and Sam to talk to Alaina about sitting contently! I need some of your positive outlook. You are so good remembering these are short seasons. I admire that so much about you!