Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random Ramblings

-So, how tired are y'all of hearing about how we've been sick? Yeah, yeah, I'm tired of it, too..... trust me!! Believe it or not, we had to take another trip to the pediatrician yesterday. In case you're not keeping track (hahahaha), that's 3 trips in less than 2 weeks. Ughh! Alaina had been a little congested, and she had a BAD night on Tuesday night. She was up off and on all night, and I could tell something was really bothering her. David eventually moved to the couch, and I put Alaina in the bed with me so that I wouldn't have to sit up in the rocking chair all night. I was convinced that her ears were infected, so I made an appointment for Wednesday afternoon. I decided to have Jude checked out too while we were there because he still had a lingering runny nose and cough. After almost 2 weeks of being sick, I felt like he should be over that. Turns out Alaina's ears were fine, and Jude's were infected! I was so glad I got him checked out! The doctor said Alaina just had the cold that we've all had and that she probably just felt achy and yuck from that. She said to just watch her to make sure she doesn't get worse or start running fever since she could definitely develop an ear infection, too. Jude is now on an antibiotic, and I can see an improvement after just a couple of doses. Alaina woke up a few times last night, but she stayed in her own bed all night, so it was a much better night! I'm praying that we're really on the mend this time. (How many times have I said that lately??) Thankfully, Aubrey has been fine since she started her antibiotic last week :)

-David and I are going on a date tomorrow night, and I'm so excited! After the past two weeks with fussy, sick babies, we need a night out! :) I'm not sure what we're going to do yet, but it doesn't even really matter!

-I've really tried to make eating healthy a priority lately. We aren't doing anything too crazy, but it can still be so overwhelming. I signed up for meal plans from this website, and that has made getting into this healthy lifestyle so much easier on me. The main thing I wanted to start with was cutting out processed foods from our diet. We didn't eat THAT many processed foods to begin with -- it's not like I was feeding my family TV dinners for supper or anything ;) But it's really crazy how much of our food is processed that we don't even realize (at least I didn't realize). I also wanted to cut back on the amount of sugar we eat. Again, we weren't having dessert after every meal or anything, but it seems like sugar is in everything. We are still going to have desserts from time to time, but I want it to be a special thing at our house rather than the rule :) The biggest thing that I've been experimenting with is sourdough. I was SO intimidated to try this, but some of my friends from church were doing it, so I figured I'd give it a try. So, I currently have sourdough starter in my fridge that I have to feed and take care of...... hahah! I've made sourdough biscuits so far, and next on my list is sourdough tortillas. I'm working up the nerve to try sourdough bread ;) It's kind of fun to play around with making different things! Anyway, I'm still in the learning stages of this type of cooking/eating, and I might blog more about this some other time. This is something I decided I wanted to do for my family because I feel like feeding my children the healthiest diet I'm able to is a great gift I can give them. However, I never want to sound condescending about any of this or make other people feel bad about the way they eat. Like I said, our diet is FAR from perfect, and I'm just easing into this :)

-I've really gotten the itch to make some changes around our house lately. I'm not talking about huge changes. Just little things here and there. It's not because I don't like our house; I just really think it's fun to change things up every so often :) The main thing I want to do is paint. I love painting because it's not a big investment when you do it yourself, and it makes such a big difference! I think I'm going to start with our kitchen cabinets. I'm also recovering the cushions on our kitchen chairs. Since this doesn't take a lot of fabric, it's also a relatively inexpensive change. Plus, our current cushions are GROSS :) That's what happens when you have little people eating on those cushions! I'll be sure to post pictures of any changes we make!

-We have VBS (our church calls it Arts and Sports Camp) not next week but the next. It's going to be a crazy week! I'm doing kids snacks, and I think it will be fun, but it's going to take a lot to get us all ready and out the door every morning for a week. I'm hoping this coming up week will be nice and low-key with no sick children before we jump into Bible School craziness! :)

I think that's enough randomness for now, agree? :)


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Hope everyone gets better soon. It is amazing how much sugar is in everything. I have cut out coke for 10 days because I formed a horrible habit off too many cokes when Henry was not sleeping well. I am so impressed that you are doing so many projects. It's a big deal for me to just empty the dishwasher.

Nathalie said...

Having sick kids (and a sick house!) is so tough. Everyone is fussy and not sleeping well... I hope things are back to normal for you soon!

I can imagine changing eating habits and making things healthier being overwhelming! Looking forward to hearing about your sourdough adventures.

I also love little changes around the house every once in a while. Feels like I haven't done anything here in so long! Although now that we're moving in less than a year I think I'll just focus on the new house :).