Friday, May 25, 2012

The Sickies

Oh my goodness, I'm so ready for my kids to be well! After a week of having the sickies, I'm just about over it. It started last Friday when Jude got croup. The croup went away and he was left with a nasty cold and fever. He felt pretty crummy for several days and was just a JOY to be around. Not. I felt really sad for him, because I knew he was such a grump because he felt bad. It wasn't fun, though. Thankfully, on Wednesday, he really turned a corner and seems to be feeling much better.

Aubrey came down with croup on Saturday night. Her croup was never as bad as Jude's, but when it went away, she had the same nasty cold. Unfortunately, she just hasn't been able to shake it. She has coughed and coughed and coughed every night. One night, I literally don't think she got ANY sleep. I slept on the couch so that David could get some rest, and I just listened to her coughing. The next day, Aubrey was exhausted. She laid down on the floor and went to sleep at one point. I took her up to her room to rest, and she stayed in bed for FIVE HOURS. I kept checking on her and asking if she wanted to get up, and she would just say, "No thanks." It was pitiful! Last night, she started crying and saying her ear hurt, so we took a trip to the doctor today. Her ear was slightly infected, so we started an antibiotic and HOPEFULLY we are on the road to recovery!! She actually seems better today except for the ear pain.

Last night, Alaina started sneezing and her nose is slightly runny....... ughh!!! So far, she is acting normal. No fever or coughing, and I am really praying she just has a runny nose and nothing else. If she starts coughing and waking up all night, it just might send me over the edge ;)

I really am thankful that Aubrey and Jude seem to be feeling better, and even if Alaina does end up with their colds, I know it's not the end of the world. David and I are just beyond ready to get a full nights sleep again. It's been a long week. You should see my house right now..... it's an absolute disaster! As a matter of fact, I should be cleaning it while the kids are napping instead of blogging. I miss blogging, though. I've just done such an awful job of updating regularly since Alaina was born.

I do have to say that I took all three kids to the pediatrician by myself this morning, and I'm pretty proud that we made it in and out with no major meltdowns! The doctor kept laughing at my "multi-tasking." I was talking to him about Aubrey's symptoms, holding Jude, and rocking Alaina's carseat with my foot. Apparently it was a funny sight :) After surviving the doctor's office and pharmacy with all three kids, I feel like I've been inducted into the "Mom of Three Club" or something ;) Surely if I can do that, I can find time to blog more, right?! :)


Whitney said...

So sorry everyone is sick. I hope Alaina will not get any worse. At least she is past the 2 month mark and those immunizations should be working. Are you still holding her a lot? How do you handle Aubrey and Jude when you are? Sam is fine when he's awake and rested but needs a lot of attention when he's tired which is frequent these days.great job having all 3 out. As I do more and more with 2, I see that it's hard to think about doing it and hard to do it, but then you get through it and feel good (or like you've been hit by a bus!).

Sarah Denley said...

I'm impressed you took all three by yourself! I dread taking two alone. And I can't wait to join your "club". One day!