Monday, June 4, 2012

Week in Review: Memorial Day, Ear Infections, and Projects

 Well, we ended up having another sick week :( I thought we were on the mend the beginning of the week, but we had to make another trip to the doctor on Wednesday. Since the kids were sick, we were all off our schedule, and I didn't get to the gym at all. Bummer! Thankfully, we really are all better now! I'm praying we stay well for a GOOD long stretch now!

Sunday: Sadly, the kids were still sick, so we couldn't all go to church. Aubrey was doing better since she was on an antibiotic, but since she had just gotten up when it was time for David to leave for church, she stayed home too. The kids and I had a normal morning at home. Aubrey watched Joseph and the King of Dreams. I got Alaina to take a nap, and then I made some hamburger patties for lunch. I took a shower and gave Aubrey and Jude a bath. When David got home, he grilled the hamburgers and we ate. I got Alaina down for another nap, and I took a nap too. When I got up, I put on makeup and got ready for church. Aubrey had been fine all day, so she and Alaina and I went to church. Jude still had a snotty nose, so David stayed home with him. The girls and I had a nice evening at church. We had fellowship time after the service, so we stayed for that for a little while. David and Jude had gone to get pizza for dinner, and they had a good evening too. David said it had been fun to have some guy time with just Jude, and I thought that was super cute :) We got all of the kids to bed and had a low-key evening.

Monday: David had the day off for Memorial Day. Yay! :) I got to sleep in a little bit, and then we hung out at home all morning. Some friends from church had invited us over that afternoon, but Jude still had a snotty nose. We debated on whether or not we should go, but Jude didn't have fever and seemed to feel fine, so we decided it would be ok. Our friends had mentioned that they were going to set up a kiddie pool for the kids to play in, but Aubrey and Jude didn't have bathing suits yet. So, I had to run out and get some for them. I had a hard time finding one for Jude, so I had to go to several stores. By the time I got home, we were running way late, and David still had to shower and we had to get the kids ready. I got pretty stressed out trying to get out the door, but we finally made it and it was fine that we were a little late. Several families from church were at our friends' house (including my parents), and we had a lot of fun! The kids had a BLAST playing in the water! I hate that we forgot to take our camera! We stayed until late evening. By that point, our children were pretty exhausted since we had skipped naps. In fact, Jude had a major meltdown on our way out the door, and we had to carry him to the car literally kicking and screaming. Slightly embarrassing :-/ He screamed most of the way home and finally fell asleep. When we got home, we gave him some dinner since had didn't eat much at our friends' house. Our kids were SO tired:

 David bathed Aubrey and Jude and then put them to bed while I got Alaina ready for bed and fed her. I then had to run to Kroger to get some fruit to take to Bible Study the next day. David hung some curtains in our dining room for me, and we went to bed fairly early. We had a fun day, but it was SO HOT, so we were drained :)

Tuesday: My Bible Study group was kicking off our study for the summer that morning. The kids and I managed to all get ready and get out the door a little early, which was a miracle. We have a MUCH larger group for our summer study than we do for our regular one during the school year, so there were lots of children in the nursery to play :) I enjoyed Bible Study! We are doing the book Resolutions for Women and I think it's going to be a good, practical study. After Bible Study was over, I fed Alaina in the nursery, and then we came home. The kids devoured the leftover fruit that I had taken to church and I fixed them more lunch, and then they took naps. While they slept, I got on the internet and enjoyed the quiet. I love Tuesdays and going to Bible Study, but it's always such a rush to get there and then get home for naps, that by the time the kids are down, I'm just ready to sit for a little while. Haha! When they woke up, we played and just hung out waiting for David to get home. I cooked dinner when he got here, and then we ate. Our evening was uneventful. Alaina was fussy, so I held her all evening. We finally got all the kids to bed, but Alaina ended up having a rough night.

Wednesday: Since Alaina is usually such a good sleeper, and since she had been fussy the night before, I decided to take her to the doctor. She had been sneezing and had a slight runny nose, so I was afraid her ears were infected. Jude had started coughing again and STILL had a runny nose (after 2 weeks), so I wanted to get him checked out too. Unfortunately, the earliest appointment we could get was 2:00. Right in the middle of naptime. I took it, though. That did give me plenty of time to get us all ready, so that was nice. Alaina was SO fussy, so I was glad I wasn't rushing to get us out the door. I got her down for a morning nap, and then I took a shower and got Aubrey and Jude in the bathtub. We ate lunch and finished getting ready, and then we headed to the doctor. Alaina ended up being fine. She had a low-grade fever, so the doctor said she just had a virus but to bring her back if she got any worse. Jude had a double ear infection! No wonder he just couldn't shake the cold. When we left the office, it was late and the kids were melting down. I called David and asked him to pick up Jude's medicine on his way home. David had a meeting at church that night, so that meant I was going to be home with the kids. No going to lie, I was pretty bummed to have to stay home from church AGAIN. I was just beyond ready for my kids to get well so that we could go back to our regular schedule! Since I knew it would probably be a long night, I put Jude down for a nap even though it was really late. I also put Aubrey in her room to rest, but I told her it was late and she should probably just play instead of sleep. She didn't take my advice ;) When David got home from work, I went to get myself a salad from Newk's before he needed to leave for church. As soon as I left, it started POURING and I didn't really want to get out, so I just drove through Chick-Fil-A instead. When I got home, we ate and David left for church. The evening wasn't as long as I had worried it would be. The kids were sweet, and David's meeting didn't take too long.
 David got home in time to put Aubrey and Jude to bed, and I got Alaina to sleep. Thankfully, she had a better night than she had the night before!

Thursday: I REALLY wanted to get out of the house, but I had a cough and wasn't really feeling up to the gym. I took the kids to my parents' house for a little while anyway, and I went to Home Depot and Hancock's. I found some fabric on clearance that I loved for my kitchen chairs. (Yes, I had already gotten fabric for those chairs, but I was worried it wouldn't be enough. I'm using it for my kitchen window instead.) I went to get the kids and we ate lunch at my parents' house. We came home for naps, and Jude didn't sleep well. I think his ears were still bothering him. I de-boned a chicken that afternoon that I had cooked in the crockpot, and then I cooked dinner when David got home. We had another low-key evening at home. We ate together and had a family devotion. Then the kids played until bedtime.

Friday: We stayed home all day, and I tried to catch up on some housework. I felt like my house was just a wreck, and that stresses me out so much. I gave the kids a bath and took a shower, and I got the house picked up. We ate lunch and took naps. Thankfully, everyone napped better that day. Jude's nose had stopped running, and I think he was FINALLY feeling better :) While they rested, I put on makeup and fixed my hair, and then I did some more cleaning. David and I were having a date night that evening, and I was excited :) My mom and grandmother came over to babysit, and David and I left :)
It was SO nice to be out alone. It had a been a long couple of weeks, so this night was much needed. We had a fun time, and we kept it low-key. We ate dinner at an Italian place, and then we walked around an outdoor mall and did some window shopping. We went in Barnes and Noble and stayed in there a while. We got several books for Aubrey and her summer homeschooling that we're planning on doing. David and I finished off the evening at Wal-Mart. So romantic! ;) When we got home, the kids were all asleep, but my mom said Alaina had been fussy :( She cried out while my mom and grandmother were still here, and David went to soothe her. When my mom and grandmother left, I needed to pump, but I waited a while to make sure Alaina wasn't going to wake up again. I ended up falling asleep on the couch. Alaina had been quiet for a good while, so I figured it was safe to go ahead and pump. Literally the minute I finished, she woke up fussing. Of course. I went upstairs and just gave her some of the bottle I had just pumped, and she went to sleep and stayed asleep the rest of the night after that.

Saturday: Alaina woke up at 6, and I fed her and put her back in bed. David got up with Aubrey and Jude at 7:30, and they went to the Farmer's Market. Alaina woke up for the day at 8:45, so the two of us got up. David and the other two were still at the Farmer's Market, so Alaina and I had the house to ourselves for a while. I decided I would attempt making some sourdough bread that day, so I got my starter out of the fridge and fed it. David and Aubrey and Jude got home, and both of the kids were having meltdowns. David said they had had a great time, and they had only gotten fussy on the way home. Who knows what that was about, but they did snap out of it. I put Alaina down for a nap, and David and Aubrey and Jude went outside so that David could clean off the brick on our back porch. I ironed some curtain panels, and it took FOREVER. Alaina woke up, so I had to stop. David and the kids came inside for lunch, and then Aubrey and Jude took naps. I put Alaina down for another nap, and then I took a shower and got ready. I ran to Bed, Bath, and Beyond while they were napping to get some drapery clips. When I got home, David was recovering our kitchen chairs! :)
 My sourdough starter was finally ready, so I made my dough and then put it in a bowl to let it rise. The kids were up by this point, so I made a grocery list, and we left to go eat dinner. We ate at McAlister's, and then we went to Kroger. We ended up having to go to two Krogers because the first one didn't have everything I needed. When we got home, it was bedtime, so we got all the kids right to bed. I divided my dough and put it in loaf pans, and then I let it rise overnight.
 I got on the internet for a while, and then we went to bed.

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