Friday, May 18, 2012

Aubrey's Quirks

Aubrey is constantly saying funny/sweet/clever things these days. She has such a fun personality. She is SO talkative at home, but she's gotten to where she is really shy/reserved when she gets around a lot of people. We're working with her on being polite and responding when people (especially adults) speak to her. It's ok to be shy, but we still have to be respectful! Right now, she has a typical "first child" personality. She is extremely bossy. She likes to be in charge when she plays with her little brother and little friends, and she is very literal and exact. But she's also so sweet and nurturing. She helps me so much with Jude -- she holds his hand and gets stuff for him if I'm busy with Alaina. She has a VERY active imagination. She plays independently so well. She stays in her room for "rest time" for about 2 hours everyday, and she just plays quietly (for the most part) and seems to be fine with having that time alone everyday. I can't believe how grown up she is these days! Here are a few funny things that she's said recently that I want to remember:

I was changing Jude's dirty diaper today, and Aubrey was being all dramatic about the smell. She said, "That smells SO gross! I can smell it all the way through my nose!"

Aubrey watched the movie Joseph and the King of Dreams for the first time the other day, and she asked lots of questions after it was over (she always does when she watches a movie for the first time). She wanted to know why Joseph's brothers didn't like him, and I explained that they were jealous because Joseph was their father's favorite. I then went into a big speech about how it's wrong for parents to have a favorite child, and parents make mistakes too, and Joseph's father shouldn't have had a favorite. She thought about that for a minute and then said, "Mommy, I'm not their father, but I kind of like Alaina a little bit better than Jude. But I don't! They're both my favorite." Ha! I guess she felt the need to confess ;)

She put a washcloth on her head today and told me that she was wearing sackcloth so that I couldn't see what color her hair was. I have no idea how she knows about sackcloth.

I have to admit that Aubrey is a little "boy crazy" right now ;) She picks these random guys and really seems to have little crushes on them. They're never little boys her own age, though. One of her recent favorites is Phillip Phillips from American Idol. She just thinks he is the bees knees. When he comes on TV, she suddenly starts acting all crazy hyper and rolling around on the floor, and I can tell she's totally trying to "show off." It's hilarious. She told me the other night that she was going to call him "Prince Phillip." Hahah! I feel like she is WAYYY to young for that! ;)

On that same note, my oldest brother recently got a drastic haircut. I was wondering how Aubrey would react, and she has been very into him since he got the haircut. She has been referring to him as "the uncle who got a haircut" instead of using his name. She told me that the uncle who got his haircut was her favorite uncle. Of course, those preferences change daily ;)

This isn't really funny, but it's more quirky. Aubrey has gotten into the habit of asking me or David what we did that was wrong that day. So we kind of have a little family confession time every so often. At first I thought it was kind of strange, but I now think it's actually a good thing.... we want Aubrey to know that we mess up too, and it's also a good way for us to be more aware of how much we actually do sin. I know it sounds kind of odd, but it's really been a good teaching tool. For example: "I got frustrated when you didn't eat your lunch, and I should have been more patient. I need to pray that God will give me more patience."Aubrey will then tell us about things that she did, like pushing or taking toys away from Jude. We are then able to point her to Jesus and tell her that she needs Him and that He forgives us when we mess up. We're praying the Lord is using these conversations to plant seeds in her heart.

Those are just a few things that immediately come to mind about my sweet Aubrey. I love her so much!


Sarah Denley said...

You know posts like this are my favorite! I espesially love the last paragraph. I know I say this all the time, but Aubrey reminds me SO much of little girl SD. I had a very strong conscious and (obviously) really liked to analyze and discuss things. I think it's so neat y'all didn't just dismiss this, but used it as an awesome teaching tool!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Evie would LOVE for me to tell her all that I do wrong. Aubrey sounds very similar to Evie. I am impressed that she stays in her room for so long without sleeping. Aubrey seems to be a great Mommy's helper. I need to pray for patience too. It's so hard to be patient especially when I am tired.

Nathalie said...

Aubrey's confession about liking Alaina more than Jude is so cute! I also think the family confession time is a great idea and a wonderful teaching tool! Not only does it teach them that we all make mistakes or do things wrong, it teaches them that it's ok (and good!) to talk about it and learn from it. Very cool!

Amy said...

i love these posts! aubrey is a hoot! she reminds me a lot of libbi. libbi is a chatty cathy at home, but has started being very reserved around others. she is very observant and watches and takes in everything - which can be tricky sometimes! :)
love that y'all encourage aubrey without squelching her little creative spirit. :)

Ashley said...

This whole thing made me smile so big! I think the sackcloth comment is my favorite. What a little Biblical scholar! Hahaha!