Monday, May 14, 2012

Week in Review: Just a Normal Week

We had a good week. It was normal. Pretty uneventful I don't have much else to add ;)

Sunday: We got everyone ready, and I put a roast in the crockpot for lunch. We went to church and Sunday School. Alaina did fairly well, but now that she's awake more, it's getting harder to make it through church or Sunday School without having to take her out. After church, we came home and ate lunch. Then we took our Sunday afternoon naps :) We went back to church that evening, and then we came home and ate leftovers for dinner. David and I got the kids to bed, and then I read before going to bed.  

Monday: That morning, we ate breakfast and got dressed. Then I took the kids to my parents' house and went to the gym. I had a good workout. I went to pick the kids up and fed them some lunch that I had packed to take to my parents' house. After they ate and we visited for a little while, we came home for naps. I put all three kids down, and then I took a shower. I did one load of laundry and had kind of a lazy afternoon. When the kids woke up, we went outside and played for a little while. Aubrey and Jude were bickering over a beach chair, and they just couldn't seem to share and get along, so we came back inside. They weren't too thrilled about that, but it was time for me to cook dinner anyway. Cooking dinner is always the most stressful part of the day when David isn't home to entertain the kids. Aubrey is hungry, Jude is whiny and clingy, and Alaina just wants to be held. Whew! I cooked tacos, and then we all ate. Aubrey and Jude (mostly Jude) made a HUGE mess, so I got that all cleaned up.
 Then I put them in the tub. When I got them out of the bathtub, we put pajamas on and watched Dancing with the Stars. Aubrey and Jude were SO hyper and crazy during this time, and I was happy to see David walk through the door! I was worn out! ;) He took Aubrey and Jude upstairs for bed, and I fed Alaina and enjoyed the QUIET. When I put her down, I read Divergent until bed.

Tuesday: We got ready for Bible Study when we got up. Jude was grumpy for some reason. I think it's partly because he's almost 2 and partly because he's teething. When we got to church, I dropped Aubrey and Jude off in the nursery, and then Alaina and I went to Circle. It was a good meeting, and Alaina slept in my arms the whole time :) When we got back to church, Aubrey and Jude were playing with my dad, and I fed Alaina before we headed home. Jude wasn't ready to leave, and he threw himself down, so I had to half drag him out of there while also carrying Alaina in her carseat. Ugh. I finally got everyone wrestled into their carseats, and we came home. I fed the kids some lunch, and then it was naptime! While they slept, I made up my bed, straightened up, and got on the internet. David got home before the kids woke up, and I ran to Kroger to get some tortillas since David and the kids were having leftovers for dinner while I was at Bunco. When I got home, everyone was up, and I got ready and fed Alaina.
My two month old baby girl
 Then I picked up Rebekkah and we went to Bunco. It was lots of fun, and some people were on fire that night! We had SO many Buncos. Sadly, I wasn't one of them. Haha! After a super fun evening, we came home. David had given Alaina a bottle, and she was asleep in his arms. He put her in bed, and we talked. I then pumped and went to bed.  

Wednesday: After breakfast, I got us dressed and ready to go to the gym. I dropped the kids off with my parents again and headed to the gym. I ran on the treadmill and did some weights, and then I went back to my parents' house. As soon as I walked through the door, Aubrey greeted me with, "I'm NOT leaving!" I missed her too ;) We stayed for a while, and then we came home for naptime. I took a shower and put a chicken in the crockpot for dinner the next night. I got ready and straightened up the house. When David got home, I was just giving the kids a bath. He helped me get them all ready, and we went to church. We ate dinner, and then I talked to friends until I needed to go feed Alaina. I got Aubrey and Jude out of the nursery, and we went to the gym until David finished up in a meeting. When we got home, it was late and we put the kids right to bed. I watched American Idol while I fed Alaina and got her to sleep. Then I de-boned the chicken I had cooked in the crockpot and started some stock. We went to bed shortly after that.  

Thursday: I cooked some homemade sausage that I had in the freezer for breakfast, and we all ate. Then the kids and I got ready and went to my parents' house and the gym. I ran to Kroger after my workout and then picked the kids up. I put them down for naps and took a shower. Then I did a lot around the house. I cleaned off the vanity in the master bathroom and wiped everything down. I cleaned the toilets and dusted. I also vacuumed. I was happy to get all that done before the kids woke up. When they were up, we played until I needed to start dinner.
 I cooked dinner and then David got home. We ate when he got home, and then he played with the kids until bedtime. I watched some American Idol and I finished my book before bed.

 Friday: David was taking Alaina to get her shots that morning. He's so sweet to take her; it stresses me out SO much, so it's a relief when he is able to take the kids when they need vaccines. I fed her and got her dressed, and they left. I took a shower and then put Aubrey and Jude in the bathtub while I put on makeup and got ready. I was able to straighten up and get the house presentable and get myself and Aubrey and Jude completely ready while David and Alaina were gone. It's so much easier to get things done without a baby, but we sure missed Alaina and were happy to have her back home :) David said she did fine with her shots. He left to go to work, and I fed Alaina and got her to sleep. Then Sarah Denley and her kids came over with Chick Fil A. We ate and the kids played and had a great time. Alaina woke up, and I could tell she was still sleepy, so I just held her while she slept and SD and I visited. When the Herringtons left, I put Aubrey and Jude in their rooms for naps. Alaina was kind of off her "schedule" so she was awake while the other two were sleeping. It was fine, though! I expected the shots to kind of throw things off. I held her and got on the internet and she fell asleep. David came home that afternoon, and we got the kids up and went to eat Mexican. Dinner got a little stressful. Alaina got fussy and salsa went everywhere and Aubrey and Jude were restless.... but we survived ;) We went to Lowes after dinner and looked at supplies for a little project I want to do. We stopped at Kroger and got a Redbox movie on our way home. David and I got the kids to bed, and then we watched The Vow. It was good, but I wasn't very happy with the ending. We went to bed when the movie was over.

Saturday: We had to be up early for a Saturday, because David and I were going to a meeting at the school where Aubrey will be going in the fall. My mom and grandmother came over to keep the kids for us. The meeting was great! It was all about how to have a productive summer with your child. We got lots of great ideas for things we can do with Aubrey this summer so that we can have some "lazy growth." Going to this meeting really made us feel good about our school decision. David and I are both excited about homeschooling and sending her to this school 2 days a week. I'm so excited that I get to be the one who is primarily teaching my child :) When we got out of the meeting, we came home and relieved the babysitters ;) The kids were eating lunch when we got here, and we talked to my mom and grandmother and then got all three kids down for naps. While they slept, I ran to a fabric store and to Hobby Lobby, and then I went to Kroger. I unloaded the groceries when I got home, and David put them up while I picked out clothes for the kids. I fed Alaina and we got the kids all ready, and we went to meet David's parents at Red Lobster for a Mother's Day dinner :) We had to wait forever, but the kids were good and we had fun. I had to go feed Alaina in the car towards the end of dinner. We went to David's parents' house for dessert after dinner. It was past the kids' bedtime, so we didn't get to stay too long. We put them right to bed when we got home, and then we went to bed after getting the house ready for company the next day.

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

I'd love for you to share the ideas from the meeting. Aubrey looks so big now. Two days of school works well for us. I had planned to do a lot more with her but have been sidetracked with Henry. Way to go on working out.