Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week in Review: New Normal

Whoa, this post is really late, and I thought about just skipping it this week because I haven't kept up with it at all. But I don't want to forget my first week at home by myself with three kids, so I'm just doing it late. It will probably be an abbreviated version, because all my days [and nights] are kind of running together at this point :-/ We are still doing well and adjusting fine! But having three very young kids is not all fun and games! ;) There have been some REALLY good moments and some really hard ones. But, all in all, our first week "back to normal" went smoothly.

Sunday: David, Aubrey, and Jude went to church, and I helped David get the kids ready.Grits on his face!

Alaina and I stayed home and rested. David picked up some lunch for us on his way home from church, and we all ate together and talked when they got home. That afternoon I took a nap, and it was much needed! David and the kids went back to church that night, and Alaina and I stayed home again. I was getting so antsy to be able to go back to church and all of our regular activities by this point. I was getting lonely just being at home. When the family got home, we fed the kids dinner, and then David put them to bed. I fed Alaina and got her ready for bed, and David and I went to bed early. I was still waking Alaina up every 3 hours at that point, but she slept pretty good between feedings.

Monday: It was back to work for David! I was kind of nervous about how the day would go, but it was fine. After breakfast, Aubrey watched a movie while I fed and held Alaina and Jude played. Then I put Alaina in the Moby wrap, and we all went outside to play. We stayed out for a good little while, and then we came inside for lunch. Alaina was fussy while I was fixing lunch for Aubrey and Jude, so I fed her while they ate. I put Aubrey and Jude down for their naps, and then I got Alaina to sleep in her swing and took a shower. I attempted a nap while the kids were sleeping, but Alaina kept waking up. I finally put her in the bed with me and just dozed for a little while. By that point, it was almost time for her to eat again, so I didn't get much of a nap. David had an appointment that afternoon, and he just came home after it was over, so he got home a little early. We didn't have anything here to eat, so we decided to venture out and get pizza for dinner. I got ready, and we left. It was our first outing as a family of 5, and it went well! Alaina slept and stayed in her carseat the whole time, so that was a relief. After dinner, I ran in Kroger to get some food, and then we came home just in time for Alaina's next feeding. We watched Dancing with the Stars while I fed Alaina, and then David took Alaina while I put Jude to bed. I took Alaina and got her ready for bed while David put Aubrey to bed.

Tuesday: Our day was very similar to the one before. We played outside again while Alaina napped in the Moby. We ate lunch at home and then it was naptime. No pictures, please!

I took a shower during naptime again, and I got Alaina to take a good nap in her swing. I wasn't feeling all that tired that day, so I didn't even attempt a nap. I straightened up the house and enjoyed the peace and quiet. David came home a little early again, because someone was coming to look at our deck and give us an estimate on refinishing it. Jude was still sleeping, but Aubrey, Alaina, David, and I went outside and talked to the man about the deck. We got Jude up when he left, and then a sweet friend from church came over to bring us some dinner. When she left, we ate our dinner, and it was so good! :) That evening, we just hung out and played with the kids until bedtime. Spending some quality time with Daddy ;) By the way, this is the only time she sleeps on her tummy.

David and I went to bed as soon as I got Alaina settled in for the night (Ha -- I should say "settled in for the next couple of hours.").

Wednesday: More of the same: we watched a movie, I wore Alaina in the Moby while we played outside, we ate lunch, and then it was naptime! I feel bad that I really look forward to naptime these days, but it's true ;) I took a shower, and then I just rested while everyone was asleep. When David got home, I got ready because Alaina and I were going to go to church that night! I was excited to be going back, because it had been about 6 weeks since I had been to church because of the bed rest. Of course, the night I decide to go back to church, it would be pouring down rain :-/ We all got ready and out the door on time, though, and it was so nice to be back! It was fun for all of our friends to meet Alaina for the first time, and Aubrey was SO proud to show her off. Ha! It was super cute. Thankfully, Alaina was sleeping in her carseat, so no one really got too close. We ate dinner at church, and then Aubrey and Jude went to the nursery, David went to a meeting, and Alaina and I stayed in the fellowship hall and talked to my mom and other people. I had to feed Alaina in the nursing room before we came home. When we got home, it was bedtime, so David put Aubrey and Jude to bed. I fed Alaina while watching American Idol, and then we went to bed.

Thursday: That morning, I went ahead and took a shower while David was still home, because I had a doctor's appointment that afternoon, so taking a shower during naptime wasn't an option. Our morning was low-key and uneventful. I put Alaina in the Moby while I put my makeup on and got ready. I fixed lunch for the kids, and then my mom and brothers came over to watch the children while I went to my doctor's appointment. I even left Alaina because I was hoping my appointment would be quick! It was kind of risky to not take her, but I knew it would be so much easier without her there. This was my first time to drive in ages, and it felt SO good! I felt like a bird out of it's cage. HAHA! I was just at the doctor for a blood pressure check, but I ended up having to wait quite a while. By the time they took my BP, I had been waiting almost an hour. I was stressed about being away from Alaina that long, so my blood pressure was right on the borderline. They waited a minute and rechecked it, and it had gone down a good bit. My doctor wasn't there, so I saw a nurse practitioner, and she said my blood pressure was fine. I am supposed to keep taking my medicine until my 6 week checkup, though. I was just glad to get out of there! I called my mom and she said Alaina was fine and had been sleeping the whole time, so I ran in Hobby Lobby for a few things. When I got home, Alaina was still sleeping, but I went ahead and woke her up to eat. My mom and brothers left and took Aubrey with them to get get some new shoes. She picked out blue sparkle Toms :) She wanted pink, but they didn't have her size. Jude and Alaina and I just played while they were gone. My mom brought Aubrey back home and stayed with us until David got home. A friend from church brought dinner that night. Aubrey had a meltdown while she was here, so that was slightly embarrassing :-/ When David got home, my mom left and we ate dinner. I watched American Idol that evening, and then we put the kids to bed and went to bed too.

Friday: Alaina had her 2 week checkup first thing that morning. David stayed home with Aubrey and Jude, and I took Alaina. Her checkup went well, and Alaina got a really good report! :) Two weeks old!

When we got home, David had straightened up the house. He left to go to work, and the kids and I just hung out. I got Aubrey and Jude dressed, and then Sarah Denley and her kids came over for lunch. They brought Chick Fil A with them, and we had so much fun hanging out and talking. I've missed our weekly dates SO much! They are going to be pretty crazy now, but that's ok! :) Aubrey loved having Ann Peyton over.Blurry picture, but too cute not to share.

They played really well together until the end. We heard screaming coming from upstairs and we ran to see what was going on. Jude has a cabinet underneath his window seat, and Ann Peyton was in there and Aubrey was holding the door shut telling her to "GO TO SLEEP!!" Of course, poor Ann Peyton was freaking out. Aubrey told me that she was holding the door shut because she was the Mommy and Ann Peyton wasn't doing what she said. Oh my gosh. My child is bossy. I felt awful that that happened, and Aubrey apologized. We had a talk with her about how she isn't in charge. It was an interesting end to our fun play date, but I think we all parted on good terms. Ha! I got everyone down for naps after our friends left, and then I pretty much wasted naptime. It was nice to have some down time though! When David got home, we talked about what we were going to do that night. We didn't have much food at home (I've got to get back to meal planning and grocery shopping now that our meal chain has ended), so we decided to go to Newk's for dinner. We sat outside, and it was SO nice. Alaina was still sleeping when we finished dinner, so we ran into Ross and I got several dresses to take home and try. When we got home, we got the kids to bed and went to bed ourselves.

Saturday: David and Aubrey were going to a character breakfast that morning. There were going to be a lot of princess and other characters there, and Aubrey was SO excited! I was sad to miss it, but I thought that might be a little bit much with Alaina. So, Jude, Alaina, and I stayed home. Apparently, Aubrey totally clammed up and got super shy when they got there and she saw the princesses. David said she never warmed up and wouldn't say a word to any of them. She just watched. She insists that she had fun, though, so whatever floats her boat I guess.Watching from afar.
Meanwhile, I was at home getting myself ready. I also gave Alaina a sponge bath and got Jude dressed. I straightened up the house as best I could while holding an infant and watching a toddler. My mom and my brother's girlfriend came over, and she took some newborn pictures of Alaina. David and Aubrey got home about that same time, and things were kind of crazy. Alaina decided to be super fussy that morning. I was hoping that she would just sleep through the pictures, but she was awake and screaming :-/ My brother's girlfriend was super patient, and Alaina finally calmed down enough to hopefully get a few decent shots. I'm so curious to see them. David and my mom took Aubrey and Jude outside to play while we were trying to get pictures of Alaina.
Drama Queen ;) I got that headband for Alaina's pictures, but Aubrey saw it and immediately put it on. I just let her since Alaina was being so fussy anyway. Aubrey put the flower right in the center of her head, and I think she looked like a gypsy or something. Ha! Also, she changed into that dress herself. I got it a while back and she is obsessed with it for some reason. Random!When our guests left, we got the kids down for naps, and I went to run a few errands. I went to a shoe shore to get Easter shoes for Aubrey, but I decided I was just going to have to go back when she was with me. I then went to Target and Ross to return some of the dresses I got the night before, but they were so crowded that I just left. When I got home, David was watching a movie and the kids were still sleeping. I read for a while, and then we got everyone up. This boy practically lives on bananas. Not even exaggerating.
She wasn't quite sure what a VHS was. Haha!
Silly face.
Sweet face.

We went and met David's parents for dinner at Corner Bakery. After dinner, I ran in Kroger before we came home. We put the kids to bed and called it a night.

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