Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mr. Blue Man

A couple of weeks ago, when David was home from work after Alaina was born, we were eating breakfast one morning. Jude was eating one of those crunchy granola bars, and I guess he didn't chew it well enough or he swallowed it wrong or something, because he got choked. Obviously, he was fine, but it really scared me. He was coughing and gagging and crying, and it went on for what seemed like forever. I was so glad David was home because I tend to sort of panic in those situations. At one point, Jude was coughing, and I said something like, "Oh my gosh! David, is he ok? Is he turning blue??" in what I'm sure was a frantic, panicked tone of voice. Aubrey heard me and got really upset. She ran into the other room, and kept asking if Jude was turning blue. She was literally almost in tears and she kept saying that she was worried about him and she didn't want him to turn blue. I felt awful for scaring her so much, and I pulled it together and told her he was fine and not to worry about him. Jude eventually calmed down and drank something, and we went about our day. (Oh, but because I'm crazy I did have to google the symptoms of a toddler aspirating food. You know, just in case.)

Aubrey did mention several more times over the course of the day that she was worried Jude was going to turn blue. We assured her that he wasn't and that he wasn't choking anymore, and we said we were so thankful that God had protected Jude. I thought it was precious that Aubrey was so concerned about her little brother. I hated that she was scared, but it really touched me that she got so worried about him.

Well, a few days later, my dad was over at our house, and he was playing with Aubrey. She apparently told him all about Jude's choking incident. She then went on to tell him that she was worried that Jude was going to turn blue. She said, "If he turns blue, I wouldn't ever play with him anymore!" She told David the same thing and even added something like, "That would be weird!" So, yeah, apparently when I asked if Jude was turning blue, she wasn't thinking about the fact that he, you know, wouldn't have been able to breathe. She was envisioning something along these lines:So, basically, Aubrey just didn't want her little brother to be a freak show. Ha! So much for that sweet sisterly concern I was so touched by! ;)


The Niemeyer Nest said...

You made me laugh so hard! I can only imagine what Aubrey was thinking. Evie worries about Henry choking all the time and I know that I have done that to her. Oh and I did not comment yesterday but it sounds like you are doing great with three kids! Evie has a HUGE stack of VHS from my parent's friends and she calls them her big movies.

The Williams Family said...

If that picture is what Aubrey was thinking about, I wouldn't ever want to play with him again either!! That is so funny :)