Monday, February 13, 2012

Week in Review: Just an Ordinary Week

Once again, the blogging has kind of been lacking this week. I don't know what my deal is. Oh, wait. Yes, I do. I'm 35 weeks pregnant, tired, and nesting. I have TONS of stuff I want to get done, but then when the kids nap or go to bed, I have no energy and just want to nap or sit/go to bed myself. When I do have some energy, things like cleaning my house have been coming before blogging. Hopefully I'll be back in the groove soon! I do have several posts that I've been wanting to do. Anyway, we had a good, normal week. Unfortunately, Jude and I now have colds again. Ughhh!! Thankfully, they aren't a big deal at this point, and everyone is still sleeping fine :) Maybe we're just getting all of our sickness out of the way before we have a newborn in the house?!

Sunday: We went to church that morning, and it was good. Then we had Sunday School. When we got home, I cooked tacos for lunch. We took naps that afternoon before going back to church that evening.We had a guest preacher that night, and he was good. After church, we went to McAlister's for dinner. The kids were kind of wild, so we got out of there as quickly as possible :) We put them to bed when we got home, and I read for a while and blogged before going to bed.

Monday: I had an 8 AM OB appointment that morning, and David kept the kids. My appointment was ok... my blood pressure was a little up in the doctor's office, but my doctor was happy with my at home BP. When I got home, David went to work, and the kids and I hung out at home the rest of the day. We played and ate lunch, and then we all took naps :) When everyone woke up, we went to Hobby Lobby and browsed around and got a few things to wrap up some projects. Then we came home, and I cooked dinner. I had a random craving for meatloaf, so I made mini meatloafs and they were good. After dinner, I bathed the kids and hoped that would kill a lot of time before bedtime. Poor Jude pooped in the tub, and it scared him SO badly! He freaked out, and I had to hold him in the big tub to get him clean. Poor baby. I put him to bed when it was finally time, and David got home after that. He gave Aubrey a shower since the tub was gross, and he cleaned out the tub. Then he put Aubrey to bed, and we talked about our days while he ate dinner. I killed some time on the internet and read some of The Hunger Games before bed.

Tuesday: We were up bright and early for Bible Study. We were starting our new study that day, and the videos that go along with the study are an hour long each, so we are starting 30 minutes earlier now so that we'll still have time for discussion. Amazingly, we managed to get there on time! The study was really good, and I'm looking forward to more of it. After it was over, Rebekkah and I took our kids to lunch at Beagle Bagel. It was fun, but Jude was restless and wouldn't eat much. Meals with him are such a challenge! We had fun nonetheless :) When we got home, the kids took naps, and I got on the internet and watched a show on Hulu. When David got home, we talked for a while, and I cooked some dinner for David and the kids. Then I went and picked Rebekkah up and we went to my mom's house for Bunco. We helped my mom with some last minute prepping, and then everyone got there. We had lots of fun! I even won most Buncos. That's VERY rare for me! When I got home, David and I talked and then went to bed.

Wednesday: We had a relaxed morning at home. I got some things done around the house and took a shower while the kids played. We ate lunch at home, and then I bathed Aubrey. When it was time to bathe Jude, he freaked out when I got him close to the tub. Apparently he was totally scarred from the poop incident on Monday night. He was literally clinging to me and shaking, and I didn't want to make his fear worse, so I just gave him a washcloth bath in the sink. I felt so awful for him. I've never seen him that scared of anything before. I put Aubrey and Jude down for their naps after that, and I took a quick nap myself. I got up and got myself ready, and then got the kids up and ready too. We went to church for tutoring. When that was over, David met us at church, and we talked about our days, and then he watched the kids while I ran to Hancock. I got some fabric for a pillow for Alaina Ruth's room :) When I got back to church, it was dinnertime. We ate, and then David had a meeting and the kids went to the nursery. I didn't have much to do, so I just talked to different ladies the whole time. David rode home from church the with us because his car had been acting up. He left his car at church, and he got a ride with David Arant the next morning and took his car to the shop. Anyway, when we got home, we put the kids to bed and hung out and enjoyed the quiet until bedtime.

Thursday: I have been wanting to get out of the house and do some fun things with the kids as much as possible before the baby is born. I know getting out with 3 will be a challenge at first (hopefully I'll adapt and figure it out, though), so I want to take advantage of just having two, which is very manageable at this point ;) It was pretty chilly, so the only thing I could come up with was Chick Fil A. The kids were happy with that! We got ready and went to Chick Fil A for lunch. Then we played in the play area, and they were happy campers! They were both really well behaved, and we had a lot of fun. Jude wouldn't/couldn't come down the slide, so I had to climb up into those tunnel things to fetch him. I thought for sure I was going to put myself into labor. Haha. On our way home, we ran in Kroger. The kids took good naps, and I rested for a while too. When they got up, I cooked some chess squares for a visitation at our church the next day. Then Aubrey, Jude, and I went outside to play. I pushed them in the swing and then we played on the deck until it was time to come in so that I could start dinner. Jude wasn't happy about coming in, and he got fussy/clingy while I was trying to cook, and things just got stressful. David was running late, and the kids were hungry and grumpy, and dinner was ready. We ended up just starting dinner without David, which I hate to do, but that seemed like the best option. I probably wasn't in the most pleasant mood when he got home, but I got over it, and we had a nice evening. After dinner, David helped me bathe Jude. I knew he would still be scared, but he NEEDED a real bath. We took it really slow and got him used to the water, and then David sat on the edge with his feet in the tub, and Jude eventually warmed up. Aubrey got in there with him, and he ended up playing and having fun. Whew! We played with the kids until bedtime, and then we put them to bed. David and I talked, and I got on the internet and watched some random YouTube videos. Ever since we got rid of cable, I've gotten into YouTube videos. I watch the most random ones about various craft projects I want to do. Which is probably just as much a waste of time as TV. Haha! Anyway, after lots of videos, I sliced my chess squares and put them on a platter so that David could take them to church the next day, and then I went to bed.

Friday: When we got up, I got the kids ready to go to breakfast with my dad and brothers. They came and picked them up, and I was left with a nice, quiet house. I took a shower and got ready in peace ;) Then the children arrived home, and they wanted my dad and brothers to go upstairs and play with them, so they did for a while. When they left, we also left to go meet Sarah Denley and her kids for lunch at Mellow Mushroom. And, um.... it was not my kids' finest lunch. It was mostly Jude, and he just did not want to sit quietly in his highchair. He he threw EVERYTHING he could get his hands on (including a plate that he tossed toward Graves). Ugh. He sat in my lap some, but that's difficult with this big ole belly in a booth. Then Aubrey got restless, and I think she noticed that Jude was getting all of the attention, so she started acting up. She wouldn't mind me, and she got in trouble when we got home. Anyway, I know that's part of taking kids out to lunch sometimes, but I felt bad for everyone around us :-/ SD and I decided that maybe home playdates were a VERY good idea for now. Haha! We did manage to have some good conversations in spite of my children's behavior. When we were leaving, it was rainy and it had gotten COLD. We rushed home for some naps! The kids rested, and I watched an episode of Sweet Home Alabama on the internet. When David got home, we got the kids ready, and then we went to Hobby Lobby to look for some frames for some prints I ordered for Alaina's room. I didn't find any frames, but we got mats. We were meeting David's parents and some friends for dinner that night, so we headed to Amerigo. Sadly, there was already an hour wait. We knew the kids would never make it that long, so we ended up at Cracker Barrel instead. It wasn't quite as gourmet as Amerigo, but it was more kid friendly, so it was good :) Jude had developed a runny nose and cold by that point, so it was good that we went somewhere loud. Ha! After dinner, we came home and put the kids to bed. David and I both agreed that we would like to watch a movie, but neither of us thought we'd be able to stay awake, so we went to bed at 10:30 on a Friday night. Party Animals.

Saturday: I got up around 9, and we got to working on a few little projects. I finished getting the piles of stuff sorted in Alaina's floor, and we found homes for all the stuff. Her room finally looks neat! Then we hung some canvases on the wall, but the kids were getting really restless in the nursery with us, so we didn't get that finished. David braided Aubrey's hair for her, and she was checking it out :)

David took apart a roll top desk that we wanted to store in the attic, but it still wouldn't fit through the attic door, so I guess we'll just have to get rid of it. We all ate leftovers for lunch, and then I took a shower and got ready. The kids went down for their naps, and my grandmother came over to watch them. David and I were going to a funeral for a man from our church who had died. The church was PACKED and the service was really beautiful and worshipful. After the funeral, we called my grandmother, and everything was fine, so we drove through Wendy's to get a Frosty (I was famished) and then we went to the cell phone store to get a new phone for me. This was MUCH needed. My phone had been dropped a few too many times, and the screen was broken. And then lately, it had been shutting off randomly and dropping calls like crazy. We still had time left on our contract, so I held off as long as I could on getting a new one, but it was time. My parents gave me money to put toward a new phone for Christmas, so it worked out perfectly. I'm just glad to have a working phone again :) When we got home, Jude was up but Aubrey was sleeping. Apparently she had had a rough time. When my grandmother went into her room, Aubrey had a fit for David even though we had told her we were leaving and my grandmother was coming. She refused to come out of her room with my grandmother and cried herself to sleep. I felt awful that she acted like that. David went and woke her up, and she was happy to see Nana then. She apologized for acting ugly. Apparently, she thought David and I were going to come get her up before Nana came and she was going to get to see Nana drive up and "get out of her car" and it totally threw her for a loop when Nana went to her room and we were gone. Guess we should have prepared her better. We'll know next time. Nana stayed for a little while, and then she left, and we went to Newk's for dinner. After dinner, we went to Michael's, and I found frames for Alaina's room. They didn't have enough, so we had to special order them. Next, we went to Wal-Mart and got all of our groceries except meat and produce. Our grocery bill has been OOC lately, so I'm going to see if getting most of our stuff at Wal-Mart will help. We ran by Kroger on the way home and I got the rest of our groceries. It was past bedtime by this point, so we put the kids right to bed. David and I put the groceries away and straightened up a little before bed.

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

I am sure you will do just fine with three kids because you make two kids look like a breeze. Evie is my challenge. Henry is still just along for the ride. I cannot imagine what it will be like once he is mobile. Harder or Easier?