Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Positive Things

Since my post yesterday was so negative, I thought I would focus on the positives of bed rest so far. I have actually gotten a few things accomplished from the couch, so that feels good :) So far, I've:

-Ordered Easter dresses for Aubrey and Alaina. I got them on Zulily, and they're just little matching Bishop dresses. I know Aubrey will love wearing matching dresses (no sarcasm -- she really loves it when she and Jude dress alike). Now I just need to find a coordinating outfit for Jude, but I should have time for that after Alaina is born and I'm able to go shopping. Easter is the beginning of April, and I'm REALLY hoping Alaina comes sometime in early March. Please, dear Lord! :)

-Ordered a Miracle Blanket for Alaina. Both of our babies have LOVED to be swaddled, and we've always used the SwaddleMe blanket. It worked fine, but I could NEVER get it on tight enough to prevent the baby from busting out. And then they wake up with their little hand sticking out and their face all scratched up. I've heard good things about the Miracle Blanket, so I wanted to give it a try this time.

-Last weekend, I washed all of the baby's clothes, and they were just in laundry baskets in her room waiting to be put up. Well, since I can't really hang clothes up and I'm trying to avoid the stairs, I wasn't sure how that was going to get done. So, today while the kids were napping, my mom brought all the clothes downstairs and we went through all of them. She is taking a huge pile of clothes home that are stained and need to be treated. Aubrey (and Jude) spit up a TON (she had reflux), so most of her baby clothes are stained. My mom is going to work on the stains for me, and she's going to hang the rest of the stuff up. Much appreciated!

-While we were going through all the clothes, I was able to decide on the outfits/gowns I want to take to the hospital for Alaina to wear. Also on my "to-do" list was to find a coming home outfit for her. Since I'm not going to be able to go shopping, I decided on a little dress that we already have. It was Aubrey's, but she only wore it a few times. It's white and pretty summery, so I'm having to put aside my need to be seasonally appropriate. Even though it FEELS like summer here, she will be born before Easter. Ha! I know the white "rule" doesn't really apply to babies, though, so I'm rolling with it :) Now it will probably be 40 degrees the day we bring her home, but that's what blankets are for, right? And heaters in the car! It feels good to have that taken care of, and I'm actually glad I didn't buy something new and just used a dress we already had. So now I think Alaina's hospital bag is all set :)

-David got the infant carseat out of the attic, and it's been just sitting in our living room. I think Jude thinks it's his. He loves to kick back in it. So funny! Hopefully he won't be too upset when he sees another little person in there!

-Amazingly, I had gotten myself a few nursing tanks over the weekend that I want to take to the hospital. I'm SO glad I went ahead and did that, because that's not really an errand that I would want to ask David to run ;) So, I just need to gather a few more things, and my hospital bag will be ready too.

-I also had already ordered t-shirts for Aubrey and Jude and a gown for Alaina. I want to have big sister/brother and little sister shirts for them to wear :) A friend from church does all of my monogramming/appliqueing, so she is going to see what kind of fabric she has for the applique and send it with David for me to look at. So, I feel like that's semi checked off my list. At least it's in progress. Now hopefully it will get done before I go into labor. Since I'm not really expecting that anytime soon, I'm not too worried. And if it doesn't get done before she's born, it's not the end of the world. The children can still wear them after we get home.

I think that's about it for now. I'm looking forward to this weekend, because David will be home and it will just be our family, so hopefully it will feel a little more normal. The only other thing I really want to do before Alaina comes is some deep cleaning around the house. Well, really, I just want to mop. I know that wouldn't be considered "deep cleaning" to most, but I'm embarrassed to admit that it qualifies as such around here. Ha! ;) So, I have a better perspective today, and tomorrow I will be full-term! That's a GREAT feeling. I think I can handle 3 more weeks (or less!).


The Niemeyer Nest said...

You are getting a lot done! We LOVED our Miracle Blanket and I do mean LOVED it. I am sad that neither kid fits in it anymore because they slept best with it. Have you ever heard of Grandma's Stain Removal or S-32? They work really well for us. Grandma's you can find at Once Upon a Child and Hobby Lobby. S-32 is at Publix. I am sure you could order off Amazon too since you are not going anywhere these days. Thinking of you!

Whitney said...

My attitUde isn't always the best! I think it "helped" that initially I was so concerned with having to deliver a tiny preemie. I will deliver by 39 weeks, so within the next 2.5 weeks. I'm sure my doctor will make me go as long as safe to. I just need a date! Our house will be ready about the same time, and I just feel like I need to know when to at least get my brain ready! I had a great appt today then came home and my dr had called because one part of my bloodwork was questionable this week. That did nothing good for my BP! So, I'm repeating tomorrow and we'll see. I also ordered a Miracle Blanket after using regular blankets and SwaddleMe with Avery. There is always shopping to do while resting.