Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Strong Preferences

by David Howie

Aubrey has some strong preferences. A couple of the more amusing.

For some time now, she has not liked the term "cute". If you say anything about her looking cute or saying something cute or doing something cute, she immediately says "No, pretty!" in a kind of exasperated tone. We've had to retrain ourselves to use the word pretty instead of cute. Finally we asked her about that, and it turns out that she thinks the word 'cute' is only for babies and she's not a baby.

Aubrey has gotten to where she only eats with a spoon. I don't even know how this started. At home we just automatically get her a spoon out of the drawer. But at restaurants you almost always get a knife and a fork (I had never noticed before, but think about it). Of course we don't usually think about it ahead of time, so after the food comes Aubrey demands a spoon and we have to ask the waitress to bring us a spoon. Aubrey won't eat until she gets the spoon.

This morning, Aubrey was up before I left for work. She came in to my room where I was getting ready to leave, and was loving on me. She was telling me how much she loved me and would miss me while I was at work. Very sweet. I said, "I'm so thankful that God gave you to me to be my daughter." She said right back, "I'm so thankful that Dee Dee gave me those princess dressup clothes." She helps me remember my place.


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Oh my, Aubrey sounds just like my Evie!

Amy said...

haha....i agree with jennifer - aubrey sounds a lot like libbi. i have a feeling these girls are going to keep us on our toes for a looooong time :)